“Is this REALLY FOR REAL..MU..??


This breaking news in the world of soccer would have everyone asking,”Is this really for real..?? Michael Owen a Liverpool goal scoring machine joining arch rivals Manchester United. A phone call to a Liverpool fan and he said,” He has seen his glory days while a Manchester United fan said,” Alex Ferguson always brings out the bests in a player.”

This is the extract from soccernet,”Michael Owen looks set for a surprise move to Manchester United, after having a medical on his knee on Thursday. The striker will then have a full medical on Friday ahead of signing a pay-as-you-play deal with the Premier League champions.

So the smses keeps coming in to audie61,”Whats the latest on Entulu taking on James Masing.” Its all quiet and calm before the storm and if Michael Owen joins MU who will say,” I told you so...(MU) Manek Urai”  It is also similar to saying Anwar is ready to join back UMNO….”

We say as always,”There are always surprises round the corner and anything is possible especially in Malaysia….hik hik hik.. 

9 thoughts on ““Is this REALLY FOR REAL..MU..??

  1. troy says:

    Whatever is going to happen next in the football world. so much at stake and everyone is looking to buy the bests. MU as they say has eyes for winners and Alex Ferguson must have longed for him long time ago. He gets his players and they perform for him.

  2. dayang says:

    What a laugh..?? This must be similar to the sandiwara put up by PAS/DAP?PKR in Kedah and Penang. What will they think of next to knock of BN..??

  3. Pak Apai says:

    Timely and this must have got something to do with MU(Manek Urai) .Hahaha had a good laugh as Michael Owen who is so prone to injury joins MU. audie 61 has got it to a tee. similar to Anwar joining back UMNO.Everything is possible they say and do not write it off.

  4. Freedom says:

    “” It is also similar to saying Anwar is ready to join back UMNO….” “”

    Audie i bat my last cent that Anwar will not return to umno. neither i should say Umno will not accept Anwar back. not unless Najib is Out from UMNO, the whole UMNO will join PR

    Hik Hik HIk……

  5. joss says:

    if anwar is a football fan, which club will he support? maybe its MU or Liverpool? or maybe neither of these two clubs…

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