“Dayaks”-Uncouth,Uncivilised and “Low Class..??”

My better half WHO HAPPENS TO BE AND CERTAINLY IS A DAYAK LADY said to me she has received a number of smses on this subject played out by Joseph Entulu in Sibu during the weekend.  What is the BIG DEAL.??? The full report can be read HERE.

I was already reminded by a former Political Secretary to the CM that not to long ago audie61 did mention that all government forms should refer to the dayaks as ‘Ethnic OriginCan  we Change who we are BORN into the world as..??

 He is proud to be a dayak politician and he has no qualms if people in the Peninsula does not really appreciate the dayaks. The dayak politicians who represent their people should be fighting very hard for their own people as what was mentioned by Entulu.

The whole statement which is copied from the internet blog.” Entulu said he had heard of bitter experiences where Dayaks working in the peninsula were turned away when they wanted to invest in the Amanah Saham Nasional or when they applied for low-cost housing because some people there thought they were not bumiputra.

Honestly, the dayaks are actually well represented and many are Captains of Industry and many hold respectable government positions. My better half said,”Im born a dayak and why should I be ashamed of that.” Do I not agree..? I do not want to be dragged into a political fight with Entulu as this statement will certainly make him like a “SACRIFICIAL LAMB FOR SLAUGHTER”   Knowing Entulu he always get himself in some sort of a bother but he must have own reasons to put his foot in the mouth.

I’m sure the dayak bloggers will have a field day on this subject. I can only say so much as deep down I am also not of a PURE BREED ENTITY. But does it matter in this day and age..?? Im sure as as my Emeritus  Professor friend said his English friend told him,” MALAYSIANS SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT RACE ANYMORE WE FINISHED OUR 100 METRES RACE LONG TIME AGO.”

Hahaha British wittyness and telling us that we should be above the race factor.This is the fact and even if we go overseas we dont say we are Sarawak Dayak, Sabah Kadazan or Sarawak Melanau but MALAYSIANS.

Even in the eighties when I was studying in England they used to ask me,Where are you from..?” Proudly I said Malaysia and I am Malaysian. Did anyone of you say you are Kedahnite,Johorean or Penangnite..?? Pretty sure,you  said Malaysian. Did you not…???

I am rather Curious yet Confused  as whether Entulu is in Tandem with his boss the PM in his concept of 1Malaysia. Just trying to prick the balloon hmmmm… You will have to read more dayak bloggers site to find out. I would have to leave this subject to the dayaks to sort it out themselves or they will term me as an “OUTSIDER” What do you know about us dayaks.tsk,tsk,tsk.?

We say as always,”Entulu has every right to mention to his own race and they might just agree or brush it just as another POLITICAL SPEECH..Have your own say on this subject here..