“Wanita PKR Sarawak A New Dawn”

Your Vote Counts!

The State elections for Sarawak is not due till 2011 but the Pakatan Sarawak machinery is well underway with discussions amongst the opposition component parties in reaching a common ground. Wanita PKR Sarawak had their meeting in the evening and they were also caught up in the “frenzy” of the state elections. The mainstream media /internet portal malaysiakini covered the first “fruitful” meeting between the leaders of DAP/PKR.

According to sources it was the first “official” meeting and in subsequent meetings Sarawak PAS and SNAP leaders will not be left out. Of course the main issue remains,” Straight Fight against BN Sarawak” where all parties will agree on a single candidate from Pakatan against BN. Great says PKR Wanita Exco Voon S.N  ( lawyer by profession)

She gave her views when interviewed by audie61 on the current allocation of seats amongst the Pakatan group. They will be intense lobbying of course she says as most “eligible and aspiring” candidates lobbyists will be trying to push for their own. It will be no different for Wanita PKR she says.

“Don’t get me wrong,I am not pushing for myself” DAP has Violet and Ting as candidates and they pulled through. Of course  PKR Wanita Sarawak would be grateful if at least 2 or more of our capable/winnable Wanita candidates are considered. We will try to push for the national quota but we have to face the realities  that we will be facing the “might of BN”

Unless we are given that platform we will not be certain that we will not win. We will not go into a battle that we will not win she says. It must be noted too that at least 50% of the voters in some constituencies are women folks and with the current political situation in the country,anything can happen we obviously will stand a chance,”Don’t you think so audie61 she asks?”

We just nodded and we got in touch with a number of BN Wanita members who said,”we will not underestimate the might of our enemies and we will ensure that they will not have it easy.” Are they going to do battle with our BN Wanita YBS at their constituencies.?”

 Its only PBB,SPDP who are the current YBs. SUPP fielded Lily Yong and she was defeated by PKR Dominique Ng who was the first PKR State YB for the country. PRS has yet to field any wanita candidate but it is speculated by PRS members that the current Wanita chief Doris Brodie is being groomed to be a candidate. 


Will it be a New Dawn for Wanita PKR Sarawak? This question will only be answered if the national and state leaders in PKR gives them just that “flicker of hope” and a CHANGE for Sarawak. Another PKR lady member Rosie said,’ In politics there is always a chance. Times have changed and BN will need to work doubly hard to face us.It’s all calm now.Don’t you feel it?”

Of course she was saying,”There is a storm coming and BN be ready or else you will be swept away.


We say as always,”There will not be any stones unturned as all political parties head towards the 2011 State elections. Will we see PKR wanita candidates..Im sure Dr.Wan Azizah PKR President would give them her stamp of approval..

8 thoughts on ““Wanita PKR Sarawak A New Dawn”

  1. Lim KT says:

    So PKR dare to or not field candidate? I mean your beautiful women candidates. if they are like Nurul we will certainly vote for them..

  2. yeomen says:

    Pakatan must be BOLD & BRAVE enough to put qualified and young candidates to the front and show that they are indeed going for change !!! Enough of the recycled and veteran faces . I am not saying to do away with these people totally as they also have make tremendous contribution . Best combination is the young , new faces in the front and the veterans guiding them with experience and so forth . They must realise that everybody has a place in a Pakatan administration . And any contribution , how small will be appreciated to realise the BIGGER picture and make the CHANGE in Sarawak .

  3. Angking says:

    Work hard and you will be recognised.PKR will not be able to fight the might of BN. Maybe dAP will give BN a run for the money especially in the urban areas. Rural it will still be BN. thats the HOME TRUTH.

  4. Minda Mandol says:

    Don’t belittle Wanita PKR S’wak. Wanita PKR S’wak actually hving a number of good n potential candidates to be fielded in PRN10. It’s not their policies to talk too loud of what they hv. We’re all yet to see come the PRN10 then we all will see a few of their wanita candidates heavyweight will be announced. They mean business. Don’t talk nonsense. PKR wanita will be on the onslaught for the BN wanita candidates or even any BN candidates. Wanita PKR is gender blind. Dare u to challenge.

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