Condolences to Family of Teo Beng Hock”


On behalf of audie61 and the crew we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Teo Beng Hock. A young life has been taken in his prime and we can only say a little prayer,”May his soul and all the souls of all the faithful departed Rests in Peace.”

Of course, everyne would like to know the truth and what happened but we share the grief of the family at this very sad and trying time. We are very Sorry….

“Black Eyed James PRS/SPDP Merger Diversion…”

Are you ready for this..? It seems embattled PRS President James Masing has somewhat found a way to divert his already fluid relationship with the CM Taib by tabling a motion at last weeks Supreme Council meeting for a Merger.  It was agreed but with a condition that SPDP first table a resolution for a CALL OF A MERGER. PRS will then only hold its TDC in which they will follow suit.All this will be done in the early part of next year 2010.   

The blue print and the much needed nod of approval from one set of Supreme Council seems to have unlocked the key for a Merger of both parties. Though negotiations are ongoing it seems that mosts details have been ironed out and at bests all political appoitments will be ‘status quo“.


James once a Blue Eyed Boy of CM Taib has somewhat now found himself at the wrong end of the CM’s stick and he has suffered more Black Eyes than what his supporters are used to. He was once revered as an upcoming Dayak leader and his advises and assistance were generally sought for.

The GOLD LADEN CARRIAGE RIDE has somewhat stopped. Over the past year he has been seen to be making too many mistakes where it was almost impossible for CM to cover his endless journey of political mishaps. His supporters thought getting rid of “Larry Sng” was the answer to all their problems but it was all James wrong undoing/manouvering which has caught up with him in a quagmire.

As a politician James somewhat forgot a very SIMPLE POLITICAL RULE. It’s to cover his tracks properly eventhough as a trained Antropologists he thought that he could deceive or outwit those who he has somewhat forgotten says a political watcher. There were many instances which he thought he could plaster over with “A genuine statement in supporting BN” but CM has already done his homework and kept the minute details in his locker room far from his very OWN eagled eyed and eves dropping machais.

Now the only setback for the merger it seems is the question of WHO LEADS THIS MERGED ENTITY..? Do I need to spell it out here. What was the Final straw that broke the camels back. ? A veteran politician said,” Let’s see whether Taib follows James call and has a reshuffle within these month. If not,James can just get ready to be dropped or just SHIP HIMSELF OUT..Very blunt as in Politics there are NO POLITICAL PRISONERS.”

James Masing’s impending tussle with Entulu might not happen as the bigger picture it seems is now the Merger entity. Entulu must thank his “Lucky Stars’ that the Hidden Hands/Puppet Masters  have worked a better deal for him to carry on his political journey. SPDP President Mawan would be watching this political scenario with Interests as he gets on with his usual Adminstrative work for the State Government. His advisors would have advised him to play to the tune of CM Taib and do not even try to push any buttons which might trigger a FALSE ALARM.

Obviously, the answer is that BN4 would soon be BN3 to face the “UNITED” opposition in the next state elections.

We say as always,”There is tension on the ground especially with the impending SPDP/PRS merger talks eventhough many are denying it. We shall just leave it to the HIDDEN HANDS to work their Magic..

IMO-“Senior Sng must have had Tantrums”


“Happier times-“The last 25 minutes Supreme Council meeting before the Pre-Emptive Move”

I.M.O.– In my opinion and nobody’s I would imagine this scenario.Dato Sng Chee Hua must have thrown out a tantrum and at worse cursed so many times that its bests to avoid him. A person who is kind at heart at the bests of times.

However  Senior Sng has a way in pushing his ideas and thoughts across and one would not be able to know what hit him. This Borneo Posts article,”Time to fill vacant assistant minister posts:Masing” would not exactly make his food go down well in his early breakfast. Wouldn’t you be ANGRY as a Parent like Senior Sng when you see this column…

According to Masing,PRS now has two vacant assistant ministers posts-one,made vacant following the demise of former Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Sport and two,because Assistant Minister In Chief Minister’s Department Larry Sng being ‘partyless’

Whats more James is using the cover of the CM to push his political statement through with saying this,” he agreed with Chief Minister’s recent statement that the next cabinet reshuffle would be to prepare BN to face the next election. He said this to reporters that it was crucial for BN to gain the support of the people and to use the resources available by filling the vacant assistant minister’s posts.

Many PRS members and sympathisers have their own version of James Masings statements and we compile what has been said in the market talk in Sarawak eventhough today sees the DUN Manek Urai by elections in Kelantan.

  • Could they be more than what meets the eyes..?
  • Could this be a body blow to the Hidden Hands ?
  • Could this be done to nullify the damage that the Puppet Masters are doing to create a wedge between President Masing and his deputy Entulu?
  • Could this be also telling the CM Taib that in PRS Masing is very much in charge?
  • Could the political strategists in PRS be telling the lobbyists that Masing has the final say eventhough the CM has the prerogative?
  • Could Masing be pushing the envelope to CM Taib a bit too far?
  • Could Masing be justs telling CM Taib that he is the President of PRS and he is only informing the CM of his members intentions and views. 
  • Could this statement be more harmful to the already deteriorating relationship of CM and Masing?
  • Could Senior Sng just let it go?
  • Could Masing be facing a tidal wave very soon?

Many senior PRS members were tight lipped as they were reminded that there is a“gag’ order in place and that disciplinary actions will be taken by the party. Of course some former  PBDS members were just clapping their hands as it seems that James suddenly has got the LION HEART and telling the BOSS indirectly through the mass media. Doesn’t this even lenghten the already strained realtionship?

 Some political observers are likening this situation very much like what PBS did to Tun Mahathir in the eleventh hour. There is just that  possibility as many have not forgotten how Taib and Tun embrace each other which many political figures were angered by this Sandiwara. It will not be a surprise if it REALLY HAPPENS.

That is also one of the many reasons that CM sees the need for a merger of SPDP/PRS and it will be better controlled. The window doesn’t just close there. There is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst PRS members in being overlooked in certain GLC positions and other business opportunities. CM and his advisors are closely monitoring the situation and does not need PRS to create more problems as the State prepares to face DAP/PAS/PKR/SNAP opposition parties.

 Of course James needs to weigh his options well as he is not getting any younger and at 60 it might  just be the perfect time in politics to go for BROKE. In 1983 when he first joined Politics he was a fresh face and now 26 years later being overlooked and considered a dayak leader he has every chance to move ahead. He also knows that getting Senior Sng hot at the collar will in fact push his political ambitions a step further. In other words its just bluntly put,”Don’t think I am afraid of the CM Taib..?” A lot of dayak people wished he has the guts to say that and JUST maybe be on his side. You know what they say when the leader is beaten all the soldiers will run helter- skelter.

We say as always,”There will be a lot of soul searching for PAS in Manek Urai after securing a tissue thin majority of 65 and BN will be questioning what could have been too? James has open up the PANDORA Box and he would have ANTICIPATED that Senior Sng will not let him go of the HOOK so easily.

Manek Urai”Which Dragon In the SKY..?”

Updated :-6.15pm Kelantan MB Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat  was not happy with the unruly behaviour  of supporters. He said it’s aPILIHANand not a battlefield and if we go to the market there are choices of vegetables/meat and others. That’s the TRUTH and a very Witty Observation!!!!

5.15 pm It’s going to be Ping Pong Dragon..!!!

5.00pm Unconfirmed reports 91% turnout (CONFIRMED 87.33%) .PAS has retained the seat and UMNO is made to lick its wounds.

4.55pm   In a telephone interview Natasha of audie61 was told that many UMNO /BN outstation campaigners have started to leave.Not staying back as word is out that their candidate  will be soundly beaten.

4.40pm  Sources say PAS will retain the seat.

4.0o pm Turnout was recorded at 86.44 percent or 10,626 votes as at 4pm

Many are asking us as its past noon as both candidates are quietly confident of victory. At press time the Turnout was recorded at 57.6 percent or 7,085 votes as at 11am, according to the Election Commission.

Simple the answer will be known as early as 8pm as word would have already reached the ears of the candidates who has made it or has failed. The voters will have till 5pm to casts their votes and we are still asking,”Which Dragon In the SKY..?? Will it be the Ping pong ball symbol or the BN symbol. All will be answered soon………

“Oooh Manek Urai..Bets Off..!!

manek urai state seat 220509Latest from the bookies world is that,”One way ticket” and its what they called “DRAGON in the SKY” It seems that mosts punters are going for the PAS candidate. Also the tide has turned around drastically with the appearance of PAS deputy President Nasharuddin. The Kiss as a political propaganda has had a very significant impact especially so when Nasharuddin kissed the spiritual leader  Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’ hand. It’s the RESPECT SHOWN according to political watchers which is above all.

What chances does Tuan Aziz have especially with UMNO having such a bad record at Manek Urai. This is a fact,”Manek Urai had only fell twice to Umno and BN in 12 general elections, says a runner to the organised syndicated firm. Surely, there is not a ghosts of a chance and even if DPM Muhyddin promised development funds or a new bridge it is well countered by Opposition leader Anwar with a simple phrase,”Is he King Soloman..?”

It is almost certain that the parties machinery of BN and Pakatan are going on a full swing to try to switch some minds or to influunce the fence sitters. Tuan Aziz will be a “Hero of some sort ” or even a TRANSFORMER for BN in Kelantan if he manages to pull of a surprise against PAS Candidate Kuala Krai treasurer Mohd Fauzi Abdullah.

 The bookies will just have to wait for the arrival of Manchester United to Malaysia in their friendly against the national selections. The constituents/voters will determine the other MU(Manek Urai)

We say as always,”The voters of Manek Urai will have the FINAL SAY. It’s up to them who they want to represent them in the STATE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY and they will be mature enough to CROSS THE RIGHT BOX…

The Debate”Is Malaysia’s Education going backwards..?”

The internet blogs and main stream media has got it all. The views, the reasons the implementation date and the opinions from all academicians, elected representatives and parents.

Did anyone ask the main player and conduct a poll from the affected ones that is the students? Obviously not as they do not have a CHOICE really as they are caught in the RAT RACE of coming tops and worry about whats in front of them especially ‘What are the correct employment .”

Now it seems that in 2012 when its implemented those who intend to enter ‘foreign universities” they will face obstacles not unless they can afford to study overseas anytime with their “parents wealth” Is this really good for our country..?

 I would very much want to go indepth into this subject as 31 years ago  I was also caught in the lasts of the Senior Cambridge System where those who came after us were all under the Malaysian Education syllables. We were the lasts of the Common Entrance,Junior Cambridge,Senior Cambridge and now what.

Academecians has advocated that English taught from primary school right up to university makes good sense in our long term goal to produce a bilingual or even trillingual citizenship that can compete and COMPETE WELL in the International arena. What does appear though is that English being the norm our local graduates will face unseen challenges and difficulties in making the grades especially in Foreign Firms.

This was told to me by the Sarawak Teachers’s Union President William Ghani who said many parents are in unison especially when the whole PICTURE IS PLACED IN FRONT OF THEM.

Not sounding racist in remarks or belittling any race he told audie61.The Chinese can work in Taiwan,Hong Kong,China and Singapore.The Indians can work in Sri Lanka,Pakistan, India and where can the Dayaks or Bumiputera work after they completed their Malay science and maths. Don’t tell me in Indonesia .?

There is too much experimentation and flip-flops and U turns. Does Harvard,Cambridge or Oxford change according to whims and fancies? Just look at football as an example:-

 In 1996 the J league Association has to learn from our Malaysian semi-pro league. Today Japan football is world class and many of their players are household names overseas. Where is Malaysia Football..?

Education is beyond political divide and as such English should be viewed as the one language that opens doors to International commerce,trade,industry,communications science and technology.

So even Mahathir does not have very kind words on this subject as he said,”The future of Young Malaysians will find difficulty keeping abreast of developments in the scientific field.”

A concerned parent and a VOTER in the Malaysian democratic system was even more blunt,” Ask all the elected representatives,YBs and MPs ,top ranking officials to send their sons and daughters like eveyone else to Sekolah Rendah,Sekolah Menengah,Kolej dan Universiti di Malaysia.

Don’t send them to all the elite schools. Will they do it..?For better or worse..? Don’t think they will as they will only think the bests for their own and forget about the others. The INNOCENT ALWAYS PAYS THE PRICE. So who are we to blame..??

Many parents are looking at overseas and those who have the SCIENTIFIC BRAINS will not even consider coming back. Wasn’t they a call for many intellectual and calibre Malaysians to come back to Malaysia with many promises during Tun Mahathir’s administration? Are they all back..?

When we were young our grandfathers would sit us down and look straight at our eyes,”Nobody can take away what is in our BRAINS. Today it is called Intellectual Property and In Olden China these people are feared and casts aside or put away for good. Has Malaysia just CHECKED IN or the ruling government is so afraid of their own shadows. I sincerely hope I am wrong and I LOVE MALAYSIA and do not want it to see it lagging behind if our future genrations are handicapped and losts their edge.

We say as always,”All of us need to play our part in assuring EVERY Malaysian stays competitive . Lets ensure that our Children do not suffer for our actions…

PRS…”Who is Entulu..??


Eversince the so-called “rumours” which has set Joseph Entulu and James Masing on a “collision” course Party Rakyat Sarawak members and higher ranking officials are asking this very familiar question,”Is it Real..?” The next bests answer is from an SC member who is aligned to James and he said,”Who is Entulu to fight James..??”

There are also word on the ground that audie61 was the first to break the news. For the information of the reading public and supporters of PRS/BN we only caught wind of this and before it broke the CAMELS BACK we decided to blog the story to avoid an UGLY SHOWDOWN in PRS which are beneficial to some who practises the ART OF CONFRONTATIONS to make a living.

It was already spreading like wildfire in Kapit  and in Selanggau and an aide of Joseph Entulu (Deputy Minister of Rural Development ) even said that James the President is so “ungrateful ” to Entulu for all that he has done for him. Quoting him in Iban,”UDAH NGENA TANGGA,KA DI TUNU”. (similar to after crossing the bridge burn it)

We would also like to inform those who put the blame on audie61 to just watch their tongues as we have prove already and it’s taped by handphone. You know who you are and we will take the necessary steps to CLEAR OUR GOOD NAME.( there are many ways to skin a cat black/white)

The articles which we wrote are edited and before its posted we check and double check our sources. We do not intend to be associated with rumour mongering nor to defame someones characters. Our article “5 solid reasons for JE’s fight..?? It is supposed to be written in FULL and not a PUZZLE to some. We wanted the two leaders to know that this is happening on the ground and they need to take the necesary actions and steps. If we do not care TWO HOOTS Of PRS we will just BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION.

This also goes to other political parties and those connected with politics. We have said we are for the people,with the people and by the people. We keep those who are out of line in check be it also Pakatan/BN members.

We say as always,”Don’t hide behind the iron curtains hahaha and criticize others. If gossiping is your art there is a DEGREE IN HARVARD ..or OXFORD….

“PKR/UMNO Penaja Sarawak Dream Crushes”


The statement and article by Pak Bui which was published on July3rd in hornbillunleashed needs to be clarified said an aide to Affendy Jeman of UMNO Penaja Sarawak. He said to look back at our earlier article of October 5th 2008 in which we wrote,”PKR or UMNO..Your choice..??” He clarified and extracted this simple scenario…

” IS UMNO good for Sarawak or PKR?” Both are National Parties and PBB,PRS,SUPP and SPDP are local based parties.PKR is a hot topic and many would like to give PKR and Anwar a chance in Sarawak come 2011 in the next state elections.

Has the Malay ground shifted from PBB to PKR like in Peninsular Malaysia has shifted? Has PBB been losing touch with their Malay ground, the reality that ordinary Malays have to confront in their struggle for existence everyday in the face of high inflation and dwindling spending power.

PBB is still relevant in Sarawak and their true tests will come when they face PKR in the fight for the Malay/Melanau areas in the next elections.Where does this put UMNO in the state context? There is a strong following of UMNO protem members (100,00 as per mentioned by Pak Bui) and they should now be seen together to put on a united front with the PBB to win over the ones that has shown allegiance to PKR. As we always say,”THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.”

PM Najib has been to Sarawak for the 4th time in a couple of months and he is also gauging the groundswell of PKR and opposition towards the BN. There are schools of thoughts and innsiders are comfortably suggesting that there should be a SNAP Elections for Sarawak in order to reverse the trend that BN Government is losing its relevancy. This will be a major PR coup and it will also mean that BN Sarawak remains a “FIXED DEPOSIT” for the ruling coalition.


Moreover nothing concrete suggests that PKR Sarawak and their partners are not having problems in identifying the seats allocation. There are also infighting in PKR in which Anwar has decided to look at the bigger picture rather than maintaining his earlier battle cry of “Within the Reach of PKR control state”  To further push through the agenda BN Sarawak knows that there is the loose coalition of opposition unlike in West Malaysia where Pakatan still holds firm and follows the national directives. 

PM knows its just a matter of time and the BN machinery is in place and he will advise and give his opinions also to the CM who is the State Barisan Chairman. UMNO Sarawak Penaja opinions are also sought after as Affendy must have been giving the right “signals” to the PM Najib. There are certains camps within the UMNO ranks who says that the timing is right for UMNO to make their presence felt in Sarawak.

However the PM Najib a man who is seen as an action packed PM knows that UMNO Penaja’s reading of ground level is correct.He does not want to tilt the  balance of power just yet as PBB is still holding the fort very well. The groundswell which PKR experienced has somewhat died down in the past few months.Will UMNO Penaja Sarawak  be sidelined..??

That is where the political strategy lies says Affendy. UMNO will not abandon us. Of course,we need certain funds to carry on with our activities and with 100,000 members if we do not take care of them they will turn their backs and support the opposition in this case PKR/DAP. We don’t want that to happen do we..? 

PKR Sarawak thinks also that UMNO is irrelavant to Sarawak in which Affendy thinks otherwise. We are doing our homework as always and we are keeping tabs also of the opposition movements. How can the writer Pak Bui say this Affendy who was quite upset seemingly as this is a twisted fact,”“How can Sarawakians keep Umno out?” is simple: vote BN out in Sarawak,when the writer ended the article.


On another note as promised yesterday by audie61 “PKR Sarawak are ready for elections if its called anytime and a good indication will be the Bidayuh’s who will surprise us this weekend says Information chief of PKR See Chee How. Just wait for our timely announcement and its just worth the wait in a telephone interview. Do we need to reveal it here..? 

PKR and UMNO both national parties will still fight toe and nail against each other in the coming state elections. It might not be an open warfare but UMNO will no doubt as a coalition partner in BN assist one of their own. Penaja UMNO Sarawak will be the BINDING POWER to ensure that its members are not pulled away by the current groundswell of PKR. UMNO will know how and where to disemburse the funding of its activities and Affendy has so far not failed to deliver. I’m sure Affendy says UMNO will not abandon one of its own.

 We say as always,”Whose dream will be crushed will be known when the Sarawak State elections are held….!!! 

“PKR delighted,UMNO Penaja Sarawak Crushing Blow No.1”


Why.?Whats Happened..?? Find out tomorrow as Affendy Jeman the man who is responsible for UMNO Penaja Sarawak is in the spotlight once again for reasons which Pak Bui put it up in the blog Hornbill unleashed.

He addressed Affendy as,”self-styled Sarawak Umno Pro-Tem Committee (JPUNS), had been bragging that JPUNS had recruited 100,000 Umno members in Sarawak.” Wow..!! Affendy who is in KL at the moment has some ” kind words”  and we will reveal it tomorrow.

Besides that we will have See Chee How ,”PKR Sarawak Information Chief who says that there will have some surprises for BN Sarawak this weekend. Find out more here at audie61.

We say as always,”Have your laptops or your phones by your side to check up latest on this article….PBB will of course have their radars ready…