Constitution My,my,my”PRS now PPP…ROS Your Call…???”

It seems that what cannot happen can happen. Only in Malaysia the constitution is being bent according to the whims and fancies of the interested parties. One uses the constitution as a guide book and not as laws to govern and administer.Just leave it to the lawyers is the favourite phrase amongst Malaysians. Meanwhile Politicians will somehow find some LOOPHOLES and GO AROUND THE CONSTITUTION.  Malaysia BOLEH..!!!!

Don’t you know that laws are made by man and man can change it.?? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Murugiah in this extract from Malaysiakini says,””I was invited to attend the meeting, and thus I came… on the legal bits, I’ll leave it to the lawyers. ( More dirt would obviously be thrown out in the open)

Read more with what is happening to PPP here –Murugiah ‘ousts Kayveas as PPP chief and also what we have written earlier,”PRS TDC-A cloudy affair

It seems BN political parties have the upperhand when it comes to  the Constitution. Pakatan parties somehow does not or will not subscribe to this practise. Could I be wrong here..?? Is Pakatan watching closely on this PPP development with HAWKS EYES.??

We say as always,”Obviously the constitution of the party needs to be followed and adhered to or political parties will be just a LAUGHING STOCK. ROS(registrar of societies) is again called into action and they need to make the decision accordingly and appropriately. PPP needs to take a leaf from PRS on how to go round this CRISIS IN THE PARTY. Do they need a helping hand..hahaha??