“PRS/BN Is it for Real Part 2.Next Change.??”


Lets put it this way:- “A fire would not start without a light..Would it..?” The question on most political observers are,” Has James outlived his usage in the eyes of the BN super powers.? Every politician has his day and the major political players in Malaysia and Sarawak are using all “diplomatic” means and handing economic packages to adopt a new leader which in their eyes are acceptable to their agenda.

Its not so much that Entulu is agreeable to the postponing of the TDC as per advised but even he will be under tremendous pressure to exert the agenda of his political masters. He will surely use past experiences of  Anwars No2 challenging No.1 that failed and also Sng Chee Hua’s failed attempt and mission in ousting James to wriggle himself FREE. Only Entulu knows bests and the CLOCK is ticking says a very senior member of a political party.

The opposition Pakatan is practising and preaching CHANGES in all respects and BN needs a new man at the helm. Entulu is very much in favour by the UMNO and PBB top boys and he will eventually have to submit to the political masters and heavyweights. Of course,he can deny “a million and one times” but the FACT remains he is being PUSHED OR ELSE…..Need we spell it out..?  


James as per informed sources is a master tactician and as a veteran battle- scarred politician will know what to expect. Can he or will he be betrayed by one of his own and as loyal as Entulu..? 

There are no prisoners in this political manoevering and Entulu will need to use his so called “Experience and Know hows” says one of Entulu’s close  aide.  For now though, there are no such battle lines being drawn BUT what happens later is another matter altogether. Many are feeding audie61 columnists with sensational hearsays/half truths and we will obviously blog what we know as always.Obviously there are more to come………..

We say as always,”Will the FIRE be doused off completedly..Only James and Entulu will know..?

26 thoughts on ““PRS/BN Is it for Real Part 2.Next Change.??”

  1. Simple Truth says:

    Very true.No Political prisoners..entulu have to step up and be counted. Some say he has no GUTS and will not betray James. we shall see..

  2. Azahari says:

    I have met him a few times but still cannot see Entulu heading PRS.Could he prove me all wrong by winning the top posts one day.Hmmmm

  3. Devils advocate says:

    Entulu! Entulu! Entulu! Its now or never. Time is not on your side. The chair is waiting for you to fill up and send James home..

  4. INX says:

    PRS back in the news so soon after Batang Ai.?? Now i heard from people back home that Entulu is for real challenging James. Glad to have audie61 to follow. Keep it coming as PRS will pay for the demise of PBDS.

  5. mute says:

    Dun wori Joe u and Murugiah can start another party. Najib will be behind you.That is the bigger agenda. we know also MCA is slowly branching its wings as malaysianmirror and star is moving very fasts in Sarawak. Ha here is the news..!! PRS small only

  6. Bie See Khung says:

    Anthropology studies will give you an idea of human minds and their next moves. Certainly Masing knows the Dayak behaviour well and what it takes to survive in jungle full of predators. Kill or be killed. Every man or beast for himself.

  7. ursula says:

    Totally agree with Incredible hulk. Y should Entulu be afraid of him? BTW where is hostage88? Sleeping again?

  8. Kassim says:

    Being informed that there are a lot of movements and James is asking his trusted other person they call Mr.Tedewin to find out more. He is who ? Can someone tell us more?

  9. gringo says:

    Another interesting news coming out from PRS crisis it seems is SPDP! Heard anything PKR Sarawak boys? we in Sabah waiting to hear more.

  10. Unemployed says:

    This is new.market talk has Larry sng combining with snowdon,Entulu in one camp. This is engineered by the force. anyone anywhere can clarify? They also want to teach the young malay lawyer a lesson we heard. He better be in PBB or UMNO. Dun use this to divide the Ibans they say.Serious this!!!!

  11. Shane says:

    Confirmed Entulu is being asked by the Super Powers as word has it that James is double dealing. Time for BN to kill the enemies that has provided a very bad 308 outing. The Kinabalu/Hong kong and Bali meeting James. BN has not forgotten. Entulu is now being cleared to go for it. Young lawyer u better go before u are EXTINGUISHED.

  12. Xray ICE says:

    Cold isn’t it James? Even the YBs now are feeling that you have betrayed them as you close aides are working against BN. U can say so many hornbill stories but the fact remains your fren Brutus betrayed u.

  13. Baleh Rapids says:

    Now Baginda your close fren is waving towards u James. better hurry or else u are all alone. at least now u still got soldiers. Entulu will capitalise on this and now we hear he too is good fren with Aaron. PBDS foes now frens.. Project only right!!

  14. Shiro says:

    So CM Taib shaking tree theory really works and now Entulu needs to follow or else he will follow Abu Bakar or Adenan. Cold storage u know is very lonely Smoking joe

  15. MJ says:

    We pay tribute to Micheal Jackson on his passing today. Soon we will say byebye to which J..? James or Joe..Guess and flip a coin..

  16. Kieran says:

    The lawyer should go. Heard from frens that he was responsible for PRS first crisis. Now he wants to get rid of Joe Entulu. We get him out first.

  17. lynne says:

    James is my friend. I dont like Entulu .He is not worth to mention.if James has recommended Joe Salang that his James wise move.Well done!!

  18. azmi t says:

    Move on PRS.Get the house in order. PKR and Pakatan are after your seats and they will go all out to destabilise your party. James or Entulu no difference .

  19. Datin says:

    Larry is involved and we understand he is like a spoilt child and he told mummy and daddy that he wants to rid off James. He can be Entulu’s friend but not James. Can’t we see this. All those who are with Larry on this CLAP YOUR HANDS and I will give you some POCKET MONEY..

  20. Vince says:

    Sarawak update already gave us a true picture of James leadership. I do not need to elaborate but Entulu is no different. However lesser of the two evils Entulu is milder.

  21. Aristotle says:

    The wise one has spoken,” Entulu fight and get it or we get rid of you.” Simple and play by the rules.Maybe we will call him to the office next week.

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