PRS 5 Solid Reasons for JE’s Fight..??


Joseph Entulu a loyalist to the core in days of engagement together with James Masing is about to go down the road where many before him have tried but failed. Never Ever fight the Hand that Feeds You or Bluntly Never Fight No.1

Will Entulu still stay on the sidelines and be a good “partner” in the cage after so many instances that has passed him by. Will he just listen to his inner voice and for once do something right not only to please himself  but also those who have a bone or two to pick on James Masing. This article continues:- Jeng! Jeng!  Jeng.! Jeng.! Jeng.!

Political leaders in Sarawak are smelling blood is about to be spilled from within the PRS camps. The HIDDEN HANDS as per our earlier article does not have much time on their hands and they are already in pursuit of  an earlier PRS  TDC.

 Informed sources close to James are thinking otherwise. PPP is a good example and they would not want to drag the Registrar of Societies breathing down their necks.The political masters are throwing down the gauntlet to Entulu this time not only with a secured full ministership but also with “Exclusive Perks”. Politics is after all a playground for the rich and powerful and Entulu will know that this must be/should be his TRUMP CARD.

They need me and lets make use of them to secure my stand and ultimatedly ” THE CHAIR ” will be mine and with it “POWER“.  Entulu knows also his political shelf life is fast approaching a DUE DATE. He seems to be able to muster the forces i.e the YBs and MPs on his side minus only 4 with James Masing.

This extract from our earlier article,” 

With positions comes power and it seems Entulu is very much in favour by the UMNO hierarchy and Sarawak BN top boys. He does speak his mind occassionally to a certain extreme but it augurs well for his political future. A PRS supreme council member when contacted tried to brush it under the carpet but the groundswell is gaining momentum with the December TDC lurking and its a chance for Entulu to step up and make his mark. Even A PBB YB was quick to point out that James has irked the top man and its time for him to take his ‘LEAVE OF ABSENCE

Aferall when Enulu made the statement on The infamous Dayaks issue, James gave his thinnest support by saying,”Entulu called me on the day of question and I can say its his personal opinion only.” Could this be the last straw for Entulu..? He has been ever so faithful to James and history has a way of coming back to haunt us as this phrase should never be ignored and used time and time again,”Who betrayed Caesar..?

Entulu will take into accounts some past engagements and he has served his time and is better prepared than mosts who have failed to challenge No.1. He will have to consider making some strategic decisions:-

  1.  He will fight now as he is being “looked after” by POWERFUL  HIDDEN HANDS.
  2.  The situation in PRS is favourable to him( YBs Majority) 
  3.  It is calm within PRS an opportune time to go for  the CHAIR. 
  4.  His aides and machais are supportive of the idea as the timing cannot be more perfect.
  5.  Entulu is afterall going for No.1 and not fighting outside intrusions on the party itself.(PBB/SUPP/SPDP will watch from sidelines this time)

 The political climate is ripe and its of equal importance that Entulu get his timing perfect to slaughter without moving an EYE LID. James knows the walls are closing on him too. Likewise ,he needs now to turn to his trusted lieutenants as his only trusted general was the late YB Dublin Unting. James on his part will have the Secretary General, Wanita Chief andYouth chief as his  they will have to come to terms with the onslaught of Entulu’s man if and when the crunch is banging on the doors. James needs now to upset the strategic plans put up by the spin doctors in Entulu’s camps.

This comes to mind that the person who was instrumental in seeing the defeat of No2 man Sng Chee Hua and his faction. He could once again be needed to brandish his sword to the necks of those who question the CHAIR of James Masing as President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

 This was 3 years ago on May 24th 2006 when the wheels of fortune turned against the appointed PRS officers and saw the crisis full blown. Dublin,Entulu,Mong,Sikie,Abit were the elected representatives in the Masings camp then but the lineups has changed dramatically with the inclusion of new YBs and MPs in Salang,Snowdon,Aaron,Masir,Nyallau,Mauh and Mussen.

Could this person in question be relied upon to assist James and do the housecleaning again? It’s a different ball game altogether with different personalities involved and indications are that James will not have it easy against Entulu. James might need to buy some time and solve it amicably by doing a Pakatan Unity Press Conference. This is the alternative way out.(Dispels and diversify all speculations that all is not well in PRS)

Wisdom and not force is a way to overcome this political intrique. James needs to embrace his No.2 with more economical benefits plus a lot more diplomacy. The negotiating table and do away with past misdeeds to the No.2 is just a mere formality. Nothing cannot be resolved but whether or not Entulu sees it as such is yet to be ascertained. We have said earlier to “Animosity is Incurable”. Its all up to Entulu to be trapped again in the cage.

We say as always,”Entulu has been bitten 5 times and he would not allow a 6th time.The Hidden Hands are really all out to ensure James will be cut to pieces this time round…Its James next move..!! 


Pakatan/BN “Failed Engagement”

Hype up it was. Everyone in every state from every corner of the street and villages/longhouses were talking about PAS/UMNO getting together in an engagement party. It was to lead to a Marriage of Convenience where many BN leaders are so fond of using this political term. Alas, the fear has been erased and it has brought many smiles back to mosts spindoctors/strategists. What if it has materialised?

This is the report from Malaysiakini Internet portal

Pakatan Rakyat leaders today took a uniform stand to reject the formation of a unity government with Umno or Barisan Nasional.


The PKR, DAP and PAS leaders reiterated their commitment to the opposition coalition with the aim of forming the federal government someday.

The joint statement was signed by Opposition Leader and PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“The Pakatan council of leaders has reaffirmed our rejection of the idea of forming a unity government with Umno/BN which is clearly a malicious and desperate attempt to compromise the integrity of the increasingly popular Pakatan Rakyat.

“Pakatan agrees to adopt an open approach and is willing to hold discussions with the leaders of BN on issues of national interests,” read the statement.

The statement dispelled rumours of a break-up in Pakatan over the issue of PAS and Umno holding unity talks.
We say as always,”Next–Manek Urai and Onwards to GE13…!!!!

“Animosity Is Incurable”



Heard of the phrase,”Wounds might heal but Scar remains..” Its exactly what has been happening especially at ground zero with regards to PRS infightings again. This time it does not involve the Sng factions but one of the two Joe’s. We have covered it earlier and it just goes to show that this time James will need all his knowhows to doublecheck his “BRUTUS”.

James as sources close to him told audie61 has bushed aside the spindoctors cooking up a new menu of “Divide and Rule” and has even compared it to Sabah CMs malicious rumour of BRAIN TUMOUR. If it is not true a political analyst who is ear of the one person in absolute power now says.”Let James put it to rests once and for all”.

We have the first hand information and we had this article a few days ago

Surely, we will not be the  first and the lasts as there are too many troubles brewing within PRS and the only reason its still intact is that Pehin Taib is  still the CM. Believe me,if the CM relinquishes his powers or if by God’s actions he is returned James will be just another forgotten YB and Minister. He has to make his choices now or else when the DEADLINE is in TOWN he will be out of town on his fastest horse.

His allies who have fought many battles with him are already pulling him around the neck but still he plays to the tune which he and only him listens. James must realise or else it will be just too late and even his fastest horse will not recognise him let alone have him on. If ANIMOSITY IS CURABLE in politics let me be the first to tests the new found medicine.! Even Tun Mahathir would love to try it as he would be the amongst the first to GET ONE over Lee Kuan Yew.

We say as always,”In the months ahead PRS will once again HOG the front pages of mosts main stream media. This could even outdo the Smoking Joe who fought in the thriller of Manila aginst Mohammad Ali…..

GE13 “699 Days and Counting..??”

Talks and speculations are rife that “The Feel Good factor” for the GE13 will coincide together with the Sarawak State elections. Sarawak’s state elections can be called anytime between now and the cutoff period which is 699 days.

The Art of Diversion practised by the BN government will be tested to the fullest and all other political strategies or ‘inAuspicious dates” being mentioned will be termed ‘Irrelevant”.What is relevant will be the day CHOSEN to fit the PM Najib and his counterparts to ensure a BN comfortable win.

Many factors are in place especially with BN having an IRON GRIP in Sarawak and Sabah and  development promises are being kept to ensure the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah are with the Federal government. PM Najib has urged his MPs and ADUNS in both states to “Walk their Talk

Its no use to complain but seemingly one does not perform. Audie61 has been harping on this subject on elected representatives not performing and even Anwar as opposition leader does not take too kindly on underperforming  YBs.(Penanti was a good example)

It clearly shows that the PM is clearly looking at a date which will catch the oppostion parties off guard and it only that FEEL GOOD FACTOR that will deter him from calling a GE13. Obviously there are certain skeletons hanging which needs to be addressed but its the general concensus which will determine whether he pushes for a FRESH MANDATE. Some political watchers are saying,”PM Najib is history as he always traces memories.”

One should remember though it is through history that we learn to LIVE TO FIGHT A GENUINE BATTLE.” The days of his late Father Tun Razak were different and the communications technology were/are not as advanced as todays. These days a touch of button will ensure that everyone is notified and both BN/Pakatan are only too aware.

The Unity talk of PAS/UMNO has captivated the online portal/smses/coffeehops but this is the diversionary techniques which the moles/spindoctors are capable of doing. Eventhough UMNO and BN knows that the people are not all with them but the BN Bastions are still the UNTOUCHABLES.

Don’t tell me for once that Pakatan will be able to wrestle these seats. The machinery/colour of money/moles are all deep rooted and only if and when the opposition can match 50% of its capabilities GE13 will still see BN stay in power.

The urban seats will obviously be the oppositions strongholds as the urban constituents will not waver with promises and they will vote with maturity as they will know who and which party can deliver and look after their interests. So Its not unusual to hear from Najib nor Anwar 1 year and a quarter after 308 that all YBs must perform and not take their positions lightly.

Obviously political parties on both sides of the divide are looking at PMs actions with genuine interests. They know he needs a Fresh Mandate and there are already speculations that July will be a very testing month for the Pakatan group. Anwars sodomy case is up for hearing and the Manek Urai by elections  also falls on this month.

 Sarawak is the trump card for PM and obviously 699 days away is not only just a number BUT something which will sway the FEEL GOOD FACTOR for GE13. PM has it close to his chests as he does his walkabouts in all the states to gauge the feelings himself.

So when DAP MP for Bandar Kuching  Chong Chieng Jen ruled out the possibility that a state elections would be called this year he must have done his homework and his mathematics. BN UMNO is not so particularly worried about the themselves but their coalition partners in SUPP,MCA,Gerakan and MIC. UMNO still has their strong supporters in certain states and they will not just disappear/whitewashed overnight.

The BN  partners are mostly urban based and these are concerns which will not be overcome overnight. Walking the Talks by the parties and their elected representatives are the fundamentals of the survival of the YBs. If they are too bigheaded and are just not bothered they will be sent home in GARBAGE/BODY BAGS. Enough Said……

We say as always,”Natasha got this from a BN YB,”Irrespectively whether you are opposition or ruling government it boilds down to WHAT AND HOW YOU CONDUCT YOUSELF .THE PEOPLE KNOW….

“Bloggers No need to Hide..!!!”

This article which appeared in an internet blog caught my interests. It seems today we at audie61 are having a day called,”browsing through the blogsphere” and our columnists are on the ground for the latest political stories.

We received a barrage of smses and phone calls when our article,” Trouble Brewing in PRS..??” Seems from our informed sources the President of PRS James Masing is aware of the breaking news and is doing his own investigation works. In other words he has been notified and briefed. 

We copy and paste  the article so that all Bloggers and intended ones needs to be aware of. “BLOGGERS HAVE NO RIGHT FOR PRIVACY”

The High Court in London has ruled that bloggers have no right to privacy under British law since blogging is essentially a public rather than a private activity. Skip related content


The case was brought by The Times newspaper after it discovered the identity of a blogger in the police service who wrote the popular NightJack web page, which was awarded the Orwell Prize for political writing in April.

The author, Richard Horton, a detective constable with Lancashire Constabulary, had sought an injunction to stop the paper from releasing his name but his application was denied.

It would seem to be quite legitimate for the public to be told who it was who was choosing to make, in some instances quite serious criticisms of police activities and, if it be the case, that frequent infringements of police discipline regulations were taking place, said Mr Justice Eady, The Times reports.

I do not accept that it is part of the courts function to protect police officers who are, or think they may be, acting in breach of police discipline regulations from coming to the attention of their superiors.

The NightJack blog was very popular with the reading public, getting up to half a million hits a week. Horton has now deleted the blog and received a written warning from his superiors.

The case will have a chilling effect on other workplace blogs, since the lack of any expectation of privacy will cause some to abandon their blogs.

Thousands of regular bloggers . . . would be horrified to think that the law would do nothing to protect their anonymity if someone carried out the necessary detective work and sought to unmask them, said Hugh Tomlinson, QC, for Mr Horton.

The police force has supplied a number of authors of popular blogs, so much so that the forces have intro duced guidelines on blogging aimed at limiting what can be said by officers on the beat.

We say as always,”Are we safe in Malaysia..?? We will only know in time wouldn’t we..??   

“Trouble Brewing In PRS..??”


Is it for Real..? It cannot be just so soon after the infighting which has decimated the party into half. The membership has since dwindled with at least 10000 members crossing over to the opposition parties in PKR and DAP. We have updates and the groundswell is that the No.2 Joseph Entulu has set his eyes on the No.1 Chair in Party Rakyat Sarawak(PRS)

What could have triggered this off? Has the Hidden Hands started pouring oil in the fire? Could the Puppet Masters have just attached another string at  Entulu’s back. It seems his financial backing and the number of YBs and MPs aligned to him far exceeds James Masings camp. Isn’t this the OPPORTUNE time for him to step up a notch higher?

Its afterall not uncommon for tussling of positions especially if it involves ex-PBDS members eventhough the new ship now is PRS. According to a PRS member he says,”It’s afterall a Chair only.They are buddies alright.”

With positions comes power and it seems Entulu is very much in favour by the UMNO hierarchy and Sarawak BN top boys. He does speak his mind occassionally to a certain extreme but it augurs well for his political future. A PRS supreme council member when contacted tried to brush it under the carpet but the groundswell is gaining momentum with the December TDC lurking and its a chance for Entulu to step up and make his mark. Even A PBB YB was quick to point out that James has irked the top man and its time for him to take his ‘LEAVE OF ABSENCE

Aferall when Enulu made the statement on The infamous Dayaks issue, James gave his thinnest support by saying,”Entulu called me on the day of question and I can say its his personal opinion only.” Could this be the last straw for Entulu..? He has been ever so faithful to James and history has a way of coming back to haunt us as this phrase should never be ignored and used time and time again,”Who betrayed Caesar..?

We have done our investigations and we would not just write this article if our sources within PRS does not give us the signals. Half truths first and it will seemingly rear its HEAD when the Puppet Masters and Hidden Hands have everything in place. James had fought many battles in and within the parties and could this be his Battle of Alamo..??

We say as always,”Surely someone must have already sparked it all off within the camps of PRS.Its difficult to keep everyone on a TIGHT LEASH…ROS might just have another field day soon… 

Please..It’s “Laughter in the Rain”

Its coffee time and in the group around lunchtime were some lawyers,senior journalists and political party boys. Wow! Sweeping statement by the deputy speaker Junaidi.No,no,no Could the Hansard lie..? Valid point .Taken and well received by the group. So, that means that the deputy speaker and Santubong MP is correct in his statement today,” I’m not apologising

He even insists that the remarks are facts and based on constructive criticism which we have said in our article yesterday

So isn’t this “laughter in the rain..?” The full version for your listening pleasure to ease the political tensions and stress.Hmmmm… 


Another remark which had some of us in deep discussion was a Malaysiakini report which had this ,” Sarawak PKR leader Augustine Liom wants Dayaks in Barisan Nasional (BN) to join Pakatan Rakyat to change the state government.” Either its another laughter in the rain or PKR Iban leaders have suddenly got the courage to speak up to start another,”Dayakism revival in a different platform” through PKR. 

He went on to say this,”“The Dayaks now need a national party as their political vehicle. Sarawak National Party is nominally alive. Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak is dead and gone. Malaysian Dayak Congress has not seen the light of the day.

anwar ibrahim 140509“What we need is a political vehicle, that is PKR, and we need Malays like Anwar Ibrahimright) to champion the Dayak cause, not Malays who will divide us or who will rob us of our NCR land.

“We place our trust in PKR and Anwar to champion the Dayak cause. This is a stark political reality we have to come to accept and to live with. There is now no alternative to that.”

Neil Sedaka says,” I call it laughter in the rain.” Can the Dayak leaders and political boys see this happening..?? Even Wan Azizah the PKR President has this to say,’“If we want to change Sarawak for the better, then it is now or never.” She could not be saying this is all “laughter in the rain could she..??

We say as always,”Sometimes singing a song or two will ease the  tensions that has descended upon the Political Landscape in Malaysia..Of course,you and i know politics is REAL and it cannot be laughter in the rain could it..??