Anwar “PKR Sarawak disintegrating..H1N1??”

It’s on ‘Overdrive”. This were the words used by one of the movers of seeing a new political party In Sarawak to emerge. It seems that all these has and is vey well connected with The Surrendering of Anwar as the State PKR chief. Our earlier article covered

Even a Senior PKR member said that he has been told that such a plan has been making the rounds in the Sarawak political arena. If Thanenthirran  Hindraf national coordinator can form a new party Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia within a short notice after meeting the PM Najib there are no reasons to stop a New Sarawak Based Party. This new party will inevitably derail part of Anwars plans to get the dayaks on track to go against the BN government.

A veteran Bidayuh leader even said,”There are more problems in PKR Sarawak which spells doom for the ethnic origin members. There are no clear cut leaders who will be able to bring PKR to greater heights. Yes,Anwar is good at oratory skills but his action has brought more harm than good by appointing a much  junior EXCO member to sort out the problems faced by the Peninsular based party in Sarawak.

What if there is a new party inviting Sarawakians to join? Could this just be making up the numbers? In other democratic countries the mushrooming of new political parties are seen as a “Healthy sign for Democracy“.

Sarawak based parties will be seen as the the vital cog and a bargaining chip for either the BN or Pakatan in the tussle for WHO TAKES OVER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is happening and Najib being a military trained man knows too well of the advantages of controlling his array of allies and supporters. 

Anwar is seen doing housecleaning acts in PKR while Najib focusses more on long term achievements. Najib does not want to be embroiled in a war of words with Anwar as he knows too well the proverb,”A quiet dog has a more deadly bite”. He lets his close aides do the works for him while he goes about moving the country out of economic turmoil and breaking newer grounds in International relations.

The group of politicians who are very much part of Anwars vision for the future  of Sarawak has where it hurts Anwar mosts. Propaganda and rheotorics aside the worms in PKR Sarawak will eventually turned into more than positive for influenza A (H1N1). Something drastic needs to be done Anwar. Will it be a little too late..??

If PPP is being investigated by the ROS immediatedly by the PM there are even chances that Sarawak based parties will be given the chance for a breakthrough. These statement by Najib which appeared in Malaysiakini,””I will verify PPP’s status with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) first (before deciding on whether to attend the assembly.”

Its an all out action stance by PM Najib and he wants clear cut answers. He is not about to sweep things under the carpet.As long as the parties are not extreme in ideology there shouldn’t be any reason for ROS not to entertain the submission,registration and new existence of a new Political Sarawak entity. We shall see….

We say as always,”The movers and shakers of the New political identity will soon be making arrangements to file their party name and may even drop in at the PM’s door….Would we know..??

25 thoughts on “Anwar “PKR Sarawak disintegrating..H1N1??”

  1. phyllis says:

    Sept 16th failed and all others that Anwar advocates. What chances he has in wrestling sarawak? Absolutely none…

  2. zik says: party..I dont think UMNO will allow this..infact they will crush to pieces!!You must be alligned to Najib UMNO to form a new if Dayak want to have their own future..would alliance again and again and again with UMNO will serve that purpose..come on guys do not see the full extent of UMNO wrath yet like opposition parties in Semenanjung are now facing!

  3. zik says:

    What chance the North Vietnam had against the might of US army?It is not Anwar who going to win the war for is the Sarawakian themself..

  4. Friend says:

    Hi Zik, North Vietnam was supported by USSR & China to fight against US. Later on, US indirectly endorsed China’s attack against N. Vietnam. Now everyone are friends.

  5. bryan says:

    Zik nothing is impossible in politics. There must be a way to get registered. lets see what the SARAWAKIANS CAN DO..HMMM

  6. ALLIES says:

    Anwar is losing it . Too much concentration on the West. He forgets that Sarawak is a BN Bastion and he needs to make major inroads.

  7. Kieran says:

    Its another way for Najib to look into a more than friendly party that he will have control. No need to have UMNO in Sarawak but a major local player..Interesting..

  8. hostage88 says:

    Anwar have to give up. No one in PKR Sarawak have the caliber to lead except to bring out empty milo tins and make noise.

    Appointing a junior to take over his role means a lot if you look at the move deeper.

    PKR Sarawak have only themselves to blame. DAP included.

  9. zik says:

    Yes let see..hope you guys can beat Parti Sosialis Malaysia(PSM) record!!I mean dont have to wait that long like PSM..
    How many years to get formal registration from goverment??HMMMM..Anyway..good luck guys..

  10. adbdin says:

    We have been talking for so long about sarawak politic, before we do not have more chances to put more of our own views freely. Just base on news paper report and electronic media which is TV1 & TV2.

    But now we have more access to prevail the truth and many wrong doing and especially our own fault for not doing our own special right to vote.

    Suggestion to new politic party for Sarawak will come to end as what it use to be. Our own sarawak political party (Pembangkang)which is still exist now actually has done a good job. The problem is, rakyat never think or play their role to look for alternative to establish their existance.

    Sarawak has been through with political tsunami once by PBDS. But later on, due to lack of credibility to generate their own vision for the future of the people left all the agenda being push away by their own greed.

    Most of the independent party in sarawak loose it foot grip when comes to building up their own agendas. Because they did not too aggressive in sending the message for certain changes to what of their own parties are fighting for.

    As for the conclusion, we have the party but we need sarawakian to generate their will for the changes. The party itself cant do much if we ourselves denied their existance. We need more ADUN to neutralize the BN power in order to be heard. Forget about to turn over the power first of all. Build up strong credibility, established your agendas, make people to understand of your vision.

    This is the time to take action, because the people are more open to trade and willing to change.

  11. 迷你倉 says:

    In Hong KOng,the Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen has announced that all primary and lower-level schools will close for a fortnight.

    The decision for the two-week closure, effective from tomorrow, was made after a cluster of influenza-like cases at St Paul’s Convent School was found to be swine flu infections.

    The number of cases in the St Paul cluster was also raised to 12 from nine previously.

    Authorities were unable to identify the source of the infection, making it the first cluster of human swine flu cases in the city without a known link to those travelling overseas, prompting the closures.

    Primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be closed until the start of the next school year if they are unable to resume school before the end of the current school year on July 10.

    The Education Bureau has reached an understanding with principals that special arrangements will be made for Primary Five examinations, a key factor in getting into a good secondary school, if schools have to stay closed until the start of the new school year.

    The schools will be closed until June 25 and the bureau will confirm their reopening or announce changes in plans on June 23.


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