IMO-“Senior Sng must have had Tantrums”


“Happier times-“The last 25 minutes Supreme Council meeting before the Pre-Emptive Move”

I.M.O.– In my opinion and nobody’s I would imagine this scenario.Dato Sng Chee Hua must have thrown out a tantrum and at worse cursed so many times that its bests to avoid him. A person who is kind at heart at the bests of times.

However  Senior Sng has a way in pushing his ideas and thoughts across and one would not be able to know what hit him. This Borneo Posts article,”Time to fill vacant assistant minister posts:Masing” would not exactly make his food go down well in his early breakfast. Wouldn’t you be ANGRY as a Parent like Senior Sng when you see this column…

According to Masing,PRS now has two vacant assistant ministers posts-one,made vacant following the demise of former Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Sport and two,because Assistant Minister In Chief Minister’s Department Larry Sng being ‘partyless’

Whats more James is using the cover of the CM to push his political statement through with saying this,” he agreed with Chief Minister’s recent statement that the next cabinet reshuffle would be to prepare BN to face the next election. He said this to reporters that it was crucial for BN to gain the support of the people and to use the resources available by filling the vacant assistant minister’s posts.

Many PRS members and sympathisers have their own version of James Masings statements and we compile what has been said in the market talk in Sarawak eventhough today sees the DUN Manek Urai by elections in Kelantan.

  • Could they be more than what meets the eyes..?
  • Could this be a body blow to the Hidden Hands ?
  • Could this be done to nullify the damage that the Puppet Masters are doing to create a wedge between President Masing and his deputy Entulu?
  • Could this be also telling the CM Taib that in PRS Masing is very much in charge?
  • Could the political strategists in PRS be telling the lobbyists that Masing has the final say eventhough the CM has the prerogative?
  • Could Masing be pushing the envelope to CM Taib a bit too far?
  • Could Masing be justs telling CM Taib that he is the President of PRS and he is only informing the CM of his members intentions and views. 
  • Could this statement be more harmful to the already deteriorating relationship of CM and Masing?
  • Could Senior Sng just let it go?
  • Could Masing be facing a tidal wave very soon?

Many senior PRS members were tight lipped as they were reminded that there is a“gag’ order in place and that disciplinary actions will be taken by the party. Of course some former  PBDS members were just clapping their hands as it seems that James suddenly has got the LION HEART and telling the BOSS indirectly through the mass media. Doesn’t this even lenghten the already strained realtionship?

 Some political observers are likening this situation very much like what PBS did to Tun Mahathir in the eleventh hour. There is just that  possibility as many have not forgotten how Taib and Tun embrace each other which many political figures were angered by this Sandiwara. It will not be a surprise if it REALLY HAPPENS.

That is also one of the many reasons that CM sees the need for a merger of SPDP/PRS and it will be better controlled. The window doesn’t just close there. There is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst PRS members in being overlooked in certain GLC positions and other business opportunities. CM and his advisors are closely monitoring the situation and does not need PRS to create more problems as the State prepares to face DAP/PAS/PKR/SNAP opposition parties.

 Of course James needs to weigh his options well as he is not getting any younger and at 60 it might  just be the perfect time in politics to go for BROKE. In 1983 when he first joined Politics he was a fresh face and now 26 years later being overlooked and considered a dayak leader he has every chance to move ahead. He also knows that getting Senior Sng hot at the collar will in fact push his political ambitions a step further. In other words its just bluntly put,”Don’t think I am afraid of the CM Taib..?” A lot of dayak people wished he has the guts to say that and JUST maybe be on his side. You know what they say when the leader is beaten all the soldiers will run helter- skelter.

We say as always,”There will be a lot of soul searching for PAS in Manek Urai after securing a tissue thin majority of 65 and BN will be questioning what could have been too? James has open up the PANDORA Box and he would have ANTICIPATED that Senior Sng will not let him go of the HOOK so easily.

21 thoughts on “IMO-“Senior Sng must have had Tantrums”

  1. Hiro says:

    The tiger is woken up. Its going to be an all out assault according to sources close to Sng.What else can he do..? James has statred it again.

  2. dayang says:

    Aiyoyo Don’t think a leader of the state would be happy to hear this kind of politics reported by James to the mass media. Feel sorry for James and wonder who brainwhased him.

  3. ursula says:

    Wonder what to make out of all this by James? Could he be seeing a pact with Anwar. What say u PKR boys out there? hostage88 whats your call? Dont tell me it doesnt matter to PKR and that will be very shallow thinking. hahaha

  4. xmen says:

    Its geeting very xciting soon in Sarawak.! Hope no more by elections and soon Sarawak will have state elections.1987 was touch and go and next state elections many more will fall.

  5. yeomen says:

    Prefer to see the YOUNGER generation of PRS leaders switch to any of the Pakatan parties , be it DAP , PKR , SNAP or even Pas for that matter . Then I strongly feel they will wholesale changes that we seek for Sarawak and the future generation !

  6. anak cina says:

    Wow, bro. u got it 90pct rite this time. for the other ten percent, let’s have laksa, coincidentally Dato Sng’s favourite breakfast meal.

  7. Sago boy says:

    James forgets that CM does not like to be told. Remember the candidates that is suppose to stand in Balingian,-Sulaiman Suhaili ,Polit and Rony Assiim. What happen to them? Didn’t CM took upon himself to stand in Balingian..James better wake up or else he better ship out. Now we hear that not only CM favours Entulu but he also has a nice soft spot for Mawan.Numbered lah James your days. Go before the fire is toohot to handle or your boys will abandon you.

  8. crystal w says:

    PRS seems to think that they are King of Sarawak politics. they forget that PBB,SPDP and SUPP is around. Shut up James and time for you to go back to Baleh.!

  9. wencenzlaus says:

    Another day another problem. Surely Senior Sng will be very very mad.What to do? He asked for it. He financed James before and now he is paying the price for his over exuberance.Many told him to watch his step and alas God does answer many people’s prayers. We are PBDS Dato dont forget that and we have not forgiven both of u!

  10. mary sia says:

    I joined PRS Nangka and now we are left behind by Dato Sng and his boys. Some of us are already in PKR and whose idea was it? Ask any X PRS members who join PKR.The engineeer ,developer ,contractor is all one person and he also said Anwar will take care of us. Now Anwar abandon us too. Bad and we must just decide toturn to the one and only trustworthy party so far DAP. Heard that Leon Jimmy is not doing too badly in DAP.

  11. orea says:

    Senior Sng should do something. Isnt he good at starting newparties? Why not as CM would love to give him the blessings.Merger is also a good idea and Larry would be saved dont u think? Then James would be jumping up and down.

  12. cikgu says:

    I know Dtk sri James very well. What happened to Tommy Buren? Remember what happened. Another PRE EMPTIVE MOVE is it to save your own skin? We had enough of PRS Iban politics and we left to join PKR. Too much and his man thinks that they can do likewise to CM Taib and the melanaus. Start dreaming and maybe the sun will rise in the North.

  13. queen bee says:

    Its way past midnight for James and he knows it.Just follow Tedewin’s way to PKR. He is loving every minute of it.

  14. A justice says:

    PKR welcomes James to our fold. This side better than BN. Here we will respect your rights and in BN PRS President is a minister without power.Thats a JOKE and you can take it. At least when Anbwar comes to power he will not look down on you. Think!!

  15. Xanadu says:

    This time your Pre-emptive statement has got the CM very mad and he will eventually even make you a scapegoat.Just watch where or who u have taken to tasks my fren James! We also think Donald Lawan would love to see the back of you at the soonest.

  16. Lovely man says:

    Be a good man and repent to Sng and you will be forgiven. Dont you know that Sng is Taibs hatchet man and he does not leave any prisoners. He is a master and James you will eventually fall for it. This time you are in a deep HOLE.

  17. yeomen says:

    I am surprise that Indian and Chinese have a mother tougue only in Malaysia !! Thats what DPM is saying . Common Sarawakians n Sabahans , what happen to our mother tougue ? James , Mawan , Jabu or even Abg Jo should address this . This against the spirit of 1Malaysia !! Politically , UMNO & BN only need Chinese and Indians votes come the next election . The rest can just vote for Audie61 , he he

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