Switching Sides”PRS Youth Chief..?”

mong Dagang

Seems that ex banker and YB for Bukit Begunan is ‘rumoured” to be switching sides. However,its not from BN to any Pakatan parties. Like the Astro mixed FM ‘I heard a rumour” this is the early virus circulating in Kuching City to Sri Aman to the far reaches of  Northern Limbang.

Any truth? If the calculations are correct it seems that Entulu is gaining momentum and using James Masings theory of “ONLY YBs MATTERS” to force a “deal” in surrendering the “PRS chair” to him.

Only Last week it was speculated that YB Liwan Lagang ADUN Belaga has taken the bold step to move into Entulu’s camp. Has Mong been informed to do likewise?

Why all the sudden? Has Mong been relieved of the eye blinds? Has the Hidden Hands cut a deal that if he switches sides “An Assistant Ministers Posts awaits him being the senior YB in the party..?”

It also seems that he has been short changed is the word in some political deals and he has suddenly woken up to a fine sunshine Monday morning to be in “Entulu’s camp” .

Of course, Entulu has every right to be overjoyed with ENTHUSIASM but with CAUTION. His grabbing of ultimate power is close and within his reach. Eventhough James has the upperhand according to a machai in James camp he must find ways to really curb the threat of Entulu before he himself gets EXTINGUISHED. Entulu will  fear no-one especially when the signals are all favouring him. 

This is evident especially when Entulu sent an sms sometime in July 18th 2008 “If anyone out there thinks they are so good,Easy solution..next elections fight us.’

BN does need this type of “dayak leader” to check the ever growing threat of dayak unhappiness with the present ruling government. The dayaks know that PKR can offer them an alternative for now eventhough its not long term solutions.

In conversations with some senior BN leaders they say “James is so afraid of his own shadows and  his decisions are not FIRM.Tendency to flip-flop. ” Doesn’t this sound familiar?” 

With Mong Dagang a willing lieutenant deserting James it seems that Entulu’s ever growing power will be uncontrollable. What options does James has? Another pre-emptive strike?


These two people pictured with James are also looking at saving their own political lives or else they will be left deep and wet in the dungeon. Remember we asked,”Is the Walikota Kapit Philimon Nuing or Pol.Sec Wilson Uggak with James or Entulu.?

A political watcher confirmed in so many words,” THE FIGHT IS ON

We say as always,”Are the HIDDEN HANDS closing in on James Masing?” Tell me………… 


12 thoughts on “Switching Sides”PRS Youth Chief..?”

  1. summerday says:

    This is a route of no return.Divide and rule and in the end the leaders only benefit. Oce they get to the top they conveniently forget the people who put them there. Nothing different.

  2. L Chuan Choon says:

    This comes as no surprise. Mong will obviously join forces with Entulu if it benefits and the deal is brokered. James makes too many promises and hardly keeps them as per my sources in PRS.

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