Money,Money,Money-It’s A Rich Man’s World

What would we do for money..? Surely, the mosts obvious answer is that there is so much that I could do if only I have…….$$$$$$. We always measure success by the amount or large chunks of money in assets,properties,investments and hard solid cash.

The question on everyone’s lips this morning in Sarawak is not about money politics but football politics. If only Sarawak had the team of the 90’s in financial management this back page headlines would not have got me writing:- “CRISIS BIG EYE-OPENER: Alberts”. 

Was it necessary to spell it out in full by a Foreign Coach? This is indeed shameful for the State administrators. In the 90’s the team not only had the financial clout but also strong patriotic sense in the states football developments. We strive to be No.1 and when we are second bests we look for solutions.

This type of news hitting the shores of Sarawak when the (DUN)Dewan Undangan Negeri is in session is indeed not welcoming. PM Najibs team Manchester United  has just secured their 18th Championship. If MU was down in the dumps and facing all sorts of financial irregularities I’m pretty sure Najib would not even associate himself with MU. Success breeds Success and everyone wants to be associate with a WINNING ATTITUDE AND TEAM.

 My informed sources said that the State Government has and is looking into ways of solving this financial mess and predicament. The CM has also been been informed of the associations and players plight. He wants the TEAM IN THE STATE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION to think more like a Commercial identity and not to fall back on Government coffers when they hit  rocky and turbulent times. Its not a way to bail out as there are ways to generate income in football. One dont need an ADVERTISING GURU to teach you.

 audie61 was speaking to the journalist who interviewed the former Coach Alberts and this statement is indeed a sucker punch for the State Financial  Administrators,” Alberts said it was heartbreaking to see the Sarawak Team which he had tried to rebuild from scratch abandoned halfway due to lack of financial support. It was like building a house with the foundation already laid but then halfway you find out that there is no money to buy the BRICKS.

This is really SARCASM and the REAL TRUTH AND ITS A FACT..!! Are we not ashamed? Do we need Gill of MU to teach us to run our State association.? We need professional people and not people with the mentality that the GOVERNMENT WILL BAIL US OUT ATTITUDE.

Moreover, these which appeared in the local English daily,”Because of shortage of funds, FAS pays the players and coaches as and when it gets the money.It is learnt the players and coaches are owed for March and April but most of them had been paid in full for March except a few who only got half of their more than RM2,000 monthly salary.

The players and the three assistant coaches received their salaries for March a few days ago. The secretary of the association even said this,”said the team management was working hard to solve their problems and he thanked the government for being concerned about their plight.”

Do you know the answer? It’s Money,money,money but money does not make the world go round if the wrong people are in charge of it. They must be able to kickstart the whole machinery and ensure that it will generate more than what WAS LOANED OUT. The STATE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION needs to look into this fast or else it will be a major embarassment to the State Government. The State government is on good financial footing and where will they hide their FACES when they are questioned? 

We say as always,”Lets hope that this embarrassing situation will not just away like the wind…If MU is Champion for the 18th time Sarawak Football should rise from the ASHES..GET THE TEAM WORKING…