PRS…”Who is Entulu..??


Eversince the so-called “rumours” which has set Joseph Entulu and James Masing on a “collision” course Party Rakyat Sarawak members and higher ranking officials are asking this very familiar question,”Is it Real..?” The next bests answer is from an SC member who is aligned to James and he said,”Who is Entulu to fight James..??”

There are also word on the ground that audie61 was the first to break the news. For the information of the reading public and supporters of PRS/BN we only caught wind of this and before it broke the CAMELS BACK we decided to blog the story to avoid an UGLY SHOWDOWN in PRS which are beneficial to some who practises the ART OF CONFRONTATIONS to make a living.

It was already spreading like wildfire in Kapit  and in Selanggau and an aide of Joseph Entulu (Deputy Minister of Rural Development ) even said that James the President is so “ungrateful ” to Entulu for all that he has done for him. Quoting him in Iban,”UDAH NGENA TANGGA,KA DI TUNU”. (similar to after crossing the bridge burn it)

We would also like to inform those who put the blame on audie61 to just watch their tongues as we have prove already and it’s taped by handphone. You know who you are and we will take the necessary steps to CLEAR OUR GOOD NAME.( there are many ways to skin a cat black/white)

The articles which we wrote are edited and before its posted we check and double check our sources. We do not intend to be associated with rumour mongering nor to defame someones characters. Our article “5 solid reasons for JE’s fight..?? It is supposed to be written in FULL and not a PUZZLE to some. We wanted the two leaders to know that this is happening on the ground and they need to take the necesary actions and steps. If we do not care TWO HOOTS Of PRS we will just BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION.

This also goes to other political parties and those connected with politics. We have said we are for the people,with the people and by the people. We keep those who are out of line in check be it also Pakatan/BN members.

We say as always,”Don’t hide behind the iron curtains hahaha and criticize others. If gossiping is your art there is a DEGREE IN HARVARD ..or OXFORD….

46 thoughts on “PRS…”Who is Entulu..??

  1. anak cina says:

    got yourself caught in the crossfire? well, audie61, this is politics and those who play and being paid to play the game should know there is no permanent foes or friends neither there is a standard set of requirements for one to go to the top.

  2. party machais says:

    Bro we are with you here. we know you are very fair in your reporting and those guys who belittle you are only trying to SAVE THEMSELVES

  3. s.johnny says:

    Entulu is very hurt we know. Now the wildfire circling is Joseph Salang wants to take on Entulu as No.2. Market taLK IN kAPIT..

  4. BRENDA says:

    Too bad.Hollywood would love to make a good film on PRS. No more handsome boys around like Larry Sng. The rests if 20 years ago would just get a supporting role/backup hahaha PRS……pleeeeeeeeesssssssss

  5. queen bee says:

    So good that PRS is back in the picture. Maybe hostage88 who is a BN supporter/PKR betrayer can enlighten us more. He is SB says some comments.True kah??

  6. ursula says:

    just got back from a trip overseas. Dont have H1n1 don’t wori. Is PRS really cracking or someone who blogs under borneo warrior responsible. I heard this while in my trip in Australia. Feel me in. How are you hostage88?

  7. rin tin tin says:

    Time to show who is top dog I suppose and BN needs to know who is with them and not like a hornbill which flies to one side and leave while the other side is insecure. There is evidence we heard of someone brokering for PRS. They are not happy with PBB and Taib regime..

  8. journalistic view says:

    well done audie61. be brave and just tell those who are hiding off. Good one degree in Harvard..very sarcastic but good point..

  9. Hulk says:

    James is a sucker…sucking on states resources.. Entulu should be give a chance to lead..i support for a change in leadearship…new blood new ideas new development.. = progress for dayaks,, all the old goats like James masing really have to go..

  10. hostage88 says:

    If there is no PKR to vote, I rather sleep at home and not bother to que in the hot sun voting for DAP or BN.

    The last person I ever boted in my like was M Kulasegaran of DAP Perak.

  11. zainuddin says:

    Ooooooooooh Entulu where is your Fighting spirit..James has deserted you already.Eat your own words now if you stay behind him..

  12. rhino says:

    audie61 blog the truth don’t be afraid, If you keep them all wrapped out how are we to assist u. Don’t be a tool for their own individual fantasy. Entulu or James will need all the help. Politics is all about who will take over.

  13. violet says:

    hostage88 whats up? we should know whats going on in BN.U are a BN supporter according to all the comments here. It seems you are also all in disguise. PRS we need to wrestle all the seats for PKR. U are very selfish or u must be paid by BN. hahaha

  14. hero says:

    So it must be the malay lawyers work who tries to divert all the attention on Entulu to fight Salang and save James MAsing. He thinks he will outwit us Ibsn lawyers .Dont make use of James as Iban to fight Entulu also an Iban. U better join your PBB. If not just quit.! Have u been paid..??

  15. shazat says:

    I know Entulu is very mad and he will need to keep his cool to tackle this two face President. We are Selangau fighters and we will not be used by James. He better stepaside.

  16. Big Fish says:

    Bro. Audie, as I said (in our coffee shop talk) Entulu by himself will not fight DS James.However the fight may materialised only if JE is being cornered and with the support from the “unseen hand”

  17. dwafts says:

    We are ready to fight the President we are Selanggau and we are not afraid of PRS Kapit or PRS betong. The SC who speaks fopul of Entulu please be careful. You know who u are.

  18. wong si f says:

    PRS being a dayak based party too much problems. Get rid of them BN sarawak or else it will be your downfall. Merge the two entities SPDP/PRS and lets get it going from there. Too much talk also of uMNO coming to Sarawak also MCA ,Gerakan and the rests of the BN gang. Time to have justs BN3 no more BN4

  19. greg smith says:

    We follow audie61 and we find this blog very fair in its content and analysts. Keep up with giving us info. Forget those gossipers with degrees from Harvard.Like that one haha

  20. The Pyramid says:

    High time for the hidden hands to push up the ante. Entul;u seems to have his balls hidden somewhere. Someone ought to push hard or else he lloks a fallen and beaten politician. Entulu “agi idup agi ngelaban.”

  21. Jacq says:

    Heard the Malay lawyer “azizi” is being told that he must keep out of this fight. He has already losts his twin bro.who successfully beaten Ernest Chua and gang. He must be very good! or did he get help from someone else.(zaid Ibrahim would love him)
    hostage88 very famous here .Can u get appointment for him? He is better of joining a big firm as PKR would use him so that PRS is diminished..

  22. queen bee says:

    hostage88 all the time talk rubbish only. Who cares about him in PKR Hq. U better get the hell out of PKR as you are a double spy or they say SB. What lah.??

  23. ursula says:

    Why always ask <"who is Entulu..??" Ask maybe who is James Masing..?? Heard he is a minister from Sarawak with no power. My sources tell me he is a minister who has all the powers taken from him especially that is to do with land.Jabu is in charge of Salcra and all he does is politiking.No wonder Entulu is also facing his music.Hostage88 being SB should be abvle to calrify and feed us with more info.BN in disguise they say is it true??

  24. Pelagus Boy says:

    Larry why dont you come out and say u support Entulu. Y all the silence.Also Snowdon likewise as we knwo he is eyeing the Youth posts. also he is wanting to see that YB Mong is finished in Bukit Begunan. PRS does not belong to James,Nissom and Azizi plus that SC member Ted who thinks he is Gods gift to politics. He has not even stood as a candidate and thats y he is just a NOBODY. LLagong the beaten candidate in Ulu Rejang is so much better than him Thats y i give up on his nonsensical blog of what Warrior he calls himself.Rubbish!!

  25. hostage88 says:

    Oh yes. Taib Mahmud my best friend. George Chan, my good friend. James Masing my buddy. William Mawan my drinking buddy. IGP, my good braddar. What else. Only fools guess!

  26. queen bee says:

    hostage88 you can’t seem to be able to take criticism but you have been bad mouthing some ppl in PKR. This is really the low of the low. U might be better off not ewen supporting PKR batu kawah. wasting your precious BN Time. If u know what i mean..

  27. ursula says:

    I do agree on queen bee’s point.hostage88 needs to be given more than a degree of gossiping from Harvard. maybe he needs psychiatric treatment. He is too self centred as I found out from some sources and he is more a BN guy than a Pakatan sympathiser.

  28. hostage88 says:

    queen bee Says:

    July 10, 2009 at 5:27 pm
    hostage88 all the time talk rubbish only. Who cares about him in PKR Hq. U better get the hell out of PKR as you are a double spy or they say SB. What lah.??


    PKR Committee a bunch of Clowns and Jokers. Bad mouth? Take a good look. So many SMS I receive from PKR members telling me this and that. Did I mention it? or Post anywhere? Hahaha. seems the Clowns and Jokers are here to attacking me. Good. Lts have fun. I have even been warn. But let me see what this clowns and jokers can do. Gossiping. Hahaha. want gossip, no problem. Go and do it.

    See you week after next. Will be in KL and go PKR HQ lim kopi again.

  29. hostage88 says:

    People have warn me that the clowns and jokers are nasty people, including being violent. Violent, wow I enjoy that.

  30. hostage88 says:

    Oh. Another site for PKR coming up skuad sarawak dot com. Really enjoy being a SB and BN man creating PKR Sites. Please inform Mus and PKR State committee. LOL.

  31. queen bee says:

    hostage 88 u better just go lim kopi in pKR hq. YB Dom must have sent u. go ahead and stay as u already paid to be sb..lIM cHA

    • Words says:

      queen bee,

      hostage88 talk penis only la, lot of friends in PKR Hq haha.. i check with few PKR HQ gay, they not even know him. he is a SB gay sent by BN to take care of PKR Padungan only.

  32. Words says:

    find something similar in the two website by Hostage88

    CR OLIVIA CHAN ABS (Ahli Bintang Sarawak) – Sarawak
    Progressive …
    CR OLIVIA CHAN ABS. Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and Padawan …. Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom … – Cached – Similar –

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    c [Record Created] 04-NOV-2008
    d [Record Expired] 04-NOV-2009
    e [Record Last Modified] 04-NOV-2008
    f [Invoicing Party] R013
    Chew Keat Liew
    CARI Internet Sdn Bhd
    A-706 Block A, 7th Floor, Kelana Square,
    No 17 Jalan SS7/26,, Kelana Jaya
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    Administrative Contact:
    Lina Soo ([whois])
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    Lina Soo ([whois])
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    Billing Contact:
    Lina Soo ([whois])
    26B, Jln Deshon
    Tel. +082.238806


  33. queen bee says:

    Wah so he is a whistleblower it seems or SB or BN in disquise. Too much this hostage 88..He better go and eat shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!!

  34. ursula says:

    By the way what ever happen to the lawyer who is dividing the iBANS.hahahahahaha (dayak-according to indo dayak is generous so u see they fall for Malay lawyer subdividing the IBans. Entulu do something..

  35. ahads says:

    satu petikan ucapan dari presiden PAS Dato Seri Abdul Hadi baru baru ini di Manek Urai amatlah kurang ajar dan menghina penduduk dan rakyat negeri sarawak.Semoga ada tindakan dari pemimpin di negeri Sarawak supaya Presiden Pas ini Meminta maaf dari kenyataan beliau tersebut.

    petikan ucapan beliau:

    Dalam ucapannya sebelum itu, Abdul Hadi yakin PAS akan sekali lagi menang di kerusi DUN Manek Urai – yang dipegangnya sejak tahun 1959 dan hanya kalah sekali kepada BN pada tahun 2004 sahaja.

    “Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek,undi PAS,” katanya.

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