“Dayaks”-Uncouth,Uncivilised and “Low Class..??”

My better half WHO HAPPENS TO BE AND CERTAINLY IS A DAYAK LADY said to me she has received a number of smses on this subject played out by Joseph Entulu in Sibu during the weekend.  What is the BIG DEAL.??? The full report can be read HERE.

I was already reminded by a former Political Secretary to the CM that not to long ago audie61 did mention that all government forms should refer to the dayaks as ‘Ethnic OriginCan  we Change who we are BORN into the world as..??

 He is proud to be a dayak politician and he has no qualms if people in the Peninsula does not really appreciate the dayaks. The dayak politicians who represent their people should be fighting very hard for their own people as what was mentioned by Entulu.

The whole statement which is copied from the internet blog.” Entulu said he had heard of bitter experiences where Dayaks working in the peninsula were turned away when they wanted to invest in the Amanah Saham Nasional or when they applied for low-cost housing because some people there thought they were not bumiputra.

Honestly, the dayaks are actually well represented and many are Captains of Industry and many hold respectable government positions. My better half said,”Im born a dayak and why should I be ashamed of that.” Do I not agree..? I do not want to be dragged into a political fight with Entulu as this statement will certainly make him like a “SACRIFICIAL LAMB FOR SLAUGHTER”   Knowing Entulu he always get himself in some sort of a bother but he must have own reasons to put his foot in the mouth.

I’m sure the dayak bloggers will have a field day on this subject. I can only say so much as deep down I am also not of a PURE BREED ENTITY. But does it matter in this day and age..?? Im sure as as my Emeritus  Professor friend said his English friend told him,” MALAYSIANS SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT RACE ANYMORE WE FINISHED OUR 100 METRES RACE LONG TIME AGO.”

Hahaha British wittyness and telling us that we should be above the race factor.This is the fact and even if we go overseas we dont say we are Sarawak Dayak, Sabah Kadazan or Sarawak Melanau but MALAYSIANS.

Even in the eighties when I was studying in England they used to ask me,Where are you from..?” Proudly I said Malaysia and I am Malaysian. Did anyone of you say you are Kedahnite,Johorean or Penangnite..?? Pretty sure,you  said Malaysian. Did you not…???

I am rather Curious yet Confused  as whether Entulu is in Tandem with his boss the PM in his concept of 1Malaysia. Just trying to prick the balloon hmmmm… You will have to read more dayak bloggers site to find out. I would have to leave this subject to the dayaks to sort it out themselves or they will term me as an “OUTSIDER” What do you know about us dayaks.tsk,tsk,tsk.?

We say as always,”Entulu has every right to mention to his own race and they might just agree or brush it just as another POLITICAL SPEECH..Have your own say on this subject here..

32 thoughts on ““Dayaks”-Uncouth,Uncivilised and “Low Class..??”

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  2. phyllis says:

    Half past six MPs like Entulu should be on the way out after this. Why dont talk about economics to the dayaks instead of this very sensitive issue. Gone with the WIND in the next GE.

  3. sarawakian says:

    Im proud to be a dayak and why should Entulu not be? Dont use the race to fight for his cause. He is unfit to be an MP. PRS do something..

  4. Alem says:

    There goes another BN seat in the next GE. Dayaks seems to be pretty mad about what is being said in Sibu. Is he trying to ruffle up the government to push for his own AGENDA.

  5. Chai Swee says:

    What is Entulu doing? He has open a whole Pandora Box. My wife is also dayak. Should I be ashamed to marry her? Come on Entulu this is a modern era and as audie61 puts it the whole race issue should long be dead and buried.

  6. Dayak Philosophy says:

    Dayaks can fend for themselves. If we run into problems our dayak YBs should help us. We knwo that they can write letters of support so whats the big deal Entulu? You help your people and dont blame others.

  7. zainuddin says:

    Vote for PKR and then we wont have our YBs talk like this. Too long already and becoming stale and useless.

  8. young one says:

    Wah! I saw it in the main stream media. Really uncalled for by this MP. Who is he to bring it out? Aiya ,wrong move lah should bring it out in Parliament or the cabinet meeting and what is SDNU? No wonder they call him “power drunk” already. Has Gawai come too soon?

  9. Chiew M says:

    Time for a change Najib of your cabinet ministers. People like this will bring you down. Believe me and Mahathir would also agree.

  10. Olivia says:

    PRS should be condemned with their recent statements viz Masings “Dayak Lack Smartness” and now Entulu’s statement implying that Dayak is low class.

  11. gasonme says:

    I agree with Olivia.It seems that PRS has been making the wrong noises all this while. Should just throw them out of BN. Maybe they need to stay independant and taste the medicine like SAPP.

  12. rina says:

    When Harris Salleh in Sabah tried to implement “Pribumi” in Sabah there was a backlash.. Entulu you better be ready to face your moment .

  13. buang sial says:

    My friend told me that this must be Entulus Wikipedia and we should call it Entulupeida. He alone can only come out with this suggestion. Sorry for the man. wrong avenue lah!

  14. shaun jee says:

    I feel so sorry for my dayak bros. Seems that their MPS always just simply open their mouths without checking facts. Typical longhouse politics doesnt work throughout Sarawak. He is making a fool of all my dayak friends.

  15. tunabdulrazak says:

    i AM GLAD THAT Entulu is not our Christian Leader, otherwise he would have asked us to discard Christianity, rather than to fight to allow us to utter Allah.

  16. Dulani's Blood says:

    old timer thinking entulu! whatever the name may be it will never change the dayaks, what to be proud of others perception (only)shall you have a new name? it never change the actual you! to get rid of the name ‘dayak’ is not the matter, entulu shud get rid of the error and weaknesess in educating dayaks, the limited development/facilities flows into their vicinty, limited opportunity, lack of initiative and support, limited exposure, etc..

  17. Sarawakian says:

    This is yet another ploy by the ‘white haired one’ to divide and rule….. this time it’s Entulu, one of his many monkeys to try divide the rising unity of Dayaks against BN.

    Lame lah, thinking that just because we refer to different races in S’wak as Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Kayan etc and not as Dayaks or Orang Ulu etc it will be more difficult to unite these races against BN.

    The so called report apparently not by PKR about change in their S’wak strategy of having leaders from different community is related to this Entulu BS perhaps?

    Shows how desperate S’wak BN is getting don’t you think?

  18. Sarawakian says:

    Further to earlier comments by me, the policy of divide and rule is getting rather stale..i.e. dividing people on racial grounds.

    Taib, it won’t take attention away from the fact that all communities in Sarawak are suffering economically with elite classes ever getting richer! Like you, your families and cronies…

    In the near future, the ‘divide and rule’ you shall see will be on the lines between “the elites and the rest of us”..

    Power to the people!

  19. Eusop says:

    Joe Ulu: Sick of this Lain-lain for Dayak
    Rajah Uban: Easier to fill form lah
    Joe Ulu: Just put more columns
    Rajah Uban: How many?
    Joe Ulu: 27 Dayak tribes, put it 30 lah
    Rajah Uban: RM30m and drop Dayak, enough OK?
    Joe Ulu: Projects? OK OK OK!
    Rajah Uban: Good good good!

  20. dee says:

    Joseph Entulu may be right to be irked by the ignorance of West Malaysians. Currently working in KL for what is my fifth year after a stint of four years at the southern state, I can understand how he feels. However, to counter such ignorance with changing our race name wouldn’t work anyhow. It just show that we are not comfortable in our own skin a.k.a. lack self esteem.

    The best way to counter this will be thru education. Although… it doesn’t seem to be that effective what with this stupid incident coming to light.

    I’ve heard quite a bit of this kind of stories and stupidity having spend almost 9 years in West Malaysia.

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