Oooh No Jabu.. Samy Vellu is Also Screaming”

It was supposed to be like any Saturday when the families will go shopping and have a good Saturday breakfast. Sunday is of course reserved to pay homage to the One and Only Almighty Creator for those of the Christian faith. What would you just imagine the folks who will be attending services be talking about?

 Its either going to be Jabus press statement on Penans or the MIC delegates conference. The thing with Sammy Vellu is that he has already mentioned everyone will DIE(  of course we would political sarcasm to the extreme)  which in itself is the yardstick and an indicator that all is not TOO WELL IN THE BN FAMILY. Moreover it is being analysed now by most political whose who or spin doctors that Sammy Vellu and MIC has seen better days. One of the reports HERE.

We do not want to take the SHINE off the Article but this creates a rather interesting read,”Sammy Vellu allowed delegates to speak up against a government, of which he was minister for nearly 30 years, and in which his party is still represented by a minister and two deputy ministers.” To anyone who follows MIC politics this is just the tip of the iceberg and in we are pretty sure that UMNO will not let this just slip by their fingers.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! .

On the Sarawak front though,”Jabu as deputy Chief Minister meanwhile is singing a different tune from PRS President James Masing and SPDP president William Mawan. Can anyone tell us what is the Political Strategists / Press Secretary of Jabu doing? Im not about to apple polish our dear Deputy Chief Minister Jabu as I sat down with another one DCM Chan yesterday at a Food Fair having local delicacies. The topic of conversation would be politics and what is happening in Sarawak… of course the FOOD MMmmmm nice “Ayam Pansuh” 

Here goes my dear DCM if you do not know and need reminding as there are too many Sarawak tasks and responsibilities to cover,” What are your people who are supposed to inform you doing.? Arent they tasked or paid to inform you as their bosses WHAT NOT OR WHAT SHOULD BE SAID ? If this was not Sarawak or Malaysia for that matter Jabu would have incur more than the peoples wrath but also would be fearing for his life let alone his family. Please,please,please. I am not threatening but its its the REALITY of the information and technological age whereby Politicians will be judged by their press statements and actions.

What makes Chong Chieng Jin MP for Kota Sentosa so well liked by the voters while the ruling government hates his guts. Believe me we know as we are the people on the ground. For that matter PKR Dominique may have to learn a bit more to ensure that he is reelected again. I’ll bet my last $ that Chong will be another term YB. 

Of course one would remember how Sammy Vellu screamed at the opening of the MIC delegates congress.  MIC president S Samy Vellu said BN must deliver on its promises collectively as one coalition, and not individually as component parties in a veiled reference to the lack of support from Umno.


He said the people regarded the BN as “one” and not as separate entities.”The people only see us as BN and the 1Malaysia government. So let us partner to prosper the people.” 

Without a doubt now the people who are supposedly preparing and doing the fine details of the political speeches must be accountable for their actions. The politicians does not just simply blah blah and blah unless they so decide themselves as LOOSE CANNONS.

 It must be noted that out of this whole sad political affairs that is happening in Malaysia for Jabu and Sammy something good surfaces. It just goes to show that Politicians when they come to office as YBs or Ministers needs to employ the bests political brains/strategists or else they will just tagged another “USELESS AND WORTHLESS PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE”  It’s sad that this scenario is happening in Malaysia but we need to do some HOUSEKEEPING in order that our YBs do not become sub standard and in due time be just like another TREE LEFT TO ROT (pardon my language) on a  trafficless and unjamed Road.(unattended)

We say as always,” Something good will come out of all this..We HOPE……..)