Kudos for PRS President


 Cindy of audie61 received a number of smses which heaped praise and acclaim for PRS President James Masing on his stand and speech On Religious Tolerance in which it was highlighted in todays English daily. Amongst them was an sms which reads, Well done and its about time to hit the right notes especially with the racial tensions in the peninsular at knives edge.         { audie61 detests racism and we should KICK IT OUT AS IT DOES NOT HAVE A PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY}


6 thoughts on “Kudos for PRS President

  1. stephan s says:

    I agree with his stand here and its a welcome change from a BN leader. He scored some vital points for PRS as its published in the main stream papers.

  2. ming says:

    ai yo you all beleive the crap form this james mersing while he is still lickingn the boots of tiong of spdp and Taib MB .my goodness look at how are they treating the Penans and the Ibans Wake uop please!!!!

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