BN/SUPP”Kick in the Teeth-Dush..Dush..Dush”


Joey of audie61 was stunned and also dumbfounded by this article which was headlined in todays Borneo Posts,”Dr.Chan,Sim Fume over Signboard dismantling

 This was the curious part,”“Both the president and the secretary general are very disappointed that SUPP Dudong branch signboard has been taken down by Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) despite a solution decided at the central working committee (CWC) meeting on August 20 to form the six branches in Sibu including Dudong branch by November 2009. 

According to a very Senior SUPP member in which Joey interviewed he summed it up with,”The OLD SICKNESS IN SUPP has reappeared and rear its UGLY Head.” The whole BP report can be read HERE:

Its UP to BN/SUPP to sort it out and

PUT their house in order or they will be




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