Anwar,”Is Sarawak Too Big for You..??”

There seems to be an under current or what we call” FIRE BRAINS” within the Sarawak State PKR hierarchy which is giving Anwar Ibrahim more headaches than he could anticipated. The English tabloids has a full coverage on ‘PKR YET TO AGREE ON MEMBERS OF STATE EXCO

Is Sarawak PKR so volatile that  Anwar himself is finding difficult to solve? Has the wound got in so deep that he needed a master healer in Mustapha Kamil from Perak and Vice President of PKR to assist him? Mustapha has a track record in solving the virtual impossibilities in a number of states and Anwar has full trusts in him to do just that. Could all these “FIRE BRAINS” be or is still being manipulated by the so called HIDDEN HANDS...? Our innsider source says that it is and we will not doubt that. Time and time again it has been proven to slice the watermelon nicely hmmmm…

audie61 made a few phone calls to PKR members in the state and one of the most obvious reasons for all these delay is :- ‘FINDING THE RIGHT FORMULA ”  Surely,the BN partners in the State are gleaming with delight and giving the thumbs up that they have managed to quell the threat from PKR tremendously by subduing ANWAR himself. This is indeed a big plus for BN in the state.

Could this be the strategy that PKR is using to bring all the BN partners in the NET? Anwar is a master tactician but he needs all his TEAM PLAYERS to be in  unison first before he can even have the slightest hope to make any further inroads( having more PKR ADUNS in the state).Anwar knows that the Chinese proverb would just assist him,”It would be impossible to expect the people to fight hard against the ENEMY  but to refrain from private feuds.”

 There are major obstacles in the face of adversity for PKR but knowing Anwar he knows that THE WORD IMPOSSIBILITY IS NOT A PART OF HIS DICTIONARY”  

Time is indeed very short now as the state will need to face the electorates very soon in the Sarawak State elections. He needs Mustapha to wield his MAGIC WAND and find the mosts amicable and acceptable solution. Primadonnas should be checked while internal bickering should be openly discussed to avoid the typical Hockien Chinese phrase” SIM SU” ( translated as Heart Problems) to emerge.

 The HIDDEN HANDS syndrome which plague the party before the Batang Ai elections should not be disregarded. Without keeping an eye over the shoulder the VIRUS will be BACK. Believe what I say HERE….as there are still gullible PKR members who will just fall SICK…(hik,hik,hik)

Anwar will do well to double, triple,quadruple check all his trusted lieutenants as even Ceasar was betrayed by Brutus. Be warned as BN will ultimately use all available resources to pin ANWAR and PKR SARAWAK down.

We say as always,”Sarawak PKR needs to clean its act fast.The longer it drags on the people in Sarawak will see this as another POLITICAL SANDIWARA..