Ooh,Ooh SPDP/PRS “I Heard a Rumour”

In 1987 this song by Bananarama British girl’s pop group of the 80’s “I Heard a rumour” was on everyone’s lips as one will say to each other,Ah ha I heard A……” Today in Astro Mixed FM every morning 8 am-8.30am there is M$100 to be won if you have “I heard A rumour” spin in which the deejays will determine whether your rumour can be substantiated and enough to convince the Malaysian public.

What was considered a rumour wherby SPDP No.2 man to be challenged seemingly is taking shape as it is already and successfully coverd by the main stream media today. Yesterday after being informed by our sources that it is already 99% certain that “Tiong will take on Nyarok for the No.2 ” we went a step further by clarifying with a very close  aide of Nyarok.

It was late afternoon around 4.30pm  29th July 2009 when we managed to track down the aide and spoke to him. This is an excerpt from our conversation,” Its a rumour where some people are trying to instigate Tiong to go against Nyarok vice versa.These two YBs are the bests of friends eventhough they might have some arguments here and there.It’s only natural” . Of course there is more to that now that some Hidden Hands are in play to push and oust Tiong out of the picture.

We were informed that instructions has been delivered and with” to be followed ” to certain YBs to derail and neutralise Tiongs ever growing influence and to stop him at all costs. It was already agreed that the TDC scheduled for the 20th and 21st of November 2009 in Kuching and to be declared open by PM Najib that the Top Posts will see Mawan maintaining his grip. He will not be challenged.

What choices does that leave Nyarok ? Does he just relinquish his posts for Tiong and himself be left high and dry? In other words his political office is just as good as over if he does not carry out the instructions. Our sources has also informed us that while No.1 posts is compromised/arranged  No.1 must not take sides in the battle for No.2.(that’s the DEAL in place)

No.2 battle is now open for grabs as Nyarok knows he is looking at the WALL OF HIS FUTURE IN SARAWAK POLITICS. Who then is behind all this scheming and dealing with Nyarok for him even to contemplate going against the hands that used to feed him.Is Nyarok looking further than being “handsomely rewarded” or is there “ONLY ONE ROAD OUT” 

Moreover Nyarok stance on the merger issue between SPDP/PRS has somewhat soften and Tiong was really angry that his ‘mouthpiece’ Nyarok is leaning and somewhat agreeable towards the merger. Tiong puts it very bluntly to the SC to likening to the phrase .”Don’t think that once you have crossed the bridge you can burn it.”

Nyarok’ s man has also unknowingly uttered words that has got to Tiongs ears that Tiong holds too many positions in Youth Chief,Treasurer and Vice President. If you were Tiongs man what would you do? The ripples have provided more than an opportunity to the Hidden Hands to move in and ensure that Tiong is thoroughly checked .

What is interesting is that there are certain individuals speculated to be against the idea of the merger and with Nyarok being challenged it seems the rumour of Entulu taking on No1 in PRS has again resurfaced. We receive smses ,”Its confirmed from Bintulu that now YB Liwan and Mp Billy has switched camps and are banging on MP Entulu to take on YB James Masing. Now the question remains,” Is the Walikota Kapit Philimon Nuing or Pol.Sec Wilson Uggak with James or Entulu.?” If both goes James has losts his grip on the Rejang Basin and he will fear the worst says a political science analyst.

We say as always,”The political battles within SPDP/PRS will continue . audie61 ground crew have said,”I heard a rumour…” Can you believe us now..???”

17 thoughts on “Ooh,Ooh SPDP/PRS “I Heard a Rumour”

  1. Prince Caspian says:

    Full blown virus good for Pakatan or is it just housecleaning? PRS has too many pro Anwar it seems that BN has got to flush them all out. Tiong will want to see it through and be No2. Thats his aim.

  2. lydia says:

    Lets see whether these two have their political bearings and loyalties right”Is the Walikota Kapit Philimon Nuing or Pol.Sec Wilson Uggak with James or Entulu.?”

  3. Meligai keling says:

    If I am Nyarok I will go for the Top Posts. Someone challenge me for No2 why should I let No.1 off. Only realistic.

  4. clara anak murun says:

    Indications are that the dayaks are in for another splitting time. Merger no way might as well fight for personal rights and positions. That way the melanau regime will still stay on.

  5. Leslie Shim says:

    How we can achieve 1Malaysia and 1Sarawak if like this! Thank you Audie61 for your previous article about the “Flag Burning” issue and it really ease the tension that might lead Sarawak into political chaos. After all, we Sarawakians are living in a civilised world and we should deal matters in a civilised ways, we shouldn’t follow the negative actions that the media or TV news have shown. TQ

  6. fs says:

    why not dayak leaders put aside their differences for our benifits. sit and talk. have meeting and ask themselves, why until now we are still not unite. forget about political aims, business, wealth for a while. if we unite, we or should we say ‘them’ can get more than what they get now

    the dayak leaders should encourage and do their part in helping the community. why until now 2009, most of us not only in rural areas but also in urban area a.k.a setinggan still has no basic ammenities, no education or even no IC. why they only want them to successful and the rest in poverty. do they forget the miskin voters are the one who gave their votes and faith at you to help them but what they get in return? shame on you. why not we share the wealth so that all of us have basic ammenities, education. we can progress and status better than the mly, chi, ind. we will not be look down later.no more other say we are lakkia. the mly said their voice abou ppsmi. how bout our leader? they should say ‘dayaks languages for dayaks ‘ or’ we want english’ as we knew that english is vital in a way for us to progress our cmmunity. how many our people in high rank in public services? in glc…event in petronas, no our people in management board. that company get money from our resources and the west is getting the benifit, us in the east? sisa2 tulang. our people only can see the tower in the tv. from lundu to merapok, we have so-called pan boprneo highway but if in the west, its not a highway but just a road. bad condition uneven road

  7. balingian headman says:

    Tiong is nothing but a greasy diesel rat.He has been made to run a tread mill spinning billions of ringgit for his big wig masters.Now his masters have got all the money they wanted from the project. They now hang him, the greasy diesel rat up by his long scaly tail.He is still crawling fast but on thin air.They will give him to the cats to tear apart into pieces.He will taked all the blame as being the biggest con man of public funds in the history of Malaysia.
    But he wish to acknowledge himself as the fly-boy with jet planes.But this self proclaimed.. fly by night.. ” kar liew yang ” has his two jet planes and passport taken way.
    His former friend and present foe Le Long is waiting for me.
    The way he liked it ” Meet me one by one ”
    They rae many others waiting to ” meet him one by one”,
    They are Tu Gay, Lo Han, Sibu Ti,Sam Kor, Kong Pai,Black Monkey,
    I guess only his own kind can deal with him,

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