Do “reporters” Lie..?

I’m surely in for a ‘quick fix” or a blasting from an AK 47 if I blog this. But who really cares. I’m not writing this blog to please anyone or be known as a “ball carrier”. Enough of all that and if the story or article is  news worthy I will use my discretion to let the public know of it. I had a right go at the civil servants in the article,”What the hell is wrong with our mentality..?” Today the street lights are still not solved and the blame games goes round to Naim (developer) Secso and the Samarahan Council. What a JOKE…!!!Do they actually know what is the role of a STREET LIGHT..?”

Lets get to todays episode. I made my way to the “Mesyuarat Agung Tritahunan” of the Persatuan Melanau Kuching and met up with a number of jounalists and reporters from the various newspaper publications in the city. They were present of course to cover the function and as usual I always mingle and do my PR with them.

Obviously a number of them were surprised to see me here this afternoon. A blogger covering this function. Not really, I am a member and I was invited to attend the function and there will be elections for the new office bearers 2009-2012.( This is well covered by the mains tream newspapers and it will be published. However let me congratulate the new office bearers led again by Ybhg Datu Haji Len Talif Salleh.) …continue..

What follows though comes as a total surprise. Enough… could this reporter be lying..? He has been in the game for far too long to just blast this out to me. I was totally surprised and just shook my head.

The words were,”This YB does not have my respect at all. He is too big headed and he surely will not retain his seat Padungan again.” I asked him who and he said,”YB Dominique of PKR and he is too much as when he called him to find out about a function all he replied was ,”Ask my office staff and I don’t know.Too much this  YB..”

I was trying to be nice and I said,”Maybe he forgot but the reporter said,‘How could he and he must not forget he is still the people’s representative and even CM will not just brush aside reporters just like that. Some other reporters who were eves dropping just nodded in agreement and said just maybe the “pressure of a YB has got into him” Was trying to find out more what they actually meant but along came the President Datu Haji Len Talif with his Public relations smiles,shook hands and thanked them all for their presence.

Wow! That really took some of the heat off as it would have generated into an afternoon of YB bashing. Of course audie61 has already said earlier that whoever the YB be it BN or Pakatan if they are out of line they will be BASHED THOROUGHLY by us. 

What I am trying to get to is that ,”When one shows respect he will be accorded likewise” No one should forget that the media fraternity is one “BIG FAMILY” and the reporters,journalists and columnists look out for each other and most news from them are first hand information, But do they “lie” to get what they want..?

This is a million and one question and its up to public officials to judge for themselves. In journalism there must be balanced reporting and one should also asked the “YB in question whether this incident or incidents  did occur..?” But this is a blog and the net citizens would also love to have first hand information.

Do they really care if we did call the person in question for an exclusive of a REBUTTAL…?? That will be another days blog story. However we took notice of an advice from a very senior man in the journalistic profession to ensure this article in which we blog will not go to waste or he puts it in journalism,”NEWSWORTHY”

So do”reporters” lie..???

We say as always,”There must be some truth here or else we will have EGGS THROWN BACK at us. We doublechecked with some PKR innsiders before we blogged this article up. Don’t worry YBs do your job well we will not AK47 you down…

23 thoughts on “Do “reporters” Lie..?

  1. queen bee says:

    We certainly live in interesting times.? wonder whether hostage88 is now supporting PKR YB dominique still ? I really dont appreciate if the yBs whoever they are do not show respect or as we put it in Malaysia,”kurang Ajar”

  2. dayang says:

    Of course we were taught to be courteous and show respect to all humankind and thats how we are brought up. Good article …

  3. Top Boy says:

    Reporters sometimes do exaggerate on stories and as for lying that is questionable? Everyone does sometime to get what they want and reporters are Human too.

  4. vicky says:

    I do condone those who dont show respect.For me,Just change the person who is the yB in the next elections. If they think they are so great and are above all,:Think again as the ballot boxes do TALK sometime.

  5. angie says:

    Tks for the info. appreciate that someone is not afraid to write the truth. Good on you audie61. No favours to any YBs be it Pakatan or BN. Very balanced

  6. hostage88 says:

    I still suppport him, but do not think he wan retain Padungan.

    Neither am I a Voter in Sarawak and do not intend to have it transfered back.

    It is reserved for my aneh YB fren in West Malaysia.

  7. sean says:

    Something tells me that YB dominique is stressful. Can recommend to him a way to relax..Do I need to tell… hahaha

  8. yvonne l says:

    Eeeee the reporters must be really PISSED OFffffffffffffff by the Yb. If not they would not have even mentioned it.

  9. rin tin tin says:

    Even as a dog I am treated well. This YB should look himself in the mirror and pinch himself for the wrong words used.

  10. T H Ming says:

    Had enough of his attitude. This YB is really not the peoples representative that we thought he would be. We will vote him out the next state elections.Give it to DAP better.. PKR wake up lah!

  11. Azahari Junaidy says:

    Padungan voters needs to wake up.. You pay the price for voting in the YB of your choice. Enough said. You know what to do …

  12. Freedom says:

    Why a lot of reserve when commenting of Dominique Ng Kim Ho, His is a shit. good for nothing. ask him wake up and look at the mirror. and ask around in padungan if voter like him or not.

    most ppl i met all f**k him of. as him to sit at home the coming state election.

    let DAP contest Padungan.

  13. clara anak murun says:

    Stupid stupid DAP should have been our choice. Anwar must take into this consideration as he prepares his soldiers in the coming elections. Dominique must be dropped No questions asked.!!

  14. silvester jim says:

    When he first start he was good but now he is too SILLY and he acts like a spoilt and crying baby. Wake up or Ship out Dominique.

  15. yolando says:

    Sad this about PKR YB Dominique. But if its act against the journalists I will not be on his side. He must be taught not to be too action and flying in the clouds above. Time for him to get on the ground and feel the support that he is lsoing. He needs to do something to get back the trusts of the journalists and reporters. Do we need to tell him HOW>>?>>>>>>>>>>>?

  16. queen bee says:

    finally hostage88 has spoken. Suddenly when his YB is under attack he says he is not a local voter.Shit lah he is just a BN in disguise and I smell a rat.

  17. john says:

    Reporter sum of them got their own mission whtr pro-oppos. DAP / PKR / PAS or pro-BN they really great on doing provoke. cz they training well.

    Am not siding or supporting YB Ng o who ever but as an adult we’r given ‘Brain’ by god. YB Ng doing his work/job more than othr PKR leaders wht else that not enough for Padungan ‘Voters’.PKR leaders n mmber should gv him solid support instead of accusing n insulting him as a YB.If just bcause of High Position u wantd to do that,it’s not the right way,show your effort n contribute to Party and focus on your own area.Dnt too much politicking.

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