“Saving Larry and Rayong..WHY NOT..??”

Any truth is this rumour circulating or has it been signed and sealed…?? We are talking about Larry Sng(Asst Minister in CM’s office incharge of planning)who is an ADUN for Pelagus in which PRS has lay claims to it. He has since been partyless after he was sacked from PRS. 

Meanwhile Rayong who stood as an independant but used the SNAP symbol has declared himself as a BN friendly YB. There has been indications from SUPP that he is a wanted man for SUPP. Afterall Engkilili was an SUPP seat before it was taken over by Dr.Rayong in the last state elections.

So is there a swap? Larry for SUPP while Rayong for PRS. Pelagus has a substantial number of Chinese voters and SUPP will be rests assured that this will be a safe seat for Larry. Morover his father is Sng Chee Hua while his father in law is none other than tycoon Ting Pek Kiing. It pays to have the right connection said a political analysts.

Engkillili is a rural based seat and Rayong on a PRS seat looks safer than to stand on an SUPP ticket. The followers in SUPP will not want to support someone who has fought the party through a bitter election campaign in the last elections. THE WOUNDS MIGHT HEALED BUT THE SCAR REMAINS..

We say as always,”Pehin Taib the CM is very clever  says a PBB Exco member and this might just be the tonic to see the end of problems for the BN Sarawak coalition. Saving Larry will be have politicians and party members asking WHY..?? For CM  it will be  WHY NOT…??