“Perak Comedy.. PLUS PLUS PLUS”


Perak Chronicles No.8.Comedy more like it.??

Ooooh Perak..!! I’ve given up hope says a Peraknite to Natasha of audie61 in a telephone conversation. Its not only a mockery but also a comedy and a political circus. Pakatan and UMNO  will keep on fighting to be the right claimant to administer and have overall control of the state.

 Its going nowhere eventhough the harbour can be seen from a distance. Both of the political parties are rocking the boats but the State suffers economically. Do you honestly think FOREIGN INVESTORS dare to invests in our Perak State..? Tell me,tell me would you dare .??

She even asked Natalie to refer and posts Tengku Razaleigh’s Statement ” Courts cannot solve Perak Crisis.” Herewith we copied and paste from the internet portal MalaysianInnsider.

The Perak crisis is a tragic comedy of errors and bad political judgement that reflects a failure of political leadership. As it continues to spin out of control, it damages our democratic system of governance.

For all intents and purposes, one of our most prosperous and developed states has been reduced to a failed state, with a possibly illegal state government in place. This is a condition that can propagate outwards to the rest of the country.

I stated at the beginning of this crisis that by our Constitution, a change of government can only be brought about by democratic means, which is to say, through the ballot box or through a formal vote of confidence in the elected Legislative Assembly.

These are the constitutionally mandated means by which the people decide on their government. Any other means of changing the government is unconstitutional and undemocratic, and subverts the basis upon which we are a civilised society.

We now have reason to fear the loss of the people’s confidence in the Constitution, in democracy  and in our constitutional monarchy.

Responsible political leadership must support rather than destroy the confidence of the people in these practices and institutions. In particular, powers reserved for the Legislative Assembly, which represents the sovereign will of the people, cannot be taken away under any circumstances by anyone.

This foundational constitutional principle has been affirmed by the Court. We are all sworn to uphold it. Those who do not understand or accept this principle have no place in government.

Some issues can be solved by a court of law, but the Perak crisis is not one of them. The back and forth events of the past week demonstrate this fact abundantly.

The Perak crisis cannot be solved by a decision of the Court because it is at heart a political rather than a constitutional problem. There is really no doubt about what the Constitution says.

What is now unclear as a result of an ugly series of manoeuvres is whether Perak has a legitimate government, and there is only one way to resolve that issue.

Perhaps our political leadership has not understood how important it is that the people’s voice must prevail, and be seen to prevail, in the choice of their government.

The only solution to the Perak crisis now is for the State Legislative Assembly to be dissolved and free and fair elections held. At this stage there is no other way to restore both public confidence and constitutional legality to the Perak state government, and by extension to our entire system of government.

Our survival as a democratic and constitutional monarchy depends on our acceptance of the judgment of the people as expressed in free and fair elections. Any attempt to circumvent that judgement betrays the basic principles and values upon which our nation and incidentally, UMNO itself, stand.

I appeal for wisdom and a broader concern for the wellbeing of our country.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Member of Parliament, Gua Musang

We say as always,”The only solution it seems is to “GO BACK TO GET A MANDATE FROM THE PEOPLE.” Politicians can fight in courts till the SUN SETS IN THE WEST but the REALITY remains…Perak is in a BLOODY POLITICAL MESS… 

2 thoughts on ““Perak Comedy.. PLUS PLUS PLUS”

  1. Dulani's Blood says:

    So shame for those leader who wanted to prolong this case, neutral minded person knows well who is the rightful MB and govt of Perak, simple… very simple… just look at the last GE majority and we know who must govern Perak… BN must not take for granted that people bow anything they create especially that those by crook… ‘50% correct is pass but 99.99% a truth is often a great lie’

  2. francis ngu says:

    A general elections has to be held soonest for Perak.

    I recently met an Australian-resident Malaysian friend from KL. I have not seen for some years. The first thing he greeted me was “Hey, what Malaysia laughing stock of the world man!”

    As oppositionist, loyal to DYMM Agong, I just had to bow my head low and silently. That sentiment may partly answer Audie’s question if investors will come to Perak and indeed Malaysia.

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