“Tiong’s S.O.S “

tiong 1

It seems that the whole Malaysian political market is REVERBERATING and a BIG FISH is to be fried says a veteran seasoned politician to Natasha of audie61. He could be facing his greatest hurdle and this scandal of PKFZ could even drown Tiong King Sing even though many calls him the undisputed No.1 next to Najib.

If this article which can be read HERE in the internet portal (Depending on how deep you want to probe, this scandal goes to the heart of government because payments for the project came from state agencies and had to be approved by the Transport and Finance ministries) is published in all major main stream newspapers it will not only hurt Najib but many will be fall guys and BN will need to even SHUT UP Tiong. There are ways to do it and only Najib will be fully aware of the damages it has already caused his tenure as Prime Minister. So whats the answer to Najibs dreams? Kamunting …..your guess is as good as mine and for BN to consider ….THINK..!!  HOW FAR it will go to save some souls…………..

Of course,Tiong will know how to PARACHUTE himself out of this MESS.He always knows how………