“Perak Chronicles No 7..???”

Oooh Perak.!! What more can we say? It has happened today and Malaysians all over the country were busy finding out through phone calls or smses. Those who were there witnessed all the proceedings and broadcast it all out as events unfolded in front of their very eyes.

audie61 crew received a lot of smses today and we replied them accordingly with ‘More to Come” Now the hot item on everyones lips is none other than,”Already belum solve dua (2)MB case,Sekarang pun ada dua(2) Speaker”

We can’t be writing about Chronicles No 7 as nothing has been accomplished just yet. So what exactly will No.7 be? Its going to be really good and as every story goes the writer will take over and fill you all in. Give me a clue says a political observer. Can I? Could you? Will you?

Perak is already being watched closely by the international community at large.Investors are watching by the sidelines as they will not want to be riding the WRONG WIND. Its not the magic carpet of Aladdin as Perak is more like the Chronicles of Narnia. The Solution………………

Simple and its BACK TO THE PEOPLE. Chronicles No.5 we said ‘FRESH POLLS” but can it be very near? It’s up to the 28 BN Legislators,3 BN friendly and 28 Pakatan legislators to find a way. The people of Perak must be screaming at their top of their voices,”ENOUGH as we have given the Mandate” Believe me, there has been too much politiking and its high time this is PUT TO A FULL STOP.

Most blogs are having their say on Perak and for us its simple,”Lets go for Chronicles No7″ Find a solution to the problems and as we say,”WHOEVER DARES WILL COME OUT ON TOP” There is never a 100% that the legislators will be voted by the people again if they are not the peoples choice. Will another state election in Perak solve all these? We are not trying to act stupid but can another ELECTION be good enough…? Aren’t you all a bit CHEESED OFF..??

We say as always,”The answer lies in the maturity of all the 59 assemblyman in the Perak State assembly and they alone can only SOLVE THIS PROBLEM  and no one ELSE…