“Animosity Is Incurable”



Heard of the phrase,”Wounds might heal but Scar remains..” Its exactly what has been happening especially at ground zero with regards to PRS infightings again. This time it does not involve the Sng factions but one of the two Joe’s. We have covered it earlier and it just goes to show that this time James will need all his knowhows to doublecheck his “BRUTUS”.

James as sources close to him told audie61 has bushed aside the spindoctors cooking up a new menu of “Divide and Rule” and has even compared it to Sabah CMs malicious rumour of BRAIN TUMOUR. If it is not true a political analyst who is ear of the one person in absolute power now says.”Let James put it to rests once and for all”.

We have the first hand information and we had this article a few days ago

Surely, we will not be the  first and the lasts as there are too many troubles brewing within PRS and the only reason its still intact is that Pehin Taib is  still the CM. Believe me,if the CM relinquishes his powers or if by God’s actions he is returned James will be just another forgotten YB and Minister. He has to make his choices now or else when the DEADLINE is in TOWN he will be out of town on his fastest horse.

His allies who have fought many battles with him are already pulling him around the neck but still he plays to the tune which he and only him listens. James must realise or else it will be just too late and even his fastest horse will not recognise him let alone have him on. If ANIMOSITY IS CURABLE in politics let me be the first to tests the new found medicine.! Even Tun Mahathir would love to try it as he would be the amongst the first to GET ONE over Lee Kuan Yew.

We say as always,”In the months ahead PRS will once again HOG the front pages of mosts main stream media. This could even outdo the Smoking Joe who fought in the thriller of Manila aginst Mohammad Ali…..


13 thoughts on ““Animosity Is Incurable”

  1. grenadine says:

    So many stories cooking that James has said about JE and oil is being poured by Hidden hands and Entulu is really hot..

  2. Stephanie Kulai says:

    We know Joe . When he is mad he will go all out. Nothing can stop in his way.PBDS days he nearly got himself in many fist fights.

  3. vicky says:

    Its true. James man are already preparing for battle. heard that young Malay lawyer is going for Entulu to safeguard James. Joe needs to get rid of him or else he will suffer like Sng Chee Hua

  4. hakim says:


    it will spell job for Tedewin, ka ka ka ka ka. opportunity during crisis…. to quote a PKR leader, “ngigak pengidup”….


  5. trojan horse says:

    We should all be too familiar with James agenda! Help white hair to make more $$$$$$ only. As for President he is just a mere puppet hahaha

  6. ursula says:

    Seems that the malay lawyer is up to no good again with Tedewin. Wants to see the end of Entulu. Joe its high time you watch it.

  7. Lesley D says:

    This time its not a cooked up story by the spin masters. it has been brewing too long and its surfacing as james has not kept his part of the bargain acording to some SC members.

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