“Classifieds- Gawai Message from Joseph Entulu Belaun”

On this beautiful Sunday Morning as the dayaks get ready to celebrate the “Gawai DayaK’ celebrations with their loved ones,parents and families audie 61 would also like to take this opportunity to wish all their friends,supporters,allies,FELLOW SARAWAK BLOGGERS and audie61 staff  a very ‘Happy and Homely Gawai Dayak 2009”

Today in the Sundaypost on Page C12 of the Classifieds page Federal Deputy Minister of Rural Development and also PRS Deputy President has taken a full page and a Gawai Statement which is copied in FULL and is SELF EXPLANATORY. For those who do not subscribe to the English Sarawak Tabloid Borneo Posts this is the ACTUAL COPIED VERSION (word for word) where all details are as of the print classified page:-

To all my fellow Dayaks,

On the eve of our Gawai Dayak Day,may I wish all of you the warmest of regards and the happiest Gawai Dayak Celebration.This is also a very opportune and appropriate time to place in proper perspective the recent’Dayak controversy”

During my conversation (it was not even an interview)with one Bernama reporter and a few other reporters,I related the concern voiced by a Dayak leader(unanimously supported by all other Dayak leaders present)during a certain high-levle meeting(on other matters) in Kuala Lumpur.His concern was with regards to the use of the words”DAN LAIN-LAIN” in government forms(fpr jobs,scholarships,etc applications) to identitfy races other than Malays,Chinese and Indians. It was suggested that the racial identification using ‘DAN LAIN- LAIN” be dropped. I related to the reporters present thatt I agreed completely.In fact, I even called for the government to immediatedly drop such an identification and replace it with :Iban,Biadayuh and Orang Ulu” (for Sarawak’s purpose).

A Bernama reporter asked me why not replace with the word’DAYAKS” instead of Iban,Biadayuh and Orang Ulu.I replied by relating my interactions with our fellow Peninsular Malaysians. During my “perpaduan and integrasi” interactions with them throughout the length and breadth of Peninsular Malaysia, I was told of THEIR NEGATIVE PERCEPTION (NOT MINE, NOT MY LACK OF PRIDE) of the word “DAYAK”. They perceived Malaysian Dayaks to be like Dayaks that they know of in another country.

It was and is because of my pride and concern for my community that I, therefore, proposed the replacement with “Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu” – in GOVERNMENT FORMS ONLY. I never suggested or intimated in any way during the conversation that the “DAYAK” be dropped in any other context of usage. I even stressed that “DAYAK” must continue to be used for associations, politics and the like. The report in the Borneo Post on 11.05.09, purportedly obtained from Bernama, was erroneous. The Utusan Borneo report on the same date was correct.

Unfortunately, my fellow Dayaks chose to believe the report and insinuated that I am not proud to be a Dayak. Consequently, subsequent hightlights and comments focused on the wrong issues. The issue is not whether Dayaks are or should be proud of being Dayaks; we all are proud.

Is there any person in this world who is not proud of his own race?

Le us not get distracted from the real issues. The real issues (raised) are:

(i) Should we drop the words “DAN LAIN-LAIN” and replace them with “Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu (Or dayak; it is okay with me); and

(ii) How do we correct the misperception?

I would like to repeat my call to the Federal government to immediately identify us as Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu, boxed separately , and drop the identification as “DAN LAIN-LAIN”. I hope I will get a chorus of support and openly expressed.

To correct the misprception, I suggest the National Gawai Dayak be held and rotated annually in different state capitals in Peninsular Malaysia. I am sure, in due time, Dayaks in Malaysia will be perceived as we truly are: civilized, educated, dynamic, intelligent and diligent.

The 1st of June, 2009 is an auspicious day to begin our real Peninsular – and not lip-service ineffective – effort to correct the misperception.

Once again, Selamat Gawai Dayak, 2009.


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We say as always,”From all of us at audie 61 ‘Gayu guru,gerai nyamai” which is a greeting in Iban Language to wish each other long life,health and prosperity on Gawai Day. Happy Holidays to all ……..