PKR Stampin Chairman Aye to Batu Kawa N13


PKR and DAP Sarawak will both be very keen to present a credible contest and a UNITED CANDIDATE to challenge the incumbent YB Tan Joo Phoi (BN-SUPP) in the upcoming State elctions scheduled for 2011.

In the last state elections PKR fielded a businessman Wong Huan Yu but he lost by a 4,180-vote majority in a straight fight against the BN candidate Tan. Recently DAP state secretary Chong Chieng Jen has put the “cat amongst the pigeons” by saying that the party had a better chance to win the seat.

A PKR divisional member said this was expressed during the time both the YBS did not see eye to eye. The political scenario has somewhat changed and at the helm as Sarawak Chief  is now Anwar Ibrahim. PKR has grown from strength to strength and the Opposition parties will not be dragged into another worthless battle amongst themeselves.

The common FOE is BN and we will use all our energy,resources,political awareness and man power against them. Of course one must know that Anwar will use his political acumen and wisdom for the benefit of a UNITED OPPOSITION.

Audie61 made a telephone call to the Chairman of PKR Stampin See Chee How on this subject. Without hesitation he said,”Aye, If the party and the opposition partners have the full trusts in me I will of course be working extremely hard to ensure the seat will be PKR’s. Anyway I have been working hard as a TEAM player in this constituency and if the party feels that there is a winnable candidate I will be behind the party.

We are all politically matured now and I am a Party man and I will not go against the wishes of the party. For now though I have to say to you,” I am eyeing this seat unless an alternative is presented to me.

The past is already DEAD AND BURIED and we are not and will not be at loggerheads with fellow opposition and Pakatan Rakyat partner Democratic Action Party (DAP) which has also expressed intention to contest in the seat.


A former SUPP Councillor and a staunch supporter of YB Tan in a telephone conversation also says they will be ready and will go through the democratic election process. He says,”YB Tan is a good party man and he is seen to be working for the rakyat and the constituency all the time.”

SUPP will obviously be challenged by PKR or DAP or any other independant candidates but YB Tan’s track record is exemplanary. Of course its the peoples choice but they will know that the YB is a worker and that plus many other attributes  justifies his reelection. We are working hard to ensure that BN SUPP will maintain its stranglehold on N13 Batu Kawa.

Batu Kawa constituency N13 (16237) a semi urban seat has a mixed racial distribution. Chinese forms half of the electorate while the remaining half comprises Malay, Iban and Bidayuh.

Will PKRs See Chee How early AYE be seen as ‘Early Bird catches the worms” . It will also be good for the Opposition parties putting early claims to the 71 seats available to avoid controversies later. The next state elections is no more than a BLINK AWAY.

We say as always,”It will be interesting times ahead for Sarawak as political parties make a  BEE LINE to field in their candidates.