Ah ..CHOooo..UMNOs Invicibility Threatened..

najib ong                  Natasha was sitting for a quiet Sunday lunch when an elderly Chinese politician gave her a tap in the back. He said to Natasha of audie 61,my nephews in Peninsular Malaysia are telling me this,MCA infighting is worse than the H1N1 Pandemic Flu. It is even being felt by the UMNO hierarchy and their CLOAK  OF INVICIBILITY is being THREATENED.. Will this Ah…CHOoooo (Loud Sneeeze) be felt by all the BN component parties in Malaysia.Its just a matter of Time when it will go full scale and they will not be a PATH for a return to glory days says the veteran politician. Great dynasties can fall and BN UMNO will only need to learn from HISTORY to avoid a similar journey…Ah CHOoooooooooooo…

6 thoughts on “Ah ..CHOooo..UMNOs Invicibility Threatened..

  1. dayang says:

    Its getting far too ridiculous for MCA and also the PKFZ scandal. All those involved should be made to pay for taking the rakyats $$$$$$$$

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