BN/Pakatan 308 Chess Board..?”


audie61 crew have been receiving comments via email and smses that 308 is long gone and now the focus should be 2013. Are we going to be subjected to what and what not to write? The people have spoken and we should not under any circumstances go against the wishes of the MAJORITY.

Fair enough,308 will remain in the annals of history that a tsunami happened in Malaysia where BN was rattled,badly bruised,denied 2/3rds majority and losts 4 states in Penang,Kedah,Perak and Selangor. We will learn from history that politics does come back and haunt you.

The ruling BN government needs to readjust,realign,reinvent and above all carry out the reforms it promises. The Pakatan government in the states it governs needs to stop all petty bickering and squabbles and move ahead with their respective agendas.

The voters are getting younger and more polished politically and they will as the above picture suggests remove the pieces inside the CHESS BOARD. Will the KINGMAKERS be able to infilitrate into the younger minds? Rule No.1 is be prepared to CHANGE OR YOU WILL BE CHANGED.

We say as always,”Its their world next in 2013 and who are we to query? Are you game..??