“Perak Chronicles..Wow! Just like that..!!”

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Zorro Unmasked a Peraknite and a fellow blogger must have been very hot under the collar. Phew! Phew! Goddamn!!Mosts people would have been especially those who wants to see justice done. But does those who are aligned to the ruling government do they care.?? No need for me to spell it out.. Have your say as Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked drums more support to injusticeness. Are you angered..??

I was telling a PKR divisional leader and also a State PKR Exco that ‘The judiciary in this country is not worth two cents let alone a cent. The politicians are more powerful than the judiciary unlike other countries where the judiciary are an independant entity. In Malaysia lawyers might just as well forget about their profession.

Clearly this was one of the many reasons why I turned my back on the Law Faculty. THANK THE GOOD LORD THAT I DID..or else today I would also face the Wrath and the ” Spit of the people”. Many other words which are not PUBLISHABLE  could be heard through the telephone calls made to the crew of audie61.

We say as always,”Its your turn now and express whatever you need to destress ..!!

3 thoughts on ““Perak Chronicles..Wow! Just like that..!!”

  1. Hamba says:

    What we have in Malaysia is the fossil of a long dead judiciary. Rejuvenating our existing justice system is akin to trying to create a living dinosaur from a fossilized bone…Impossible! What we can hope to do is start anew and that means the whole judiciary needs to be uprooted and planted new. Only those judges which has pass scrutiny maybe retained and new ones installed…The likes of Augustine Paul and Zaki Azmi are “monsantoed” lest they will contaminated the judiciary again. Correct! Correct! Correct? It will be ideal if UMNO is no longer in existence too…

  2. Dulani's Blood says:

    be carefull malaysian… we have judge that can turn shit into cake, this is a real magic….. wicked witch.. we need to put an angel now…. we are BULLIED!crap…crap…

  3. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    What we have in Malaysia is the manifestation of incompetence in the legal profession. Of all people the one who knows best and has exercised the law diligently in the Perak matter,is His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak. What he did was to exercise a discretion he is empowered to exercise in such situations by the constitution. His duty was not to exercise a populist but a practical discretion in the face of the facts.

    Perhaps its just as well you did not become a lawyer. At least to that extent you have done the world a favour.

    Malaysian lawyers and yes to a large extent its judiciary are of a standard that requires the government to intervene and change laws to allow foreign law firms of greater quality to compete against the closed shop of incompetence called the Malaysian Bar.

    Singapore for all its faults took on that challenge and they are the better for it.

    You may well do yourself some justice by reading NH Chans comments in a critique before hailing the man as the judge he claims to be. The truth is often stranger than fiction.


    Gopal Raj Kumar

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