What has these three parties have common in Sarawak at the moment? It is stones been thrown from outside to the houses to ensure that it breaks into pieces. But one would say PKR is a bigger party than PRS and PBB who are both Sarawak based parties. We are not talking about PKR nationally but more of PKR Sarawak itself. Draw that line please now….  

PRS it seems to be threading on thin sheets of ice eventhough the President publicly thinks otherwise. He has managed to control the mouth pieces of PRS and only ensure that statements are media friendly. From informed sources within the party it doesn’t seem all is well within the party.

Some  said can they get YB Snowdon,YB Masir,YB Nyallau or YB Mussen to raise their right hands and swear allegiance to James Masing in public as the President in totality and whatever it is will stand toe and nail with him. But we know YB Mong will do that.?  

As YBs and assemblyman on PRS tickets they have been instructed to be the check and balance for PRS. YB Salang and YB Aaron seems caught up in representing their constituencies more and less of the party. YB Entulu ,John Sikie and Joseph Mauh are more centralised together towards more of their rural based areas in the Bintulu and Central region. There is also an undercurrent saying that the CM Taib is more in favour of Entulu now than James. How true..?? Lest we know the better…..hmmm

Obviously the towkays “hidden hands” have been gotten rid so says Borneo-Warrior who is very much the voice of the President in the blogs at the moment. The author in his latest posting has said,”Where to PRS..??” He was talking also about Larry Sng being dropped from CMs lists in the reshuffle.

There might be additions in Assistant Ministers but dropped we shall see..Are we convinced just yet..? This statement,”PRS is also proud to claim that the Party is now the only Dayak based in Sarawak that is “free” from any tangibles from “towkays” that has always been seen as inherents in any Dayak based thus far.”

So we are saying ,”Dayak Communal Party Only“..Change the constitution and get rid of also the Malays and Chinese members in the party.Try it ! Why not! Do it! Why Wait…??? 

We should know where the GOLDEN POT OF HONEY is and one should not meddle and get our hands burnt. Didn’t the writer bargained for more than he can take? Even broken shield blog is doubling up and the blog article does not lie. Check it out the latest article HERE.

Im sure the writer would not have the courage to play this up if he had not seek opinions from the source within PRS,” Lucky for Masing, one of his men who had business contracts, had to come up with over RM500,000 to help finance the election.

A PRS supreme council member, Tedewin Ngumbang admitted that PRS and members toiled hard to look for money to help finance the election. He confirmed no financial assistance coming from PBB and other BN parties.

Are we expecting the unexpected from PRS? Try to convince PBB and the odds are that they are not particularly bothered. They hold 36 state seats with springkling of others divided in the other 3 BN parties.

But all is not well too in PBB. Seems that there will be scrambling for positions now as the party gets ready for its TDC this year. CM is keen to elevate his son Sulaiman into the MKT as a Vice President or even to a higher level. Where does this leave the new and aspiring members and YBs in PBB? According to our sources this has already been spelt out to some PBB YBs.

There are one or two approaches from UMNO to PBB Sarawak YBs on the possibilties of heading UMNO Penaja. We couldn’t have  or would certainly not be in the position to hype this up could we..? So is Najib looking into the bigger picture of making sure he stays on in the helm for many more years as it seems Sabah UMNO is not to be taken too lightly.

 71 UMNO Sarawak divisions supporting Najib isn’t that assured power. You tell me then….Wouldn’t  Sulaiman be the man to hold the cards for Najib. There are certainly over 100,000 protem UMNO members already signed up. Are the stones thrown into the PBB house now at the time when the CM is facing his toughest time yet with the passing of his greatest supporter(the late Datin Sri Laila)..?

As for PKR Sarawak the sms which we received that “Anwar has rejected YB Ngs resignation.”It just shows that YB Ng has used his position as the first elected PKR assemblyman in the party to his advantage. Ng has been seen as the man responsible for so many upheavels within the ranks in PKR Sarawak and also against the Pakatan partners.

He even dismissed the PKR Sarawak SG when many thought that the former SG has done a reasonably good enough job. The Malays inside PKR then were very unhappy. Should they be..???

It took a PKR strategists from Sarawak a lot of effort to resolve the disputes within. The road which many parties have fallen into breaking the GLASS HOUSE was inevitable. True to his words he said to audie61,”We are a TEAM and only as a TEAM  can we defeat our opponents.”

Ng took a step back and hopefully he will will also follow the  ‘ BIRDS FORMATION THEORY ” which is masterfully practised in many Big corporations around the world. Many aspire to do just that but it needs more than effort to see it through. Will Anwars Wisdom in doing the checking and balancing ACT be good for PKR Sarawak?

Even Adit has a role in this new team. Not only as a main player but also to score some goals for PKR says the strategists. Bawin could just be the midfield player that strings the passes through the Dayak hinterland where Adit will even benefit more. The PRS ex members who joined needs to know that this is ‘NEW POLITICS” and not what they have been used too.

Do I need to tell them here says the strategists? Don’t think for a moment that PKR as a Party can be overly successful  in 10years whereas UMNO has over 50 years history. You tell me,tell me,tell me..? Where are the stones at PKR Sarawak hurled from? Am I correct,correct,correct..?? 

We say as always,” The Stones which are hurled towards the Glass Houses are becoming more frequent now as WHEN it breaks the Opportunities it presents CUTS A NEW POWER GAME IN SARAWAK. Agree…???