Entulu,”Dayak is Here to Stay Lah”

One would have thought that this issue of the word ” DAYAK ” would have been put to rests. There was a lot of  uneasiness,names calling and a Supermarket lists for Entulu to take home to Selangau. Has he written his last wish as a MP for Selangau one even said? You could even hear people saying,”Ask him whether he himself is born and bred a  dayak.? Isn’t it also timely for Entulu to suggests it when the PM Najib advocates the 1 Malaysia concept.

We would have thought that this issue will eventually be forgotten. It all started on Sunday May 10th and two weeks later May 24th 2009 it is again getting Front Page coverage with 4 Prominent Dayaks Leaders being  interviewed amongst them PRS President James Masing.

Entulu said in  a telephone conversation that he has been misquoted and informed James. Sources close to the President has even heard that James is slowly ans surely been overlooked by the State top boys. Entulu is now more favoured and it seems the political sandiwara is about to begin again. THE WIND IS SWIRLING AGAIN TO DIVIDE THE DAYAKS.

Our earlier article,”BERI  MALU AJA ENTULU” received a huge boost in terms of readership and also comments. Many a times politicians can get away with their remarks and statements but SENSITIVE ISSUES are unlikely to be dealt with easily. Our earlier article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/beri-malu-aja-entulu/.

Todays English tabloids which has the bees buzzing in Kuching city and surely the whole of Sarawak is headlined,‘NOTHING WRONG WITH “DAYAK” Senior Dayak PBB leaders in Datuk Peter Minos, former State minister Dato Sri Celestine Ujang, PRS President Dato Sri James Masing and Patrick Rigep Nuek(author and expert in Bidayuh culture) were given prominence today and the following was what they said.

Minos said,”Dropping the term would be akin to ‘wiping the people off the face of the Earth” There are people who are in extintion because of the change to their name.And if htat is to happen to the term DAYAK all the indigenous people of Sarawak would be extinction.

Masing said,” The term used in this context is a generalised term that covers the three main non-Muslim Bumipetas-Iban,Bidayuh and orang Ulu. Dropping the tem will see the FRAGMENTATION of the indegineous people,and he is totally against the IDEA. IT will also disrupt the unity of the NATIVES.

Ujang said,”The term DAYAK has been widely accepted and established in this country.WHOEVER suggest that the it should be dropped must be CRAZY.The term is just a term and any connotations-negative or positive-are all in the mind.

Rigep said.”As a Bidayuh,if I were to say the term DAYAK was uncivilized,uncouth and low class,then I would be suffering from INFERIORITY COMPLEX . It shows I am not proud of who I am and what I represent.

To push the barrel of the gun down Entulu’s throat the Dayak leaders said,”it just goes to show that it’s not the term of reference or name that derogates a person but the person behind the name who either makes or breaks his reputation through word and deed.” Well,well ,Well Entulu what say you then..??? A politician hmmm…ARE YOU ALONE..???

We say as always,”Entulu get yourself out of this SPOT OF BOTHER!! Otherwise you can kiss your MP seat goodbye in the next GE..Believe ME for once……hik hik hik.

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