SPDP 9898 or 8998 “Its Just Numbers in a Box”

Lets have a bet shall we said the veteran  politician to Natasha of audie 61. When we box up 9898 or 8998 in a bet in the numbers game we will still strike if any combination comes up. It depends on how much we buy on the box ( not dissimilar in politics) to get the necessary winnings.

 Is it a calculated bluff or is it a good political manouvering by Mawan as the President of SPDP when he said the SPDP hierarchy prefers to see a status quo in their upcoming TGA. “Search me,Amuse me.Tickle me,Confuse me…. as political answers are not usually a Straight Line and they tend to be curved hik hik hik.

Just as he was bidding farewell to Natasha he said,”Remember what James Wong the former President of SNAP said,”Politicians always say NO WITH A BIG COLGATE SMILE .”

You can speculate what might and may come up in SPDP TGA but one thing is certain is that “someone in BN must surely call it all off when it is about to trigger off” .Will they this time round..???? Most political watchers says its too obvious that something is BURNING INSIDE SPDP.

Simple, Nyarok is not TAKING CHANCES as he feels he is being threatened by Tiong challenging for his No.2?  Tiong will need to use this last political poker bluff to save himself from being coldshouldered when the axe falls in the PKFZ investigation? Why…. if Tiong is elected,BN will need to save him as he will be the No.2 of BN component party. There is too much riding on Tiong and for the BN its better to have a COMPROMISE SOLUTION.  

The numbers game does give us so many permutations and combinations that a party like SPDP will need to look at it democratically or else it will spell DOOM sooner rather than later says a former SNAP SC member who has seen it all.

Tiong must have all the Numbers worked OUT and he does

 not leave it to chance or GOOD LUCK unlike “SOME” who

 has fallen out of the RADAR…