‘Cawat” Issue..Stay Clear Wanita’s??

Updated 28th July :- Sms sent to Secretary General of PRS– Wilfred Nissom.Thank God and Glad there is no burning of PAS Flags.We are better than that.

Updated 28th July 9.30am- Headlines “Gathering to burn PAS flags put off,says PRS man. The full story can be seen in Todays Borneo Post Article page 12. Was this our timely intervention with our article and thus someone politically connected with the Prime Minister’s department raised the ALARM BELLS. Thank God or else all Hell would have broken loose. 

Last Friday before I posted the article on ” Wanita PKR Sarawak- A New Dawn” I asked PRS Batu Lintang Wanita Chief and Treasurer are they ready if chosen at an instant to stand for the coming elections. Of course, they said we are in politics not only to serve and fight for the party but also groomed to take over. In my article I mentioned ,” PRS has yet to field any wanita candidate but it is speculated by PRS members that the current Wanita chief Doris Brodie is being groomed to be a candidate. How ironic it is today she seems to grab the headlines and suddenly appears? Something is brewing and are they any connections to the New Dawn?

This is what she said in the Sunday Borneo Posts,’

Expressing anger over Hadi’s remarks about Batang Ai voters recently, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) women chief Doris Sophia Brodie said yesterday the remarks reflected the type of leaders PAS and PR have.

“Obviously, PAS and Pakatan are not ethnic-sensitive, thus they can forget about making their existence felt in Sarawak especially in Dayak dominant areas. On top of that, it is such remarks that stir racial tension,” she said.

“I think what Hadi said should hit the nail squarely for Dayak opposition leaders. Clearly, Pakatan and PAS do not have them or the Dayak at heart, to them the Dayaks are just to make the numbers and their laughing stock.

In this respect, she said the PRS women of Batang Ai, Simanggang and Bukit Begunan divisions would come out in full force to support PRS Batang Ai youth in its plan to burn PAS flags in Engkilili town todayk.

We are at bests trying to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS ISSUE AS POSSIBLE. However,we know that a fire would not have started  if the sparks are not lighted.Sarawak Wanita Chiefs from PKR/DAP/PAS/SNAP should not only stay silent on this issue as the Wanita Chief from PRS  has already lashed out. Recently joined PKR former MCA leader Chua Jui Meng would be telling you all,” A Politician is not a Politician if she/he keeps quiet.”

We received a number of smses but this from a senior a dayak leader and a former high ranking civil officer which will be open to your interpretations ,”Mrng bro.what Hadi meant was,dyks hv cawat political mentality.f u say dyks r well clothed 2 refer 2 hadi’s statement,once again hadi n d rest will laugh at n deride even phd educated dyk pol leaders ENDA NEMU RETI JAKO SINDIR” 

Burning FLAGS please,please,please I don’t buy that. It’s like Hooliganism in football where rival Fans taunt each other by burning flags on the terraces. Who has come out with this idea.? This is POLITICS AND NOT FOOTBALL.The person who has even initiated this idea let alone carry it out should be TAKEN AWAY and PUT IN JAIL AS THIS IS NOTORIOUSLY EVIL THOUGHT.

audie61 seriously take this as an attempt to instigate a TRULY EXPLOSIVE situation. It’s uncalled for even by PRS Batang Ai Youth. PM ‘s department and the authorities concerned should seriously look into this very  MINDLESS AND THOUGHTLESS  POLITICAL ACT. 

IN Malaysia we have enough problems with death and we do not need our political strategists from any political party be it BN/PAKATAN to even think of this. This will eventually lead to  even worse scenario. It only takes someone to singlehandedly take it a step higher,”TORCH PAS HEADQUARTERS” Then what will happen?

PM Najib we do not need to be reminded of the Brixton,Guildford,Manchester nor Liverpool riots where cities just burn through the night for seven to ten nights in the 80’s. (150 buildings damaged,30 burned down)

We say as always,”Politics is politics, but do not take it overboard and it will turn ugly and the whole country suffers. The country is already suffering economically and we do not need another FLAG BURNING THOUGHT to aggravate the precarious and fluid political situation.

17 thoughts on “‘Cawat” Issue..Stay Clear Wanita’s??

  1. chloe says:

    You are damn right audie61. What if someone decides to take further action and torch PAS Headquarters. Whoever thought of this and thinks he is CLEVER better be answerable. I certainly agree with action by authorities here.Pakatan do your job

  2. dayang says:

    I was really angry with wht has been said by Hadi but i am angrier with thoughts of torching PAS flags. Childish and mindless yobs would go for this and I hope PRS is not so stupid. We shall see.

  3. phyllis says:

    PRS wanita chief what is she thinking of? Instigating the rests please lah ? Even before being picked you already signed your own death warrant from politics.

  4. yvonne sim says:

    I copy this statement<"IN Malaysia we have enough problems with death and we do not need our political strategists form any political party be it BN/PAKATAN to even think of this. This will eventually lead to even worse scenario. It only takes someone to singlehandedly take it a step higher,”TORCH PAS HEADQUARTERS” Then what will happen?

    Can anyone answer this? Dont you think something more serious will occur? I am angry but PRS should not even think of this action asking people to join in the flag burning?

  5. cyril says:

    I disagree with the burning flag ceremony. Its just not right.

    As for the cawat issue.. he may be speaking about something within (bahasa kiasan and menyindir), but it is also well known that some peninsular people still think that Sarawakians live on trees, and we still stay in the jungle…

  6. francis ngu says:

    As you say it, silence is not an option; the insensitive comment from the PAS leader should not lead to fanned xenophobia.

    He might not even have seen a true cawat worn.

    That the cawat was a cultural tradition which has passed over, should be respected by by self and others. It doesn’t take an anthropologist to tell us that all cultures, sometimes due to material deprivations, would have in the long march of history passed through periods of bodily exposure, though not our in the living memory.

    Whether the PAS leaders’ view is representative of other Pakatan leaders, you are referred to the response of Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Pakatan. I believe most of the IT-savvy would have read what he said.

    Dayak concerned people should be more vociferous about the socio-economic and political position of Dayak communities in Sarawak and in Malaysia, such as systematic dispossession of their land, thus endangering culture and causing further marginalisation.

    Hidup Dayaks !

    FN, Non-Dayak.

  7. Angking says:

    Flag Burning aiyo yo what gives PRS the right to burn someone elses flag? Grow up and please do not aggravate it further

  8. spencer says:

    Is this the answer PRS wanita chief asking more wanita .This i reposts judge for yourselves< Please avoid more controversies Doris you are being used!!!!!

  9. rain says:

    Seems PRS would not just forget the episode. Hadi said it but it should not be taken as such.Are the Iban leaders afraid that the people have seen the LIGHT..hmmmmm

  10. TV says:

    to all my dayak fellow let us proof to hadi that what he said is not true. By burning the flag is not the way to proof it

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