The PRS boat has finally berth in the harbour. The stormy waters have finally calmed down.What remains now is to get the party through a proper TDC where all the positions in the party are properly elected or appointed be it the youth,wanita or the main body. Two rival factions were at odds with one another until the ROS ruled that James Masing is the rightful and legitimate Party president.

Even the ROS has also agreed to the change of party headquarters to James faction and thus the wrangling and bitter fight was call to an abrupt end. Most of the 19 divisional heads aligned to Larry Sng and their supporters made a beeline to join PKR and their membership were unanimously accepted. A former PRS appointed SC was quick to point out to me that what awaits now is PRS is to have a legitimate TDC. Why, one may ask..??

It seems that the original records that is the membership forms the hard copies and soft copies are not in the Pending Headquarters. There will be many questions asked and only a limited space and a very tricky path  for the PRS SC to step on.

It seems it will be another political decision with no respect or outwitting the constitution to ensure that the TDC can be held. We’ve heard it once to often and a political secretary to the CM said,”We will go round the constitution.” Familiar..?? Whims and Fancies..???

 Will the Registrar Of Societies(ROS) bow down to PRS once more.?? Its happened once too often and ROS will need to seriously look into this matter. All political parties need to follow the  party constituion or else it makes MOCKERY of the constitutional system of the country as well. 

ROS need not look further to make an example of the system or else it will always be classified as under the THUMB of the HOME MINISTRY with little or no powers to engage or maneuver.  PRS has to ask themselves the following questions in order to avoid the shortfalls which will land them in the trap doors of ROS again.

  • Will they be manipulation of names in the divisional and grassroots?
  • Will the lists be made up also to see that the TDC is held according to the constitution?
  • Who has the original lists?
  • How are the members in the divisional levels and SC going to be elected?
  • Will we see another party going through the motions without following the constitution? 
  • Will we see proper PRS AGMs conducted without the manipulations?
  • Where are the membership hard copies?
  • Will some who have paid and subsribed to life membership demand an updated membership lists and their status in the party?
  • Will PKR also query PRS (common enemy) query ROS on whether its a legitimate TDC conducted by PRS as and when its called.??

If there is another round of tussles for positions within the rank and files of PRS similar disagreements will surface. Its worth the effort to come clean for James Masing as the legitimate President and the only way is to conduct proper and thorough Annual General Meetings (AGMs) according to the party constituion and followed up with the TDC.

A lot of work needs to be done between now and the date of the TDC and the SG and his team of administrators needs to start the ball rolling. The first tasks is obviously the membership figures in the party as at the lasts count it was in the region of 38000. A substantial chunk of members have left for PKR and some has also called it a day in their political lifes.

Much still needs to be done to avoid another round of controversies. None of the SC members or the YBs within PRS are all followers to the teeth. Some are overly ambitious and would like to seek higher office. Our informed sources said that there will be some major tussling of positions and some YBs will be ousted to make way for the newer group. 

There are also HIDDEN HANDS at work in PRS to ensure that it toes the line within BN. Will PKR just let PRS go so easily as the everyone needs to follow the constitution especially for party posts and elections. 

We say as always,”Obviously the constitution of the party needs to be followed and adhered to or else the party will once again disintegrate. BN cannot afford anymore controversies within the coalition as it faces a common enemy in Pakatan.Will PRS be the catalyst of change for all political parties in Malaysia? ROS would be very happy…. 

“Perak Chronicles Worth Waiting..??”

It seems that Malaysia is holding its breadth for the legal battle between Nizar and Zambry which is largely seen by many as the final judicial attempt by either party to stamp their authority as the rightful and legitimate Perak menteri besar.

Will we know today..?Everything can be fast forwarded in Malaysia but in this case it might just take a few days to deliberate. Will the decision be worth waiting for..?? Malaysians throughout the country has accepted the fact that this legal battle is affecting the country as a whole in terms of economics and political stability.

We say as always,”Whatever decision is arrived at we hope that its for the better good of Perak State and Malaysia as a whole.Politicians from both sides have had their say and its TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS POLITICAL STANDOFF…