The Debate”Is Malaysia’s Education going backwards..?”

The internet blogs and main stream media has got it all. The views, the reasons the implementation date and the opinions from all academicians, elected representatives and parents.

Did anyone ask the main player and conduct a poll from the affected ones that is the students? Obviously not as they do not have a CHOICE really as they are caught in the RAT RACE of coming tops and worry about whats in front of them especially ‘What are the correct employment .”

Now it seems that in 2012 when its implemented those who intend to enter ‘foreign universities” they will face obstacles not unless they can afford to study overseas anytime with their “parents wealth” Is this really good for our country..?

 I would very much want to go indepth into this subject as 31 years ago  I was also caught in the lasts of the Senior Cambridge System where those who came after us were all under the Malaysian Education syllables. We were the lasts of the Common Entrance,Junior Cambridge,Senior Cambridge and now what.

Academecians has advocated that English taught from primary school right up to university makes good sense in our long term goal to produce a bilingual or even trillingual citizenship that can compete and COMPETE WELL in the International arena. What does appear though is that English being the norm our local graduates will face unseen challenges and difficulties in making the grades especially in Foreign Firms.

This was told to me by the Sarawak Teachers’s Union President William Ghani who said many parents are in unison especially when the whole PICTURE IS PLACED IN FRONT OF THEM.

Not sounding racist in remarks or belittling any race he told audie61.The Chinese can work in Taiwan,Hong Kong,China and Singapore.The Indians can work in Sri Lanka,Pakistan, India and where can the Dayaks or Bumiputera work after they completed their Malay science and maths. Don’t tell me in Indonesia .?

There is too much experimentation and flip-flops and U turns. Does Harvard,Cambridge or Oxford change according to whims and fancies? Just look at football as an example:-

 In 1996 the J league Association has to learn from our Malaysian semi-pro league. Today Japan football is world class and many of their players are household names overseas. Where is Malaysia Football..?

Education is beyond political divide and as such English should be viewed as the one language that opens doors to International commerce,trade,industry,communications science and technology.

So even Mahathir does not have very kind words on this subject as he said,”The future of Young Malaysians will find difficulty keeping abreast of developments in the scientific field.”

A concerned parent and a VOTER in the Malaysian democratic system was even more blunt,” Ask all the elected representatives,YBs and MPs ,top ranking officials to send their sons and daughters like eveyone else to Sekolah Rendah,Sekolah Menengah,Kolej dan Universiti di Malaysia.

Don’t send them to all the elite schools. Will they do it..?For better or worse..? Don’t think they will as they will only think the bests for their own and forget about the others. The INNOCENT ALWAYS PAYS THE PRICE. So who are we to blame..??

Many parents are looking at overseas and those who have the SCIENTIFIC BRAINS will not even consider coming back. Wasn’t they a call for many intellectual and calibre Malaysians to come back to Malaysia with many promises during Tun Mahathir’s administration? Are they all back..?

When we were young our grandfathers would sit us down and look straight at our eyes,”Nobody can take away what is in our BRAINS. Today it is called Intellectual Property and In Olden China these people are feared and casts aside or put away for good. Has Malaysia just CHECKED IN or the ruling government is so afraid of their own shadows. I sincerely hope I am wrong and I LOVE MALAYSIA and do not want it to see it lagging behind if our future genrations are handicapped and losts their edge.

We say as always,”All of us need to play our part in assuring EVERY Malaysian stays competitive . Lets ensure that our Children do not suffer for our actions…

11 thoughts on “The Debate”Is Malaysia’s Education going backwards..?”

  1. Dreaded One says:

    Spot on. My children are already looking at blank walls and wonder what the future holds.All I can say is two fingers to the minister and YBs and MPs.

  2. hazel g says:

    minus in BM is Tolak so everytime they converse with foreign counterparts they keep on saying “tolak”betul in the end they also get PUSHED TO THE EDGE.PUSH RIGHT hik hik hik How leh..??

  3. dayang says:

    U are correct when you blasted teh higher ranking officials and YBs. They dont know what the common people think. They always think of politics only. Yayaya only the rich malays can go overseas and when they come back they cONTROL the common folks is it? Selfish..

  4. francis ngu says:

    Nebulous subjects, education and language, which you have introduced as a change to regular surveys of the murky world of party politics.

    Public policy debates like these, Malaysians must open up to to promote civil society input in all areas and all aspects of public policy.

    It has been clear to many for some time that education in Malaysia is not only going backwards, but failing on many counts, as with several areas of public policy,including medical services, public transportation, economic growth and environment.

    The views expressed here and elsewhere are diverse and I will not add more for now, except to say that public expectations are high and diverse, and a federal national education system may no longer be in the interests of the nation, a position which SKY is also saying on his blog.

    I would also like to refer readers to some more readings on the subjects of language and education on the net I have come across in the last 10 days at:

    Dr. Azly Rahman, Farish Noor, Sim Kwang Yang and Tay Tian Yan.

  5. Charleston says:

    It is definitely going backwards……..Malaysia never has a fixed policy that will benefit the rakyat. Everytime when a new politician is appointed in place, they will change the policy to suit their own benefit only……

  6. Khobu says:

    In Malay language shows that it is a superior language compared to the dayak language. No wonder many dayak kids speaks better malay than their own mother tongue.


  7. pokok kapok says:

    Is it the education that’s the problem or its policy and management within the present political system where people are not appreciated because of their humanity but narrow views on ethnicity and bad material motives?

    Don’t lose the jungle for the tree!

  8. pokok kapok says:

    The STU are big on bizness which principally and should include welfare of teachers. This is good. However, when criticized Sarawakians say they are not inferior nor their teachers any lesser.

    Perhaps, STU could break new grounds into other things, even teacher training for specific booster courses. For all that Education is worth shouldn’t teacher experiences general or specific be related to their profession, across the wide range of subjects in school or the community?

    There surely should be ample brains amongst teachers for professional concerns about teaching particular areas of subject, content and methods. Wouldn’t it be workable that papers be published and then even sold. Like selling insurance !???

    They certainly can gain professional acknowledgement leading to further studies and academic pursuits.

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