PRS”Only A Pakatan PC will stop the Speculations and Rumours”


A seasoned politician used the termed,”Pokok-pokok sedang di goyang lagi di PRS” Its nothing dissimilar to tactics practised in PBB where the threats of Abu Bakar,Adenan Satem and Abang Johari are kept in checked and distilled clear by those aligned to CM Pehin Taib.

PRS needs to be checked further before its full blown like H1N1. Certain terms I used he said means that its for REAL . The Hidden Hands are really working overtime as informed sources close to audie61 mentioned. You honestly think they will just lie low when the “Blessings are already Given”. Najib is watching very closely on this latest development. Najib knows that this PRS illness dates back to PBDS days.

Its now that James needs to turn to his only one trusted young Malay Lawyer. No point in hiding him in the closet anymore. He is well informed of the groundswell and President James needs to listen and MANOEUVRE his closest aides now. Will James be safe by him or be abandon by him? There are no Permanent enemies in Politics and there is word that the only spin doctor in James camp is now already playing  DOUBLES.

PKR Sarawak are watching this development with interests. A further split in the ranks in PRS is like ‘Beethoven’s Fifth Symphonysays the divisional member of PKR. We don’t  think James is as brave as our Pakatan leaders in Anwar,Hadi and Kit Siang in facing the press headon and it is like a strong left and right uppercut on the face of UMNO/BN. Over to PRS and the leaders who needs to correct the under currents sweeping through the party now.

We say as always,”Yesterday was Today the ball is rolled over to James……

31 thoughts on “PRS”Only A Pakatan PC will stop the Speculations and Rumours”

  1. status quo says:

    Seems it getting tastier by the minute. Is it for Real James vs Entulu. Which hidden hand is cooking this article up?

  2. Lesley D says:

    Any name for the lawyer.can we know him? James must not trusts his own people then as he trusts a young malay lawyer. Is he handsome???

  3. yvonne s says:

    Why Pakatan is looking at this development ?We in PRS everything is well. Is it all cooked up by PKR Sarawak?

  4. queen bee says:

    Im flying above and cannot see any undercurrent in PRS.All is well and audie61 are u sure that you have been misinformed?

  5. audie61 says:

    For your information Hazel and queen bee audie61 we only blog what we know. We have our ethics as netcitizens that facts,statistics and figures never lie. Do we need to tell you how much is involved in pushing Entulu for the fight? Please another day another article. We check/cross checked and double checked before we posts any entry. Be rests assured that audie61 will remain a blog and do not take any sides be it Pakatan or BN.Our main aim is for the people,by the people with the people. We hit at YBs and Mps and political parties getting out of line be it from any political divide.

  6. maxim says:

    wah! audie61 marah kah?? Like your part on dont care who the YB and Mp and political parties are! So are you becoming like Blogger activists! Is there such a wrod must check my MANGlish first.Maybe DPM Muhyddin can help me afterall he is Minister of Education..

  7. Kassim says:

    Seems we have got audie61 up and furious.PRS is for Jame sand entulu who cares about the Hidden Hands. Could this be another Sng and Lawan work?

  8. Lion says:

    The tiger on the two hills are going after James. Watch it James. entulu is just buying time and everyone knows that. Dont tell me Entulu is not angry with james as Entulus name was not submitted for full ministership. James mentioned the other Joe .Is he not PISSED!!

  9. Shiro says:

    audie61 we support you. You have kept a balance report and has never stepped out of line. Keep up the good work.

  10. bryan says:

    We have followed audie61 for a year already and we find his articles well written and very informative. He gets your mind thinking and its up to the political strategists/thinkers/machais/boys to utilise them to the fullest. For sure we have benefited and have informed our YBs if they are not up to standard or mark.audie61 is providing a check for us. Well done!

  11. chloe says:

    Dun wori about other opinion seekers audie61. we are your followers in your blog and thanks for keeping us informed. Forget about Hazel or queen bee. Not worth too wori about.

  12. shaun jee says:

    Too many jealous monkeys and ungrateful souls around in this world. we as a group of college activists thank you audie61 for keeping us well informed of happenings in Sarawak our state and we dont like to see one of our own been run down. You have indeed been true to your blog and we hope you will continue to provide us with up to date stories on Sarawak politics.

  13. zainuddin says:

    Dont care about the rests audie61. continue to intrique and update us. Good work is all that i can say and thanks.

  14. Meligai keling says:

    Bro we support you come and enjoy once a while here. Only those who dun know you condone you. Happy and Lets have a beer sometime k.

  15. KJ says:

    Pokok-pokok sedang di goyang lagi di PRS. Is it going to be full blown . another deputy minister taking the plunge like Murugiah against Kayveas. Entulu must be supported by very powerful warlords.

  16. diana says:

    Interesting news in PRS! Seems audie61 is also being questioned? queen bee a little under neath the belt dont you think?

  17. queen mother bee says:

    What is this everyone hitting my daughter? She only asked whether audie61 is misinformed? Dont take it out on her now would you all? audie61 is after all a PRS member and maybe he is supporting one camp over the other. Could he be James or Entulu’s boy?

  18. audie61 says:

    queen mother bee Natasha here and please do not for once try to put audie as a pawn used by James or Entulu. He has stated in his reply to Hazel and your daughter. We blog only what we know for the people by the people with the people.

  19. hostage88 says:

    Audie, PKR looking at PRS with interest? If that is true, I think they must be joking with all the Clowns they have there. Mustafa must be blind and I really mean he is blind. With only a few weeks in Sarawak and relying on feedback from a womaniser who is here for around 5 months. I am quite sure DSAI and PKR Sarawak Committee must be dreaming of their prospect in any election, let alone benefit from any infighting in PRS.

  20. audie61 says:

    By Abdul Hakim Bujang
    A small bird called Sarawak Update saying that Joe Entulu has called James Masing, citing the noise are not more than Pakatan orchestrated “Pantomime”.
    Ironically, the small bird was defensive when asked why TDC had to be postponed to March/April.
    The small bird refused to acknowledged that Joe Entulu is actually buying time, stressing that Masing and PRS are tackling the situation.
    “They are investigating who is the hidden hand out to destabilise PRS,” the bird whistle…
    The bird said the problem was blown out of proportion by the Pakatan….

  21. Roland S says:

    Should we remind our dear friend Hostage88 that an enemy in the blanket is the worst one can have?

    What is he doing here questioning Audie and badmouthing PKR?

    Maybe Audie should forward his message to our PKR friends and let them know what he and his front-woman Lina Soo are up to?

    Audie must be congratulated for getting people jumping with a creative “Pakatan PC”. Lets drink to that tonight.

  22. hostage88 says:

    Maybe Audie should forward his message to our PKR friends and let them know what he and his front-woman Lina Soo are up to?

    Audie must be congratulated for getting people jumping with a creative “Pakatan PC”. Lets drink to that tonight.


    I stand by what I say, that PKR State Committee is a joke with clowns.

    The same message have been transmitted to PKR HQ in my personal capacity and supporter of PKR.

  23. hostage88 says:

    Should we remind our dear friend Hostage88 that an enemy in the blanket is the worst one can have?


    I have said the same thing to some PKR Leaders and will say it to you if we have the chance to meet one day. And I repeat I see clowns and not Politicians with Leadership calibre.

  24. hostage88 says:

    Queen Bee,

    I trust what Audie61 writes and trust his whisperer and judgement. Without disputing Audie’s fact that PKR is watching developments with interest, I also agree for simple reasons, many in PKR are from PRS. But my opinion on their need to be interested in developments in other Political parties differ and I have stated why.

    Go Audie, more to come. There is some developments with LS as well. You know more than I do.


  25. audie61 says:

    I do not want to be drawn into a battle of wits or it might just turn ugly and would like to thank all those who have given support. Some opinions differ and we take that. Anyway we would not let something irrelevant to knock us our stride.For the the people and with the people.

  26. Observer says:

    Lesley D Says:

    Any name for the lawyer.can we know him? James must not trusts his own people then as he trusts a young malay lawyer. Is he handsome???


    Is the young Malay lawyer Mr Azizi Morni? Maybe audie can enlighten us on this..

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