“Move It..??”

This quote by Dr.Chua Jui Meng former Health Minister when he was at the helm in his political career in MCA,”One is not a Politician if he KEEPS QUIET. If a Political party does not fight for its rights they will be bullied.” How many times have we heard it? This reminds me of the movie Madagascar “Escape to Africa 2 in which the Marty the Zebra said,”You guys keep the party going and Gloria the “Hippo”chipped in with ‘Get your groove on,Get your grooove on”

King Julian obviously rendered “I like to Move it ,Move it and when he asked for back up the whole team sang,”Move it” Them…Ummm Us like to Move it. 3,2,1 not bad eh..I like it. When Baginda Minda a former PRS Baleh Division Information Chief  tried to MOVE IT calling for Jabu to answer to Salcra and a few other irritations he was moved out they say or else James Masing had a lot more to answer than he had bargained for. Baginda also attacked CM in his interview in Malaysiakini and it left a bad taste in the mouth of these two veteran politicians in Sarawak.

Baginda’s timing was not perfect but it seems that what is happening now in Sabah and in Sarawak the politicians are becoming more vocal and daring. They are on the move and Moving it. Or are they? Could all these be part and parcel of the CHESS GAME?

ADUN Batu Kawa and MPP Chairman said it outright on April 21st that his council does not want to lose Matang Jaya or Batu Kawa under a proposed re-delineation exercise for Kuching City. Today the response from the Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s office(islamic Affairs) Daud Abdul Rahman gave assurance that the proposal for DBKU to take over Matang Jaya was still in the discussion.

Seems that Daud wanted DBKU to take over the area as it falls under his constituency and his voters would be better served under DBKU. Daud also said if the proposal is good then we owuld bring it to the cabinet for further discussion. Will this spark of a war of words between the two ADUNS? There are activities which will MOVE IT and before long whatever the SUPP legislator and YB says the economic factor will very much DEAL its HAND. This is politics and YB Tan has to voice his concerns first before the eventuality surfaces. HE has to MOVE IT or else the Voters in his area will MOVE HIM OUT in the next  State Elections.

Sabah..! LDP has Moved it or else they will not have gained the political mileage. This extracted article ,”Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has come to the defence of its president, Datuk VK Liew, who has been accused of picking a fight with the state government.

It is unfair to say that Datuk VK Liew is picking a fight with the state government. We are fighting for the government and we dare to tell the top leaders within the Barisan Nasional (BN) if we feel something is not right,” said LDP vice pre-sident Isaac Pang told reporters in Sandakan.
“We do not want the people lose hope and confidence in BN. We want them to trust and give more support to the BN leadership,” he added.
He said the LDP had been sincere in fighting for the benefit of the people for the past 20 years and being the oldest component member in the Sabah BN, it had not only tirelessly supported BN but also voiced its concern for the sake of the rakyat.

Didn’t LDP gained? Of course they did. If they had kept quiet they will not have SCORED A RESOUNDING SUCCESS.They were given the Deputy Chief Minister’s post after Chief Minister Musa Aman named state Youth and Sports Minister Peter Pang to the job in a minor Cabinet reshuffle. It does pay to make the correct political noises and if your hands are just tied behind your backs no one will know WHAT YOUR HAND SIGNALS ARE..??

 Its too late now  for PBRS,UPKO,MCA,Gerakan or PBS to make certain demands. Keeping quiet in politics is a MORTAL SIN. Political parties need to fight their own turf war and they need their soldiers to make the correct noises and their generals to MOVE IT.

Even the Pakatan coalition members also make their voices heard in their political struggles. It seems that most BN political are not making their right moves. Maybe they need King Julian to teach them a few tricks. We suggest that the Polticians take a couple of hours of their precious time and see the movie “Madagascar”. Its Cartoon but they may learn something here to assist them in their political careers. ARE THEY READY TO MOVE IT..???

We say as always,”Hope it doesnt get to QUIET in the WESTERN FRONT..!! There might just be some POLITICIANS who are going to MOVE IT…hik hik hik..