“ISA Releases..FREEDOM..??”

Call it timely or is it an engineered move by the ruling government.? Nevertheless the opposition front will say,”Its done as a Cover up to Perak Assembly Chaos..!!” Damage Control and it will show to the world and Malaysians that BN are taking steps to stop the bitterness of the people towards the ruling coalition. On the ground zero level BNs popularity is facing a battering of some sort and it needs to boost its deteriorating image.

‘Freedom for ISA Detainees” is the headlines for major newspapaers around the country. 13 Internal Security Act detainees including Hindraf leaders P.Uthayakumar,M.Manoharan and K.Vasantha will be released. The Home Minister Hishamuddin said,”They are no longer a threat to the Country” Moreover all the 69 people arrested in the gathering in front of the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building has been freed on bail.”

PM Najib says also the move to release the ISA detainees shows that the claims by opposition parties that we are practising  repressive policies and trying to suppress personal freedom is baseless. I want to show that the government is acting based on the principles of justice and fainess and respect for law and civil liberties.”

Of course the opposition will always find fault with the government. We know for every action there is a counter reaction. Its not unusual and now the ball is thrown back to the oppositions courtyard. Certainly the people who fronted the ISA releases would say,”If we had not made such an outcry and the propaganda that follows the ruling government would not have bowed down to the requests. Fair enough and its a check and balancing act for both BN and Pakatan coalitions. This issue of ISA is not only detested by one side of the political divide but by BOTH.

Steps are being taken to stop using the draconian act and it was supposedly used for ‘TERRORISTS and THOSE WHO ARE REALLY A THREAT TO THE COUNTRY.” Could the legislators in Parliament discuss this further and come up with a more acceptable “ISA ACT” .The brains are available in Parliament and its high time the PARLIAMENTARIANS THINK for the countrys economic survival and stop all this nonsensical politiking.

Whoever has been given the mandate to rule at a GE should be given the chance to rule and if they are not up to it the PEOPLE will change them. Don’t worry the PEOPLE are POLITICALLY MATURED and they know where the X should be.

We say as always,”The CANDLES  have been burnt and the STREET protests has all shown results and its TIME to move on and ensure now that the COUNTRY will ride through the economical STORM facing the whole world.