“N12 Penanti..??”

It was supposed to be announced this Friday but SPR has decided to make a statement on Monday 27th april 2009 on N12. This by election is called as  Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin former Deputy CM resigned due to personal grounds. He is currently being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for alleged abuse of power.

We shall wait for the outcome of the official announcement on Monday. Both sides of the political divide has made their voices heard and its up to those who has an eye as a Legislator to represent the constituency of N12 to come forward. Will we see another Bukit Selambau lists of candidates..??The choice and the X will be up to the 15421 voters.

 We say as always,”Election fever in N12 will start cooking up if SPR sees a NEED TO CALL FOR A BY-Election.We shall never know will we, what happens next..??


“What’s cooking Malaysia..?”

These three inescapable topics have made Malaysians wake up at the breakfast tables talking and its carried with its rounds till dinner. Firstly,Tun Mahathir has come out with guns blazing.Secondly,speculations that MACC probing the CM Minister of Malacca and thirdly the MB of Terengganu fighting for his dear life as pressure piles on him to step down.

Wow! Isn’t this all very sudden? Two State CEO’s under attack and all the chilli padi’s put into the pot to cook up the soup. It seems that former PM Mahathir is holding on to the LADLE ( a large soup spoon) and turning it round to suit his political revenge after 5 years. Now he is also putting Najib at knives edge.

Dr Mahathir urged Najib to call off the idea of skipping the Penanti vote just a day after the new prime minister floated the idea. Not only that Tun now thinks that he is even ready and prepared to lead the BN machinery.He believes he can turn the tables against his arch enemy Anwar’s Pakatan and defeat PKR at its stronghold. Stop short of telling Najib, Mahathirs supporters have been made advances and communicate with Najibs Team of  BN leaders.

It is of course a way of telling Anwar too,don’t think that you have got one over me. The next one that is Penanti I will get you. Mahathir is getting very personal and Najib who says it is a wastage of funds for the country especially with fragile economy knows that whatever decision he makes will be for the better good for BN and the country. Is this really cooking up Malaysia?

Next, the Malacca CM Mohd Ali Rustam is being investigated which can be read in this Malaysiakini article http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/102715  and according to the sources, the veteran politician who was found guilty of money politics by the Umno disciplinary board, is being probed by the commission. Is this really happening too Malaysia as there were many smses sent out yesterday? Lets see how this develops….

Terengganu MB Ahmad Said had to cancel his official 10-day visit to Russia and Ukraine to sort out the mess in Terengganu.Ahmad has come under tremendous pressure from his own party members to relinquish the post.The number of Umno/BN state representatives who want Ahmad to step down now has increased to 18. Until last week the number of elected Umno representatives against Ahmad stood at 10.

So what did the PM Najib  do? PM Najib has given Ahmad one month to prove that he has the support to lead the state. Failing which you know what will happen..and then and then and then…So Malaysia isn’t this all simmering nicely in the NEW PM’s COOKING POT. He will have to solve all these and quell all disatisfaction from within UMNO quickly and chop, chop, chop and make sure it stays as a flavour only for the SOUP in the POT. ARE WE EXPECTING TOO MUCH TOO SOON..??

We say as always,”No one when he takes over the leadership of any country will have it easy and Najib will be the better of with problems first rather than later. Many before him has experiences to tell….So Malaysia its COOKING UP…. 

Penanti Seat “Dr.M Axe Wielder”

It’s very clear. Najib has played his cards on the Penanti seat while Anwar has gladly accepted and  he was happy if BN did not contest. But Dr.Mahathir seems to have his axe in between the throats of Najib and Anwar. Mahathir does not want UMNO to throw in the towel to Pakatan.

He could have taken it in if it was anyone else but he has a bone or two to pick with Anwar still. These words from Dr.M,”Barisan Nasional should not throw in the towel and withdraw from contesting the Penanti by-election as it would give the impression that the party is weak.

This would disappoint its supporters, especially those in the constituency, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir.He said Barisan should not surrender even if the seat was in the Opposition’s hands, adding that he was against the idea that the ruling coalition should only contest in areas where it was strong.

“If it (the Penanti state constituency) was in an Umno area, I am sure that we will contest. However, since it is in an Opposition area, we do not want to contest.

“But if we wait to contest only in Umno areas, then there would not be any Umno’s areas and we would not have to contest anywhere.

  • So where does this leave Najib?
  •  Is he just going to ignore Tun and make his own stand after consultation with the other BN partners?
  • Will this decision of not wasting public funds elevate his image ?
  • Will opting out make him playing second fiddle to Anwar’s political propaganda? 
  • Will Najib just ignore Mahathir?
  •  What happens next if Najib ignores Tun?

We say as always,”When the Grand Old man of Malaysian Politics makes a statement very few will survive if they go against him. Let’s see how Najib handles this to stay afloat…

Another By-Election “Bored Already..??”

Democracy does work in Malaysia. If the ADUN or MP dies in office a byelection will be called and held. When a political  party feels that their man has underperformed or tainted with corrupt practises he has to relinquish his posts and a by election is also the answer. If the MACC does its work without interferences there will certainly be YEAR LONG by elections till 2013 when its due. Will this happen..???

This is the HOME TRUTH now as Malaysia looks forward to be a developed nation by 2020. This is the new phenomena which will be used by all political parties and also the coalitions of BN or Pakatan. Why..?? Surely its another way of generating interests and also to STAY RELEVANT.

Political propaganda and momentum is always needed when the calvary is moving towards a focal destination. In this case Pakatan is all out to ensure that by 2013 whichever is earlier their forces are kept intact,ready to battle and also kept useful.

 These are the winter months for Pakatan as the country goes through the economic crisis.The government has promised stimulus packages which will keep those associated with  BN happy for the time being. Pakatan will find ways also to derail the momentum of the BN government as the new PM sells his concept of 1Malaysia.

PM Najib has the 1 Malaysia while Anwar as opposition leader has ‘A New Dawn in Malaysia”.Will the people or constituents of Penanti buy these concepts from these two gentleman? We know their election machineries will be down on the ground trying to WOO the voters to vote for their man. Will Penanti see  “maggi-mee” development and promises as usual? N29 Batang Ai saw the state government throwing down $70million as a carrot for the constituents. It seems the people are already “BORED” with the by elections unless its necesary.

audie61 did a political survey and we found some answers which are not new.

  • 1. Enough of wasting tax payers money.
  • 2. All this political games are just to egoistic for the parties concerned.
  • 3.Why can’t Pakatan wait for 2013 and realise their dreams?
  • 4. The economy is already bad and its not the appropriate time for by elections.
  • 5. Stop this! 6 byelections in one year! Laughing stock of the world lah!
  • 6. Who cares who wins”Boring already” 

Even Malaysiakini portal has already covered this subject with Najib saying too many by elections while Anwar hits back in this article http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/102620 In that case, give us a walkover. Will this end soon? Nope,it will carry on until the dusts settles after the Penanti state assemblyman is sworn in.

Whether the people who we have questioned are bored already it will be up to Penanti voters 15, 241 who will call the shots. Don’t tell me they will all protests and don’t come out to vote? If that does happen that will be a message to both BN and Pakatan? of course,it will be mosts unlikely but stranger things have happened in Malaysia.

It seems PKR has started early as they have identified a senior member for the Penanti by elections. BN will of course identify their own candidate and we shall even see independants joining in.

The country has expressed itself  that we have had enough of by elections and many are also saying its boring and the parties concerned should wait for General Election. This we say is a new phoenomena and we have to live and accept it. If we are looking towards the two party system this is nothing new. BN has been ruffled eversince 308 and they have to look over their shoulders now more than ever. Pakatan will play to the gallery obviously.

We must also realise that BN has been in power for over 50 years and to be jolted on 308 it takes time for them to recover. The opposition parties have tasted defeats many times and its easier for them to swallow unlike the BN parties. Bored or not Bored the democratic process has to be carried out and Penanti will see a by election.

We say as always,”Let the election commission fix the date for the byelection and lets see whether Malaysians are BORED or Not..?? That’s for sure that most conversations will have a little coverage of Penanti…hmmm

N29-Why does Dato Sng take all the Flak..?

Over the past few weeks Dato Sng Chee Hua has been under attack from all angles.A newspaper columnist who sees fit to defend Dato Sng emailed to audie61 to publish this story. It’s a rather interesting take and make your own comments…

The Full Emailed copy:-

Again, today, Dato Sng Chee Hua’s name has been dragged to the recent Batang Ai by-election. In the New Straits Time today, columnist John Teo in his column, specifically said Dato Sng was the ‘chief supporter’ of Jawah Gerang, the PKR defeated candidate. While I may not be able to read John Teo’s mind, I think it is safe for me to conclude that what he meant was Dato Sng was supporting Jawah not only as a friend but also as an opposition candidate in the just concluded by-election.

Yes, Dato Sng would readily admit that Jawah is his friend, regardless of his political affliation. But so are most of the other politicians who had been with him during good and bad times during his political career. Some of them now are with the opposition and quite a number are still with the BN. To him, friendship transcends politics.

But to insinuate that he has secretly support, in whatever form, Jawah to topple the BN in the recent Batang Ai byelection, is grossly unfair. He had made a public denial on this during the height of the by-election. Yet again, the issue comes up.

The question now is what proof do they have that Dato Sng has supported Jawah in the by-election? Have they ever seen Dato Sng campaigning for the opposition in Batang Ai? Was it Dato Sng’s money used to cover Jawah’s election expenses?

Those who failed to furnish concrete evidence to support Dato Sng’s involvement in the by-election should just shut up, otherwise they are just being made used of by certain quarters to pursue their hidden agenda.

If Dato Sng wants to be petty and childish, he can always cut and distribute a photo published in the Borneo Post of James Masing presenting a birthday cake to Daniel Tajem and say, aha, James is also in cohort with the opposition. We all know what was Tajem’s role in the recent by-election.

If Dato Sng wants to be vicious, he can always say that his meeting with Anwar was nothing more that just a meeting between old friends, unlike others who met Anwar with a agenda to topple the State government in order to become the Chief Minister.

If Dato Sng wants to be play politics of deceit, he would be like the others who pretended to be a true blue BN men, but yet, behind their back, cursed all the BN leaders. If not, how does one explain if a supreme council member , in his blog  wrote and I quote : “…The master tactician must have told Najib “never mind -lah, Dato Sri, you take care and appease MCA, MIC, Gerakan, UMNO Sabah and others first lah, dont worry about us in Sarawak, we are ok”!…With his “masterful” non-pressure actions, Najib “owes” Taib heaps of political “favours”.”

One does not need to be a brilliant man to get the hidden messages from this write-up about our Chief Minister. So how could the boss allow his man to write such a thing about the Chief Minister? CLICK  HERE for NST STORY.

We say as always,”The Information,Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Rais Yatim has already made it clear that anybody who violated the law had to answer for his or her action.There are certain journalistic ethics to follow and if the writer of NST does have necessary prove than its TIME to SHOW HAND. There are Too MANY HIDDEN HANDS and whoever is the PUPPET MASTER will pay for the consequences in time…We shall see……

SPDP President Mawan:”Is it Just A Statement..??”


The heat is already boiling and the political water has been  extremely and furnaced hot for a few days now in Sarawak. CM Pehin Taib earlier said there will be surprises before PM Najib announced the Federal cabinet. Surprised.  My,my,my of course… Sarawakians were unhappy playing second fiddle to their neighbours Sabah in the Federal Lineup of FULL MINISTERS. The heat is really on.

In the local tabloids YBs and Ministers have been capitalising on this particular issue.They have all got on the bandwagon to strike political mileage and also making sure their voices are heard. audie 61 have already written the article,”A little too late..” Or is it..???

 An SPDP innsider when asked on why ,”Mawan had to add on a bit of salt to make the situation tastier..?” He said Mawan wanted to pour some cold water to soothe the heaty situation.”

We were perplexed to say the least as this is the statement from Mawan from the english daily.”He asserted that Sarawakians must understand that Sabah ‘is very much of Semananjung for the simple reason that it has UMNO(United Malays National Organisation).

That we don’t have.That is their working mechanism as far as the political organisation(BN) as well as unity and stability are concerned.” he added

WOW…!!!! Hmmmm..!!!  We asked,” Is it just a statement..?? What is Mawan up to..? Is he looking into leading UMNO into Sarawak? Sorry..though.. UMNO protem committee has already been established here in Sarawak and its only a matter of time if there is a need for it to emerge and spread its wings fully.

The changes in the political climate might neccisitate UMNO to just do it as PKR has already planted its SEED and are looking more and more a capable opposition to wrestle the BN State Government from its iron grip.

PKR Stampin divisional Chairman and also one of the many legal advisors for PKR Sarawak said that ,”It shows the dominance of UMNO and it even gets into the mind of Mawan” in a telephone interview with audie61.

Mawan was right to say its about party,not ethnic representation BUT usually when he is on the right track and gets it all summed up he so decides to put himself in the HOLE. 

As a matter of fact this political statement should and must not be uttered unless there are grievences/unhappiness/soreness within the Sarawak BN camp. WILL UMNO NOT JUST FEEL BE-LITTLED? I’m sure they will say oh.. yeah Mawan well done and pat your back.Will the other 3 component parties of BN Sarawak not also feel edgy at the thought of UMNO closing into Sarawak? Mawan should seriously look into sacking his present press or political advisors who has got Mawan into this BIG BLACK HOLE.

Pehin Taib has already said that he wont meddle with the PM’s decision on how he wants to run the country. This is very clear and the political advisors and strategists in the respective component parties should just look into the other areas where the PEOPLE OF SARAWAK can benefit and the development funds should be and must be utilised to its maximum.

Forget about the POSITIONS and get on with it. Don’t cry over the spilled MILK and maximised our States political strength economically.

We say as always,”The Economic $$$$$$$ $ is more important to the people of Sarawak than Federal representation but Mawan WHY..? WHY..? WHY..?  UMNO….

“Political Arm Wrestling..A little too late..??”

Will this sore point of given 2 Full Ministers with 30 MPs while Sabah with 24 MPs gets 4 Full Ministers be drowned with more allocations for Sarawak? What has PM Najib need to do? He seems to face renewed voices of dissent now.

Yesterday the Bidayuh’s came out openly where Mambong MP said the PM has derailed the One Malaysia Concept when he excluded the Bidayuhs.  The chinese newspapers are speculating today that the 3 MPs are considering moving out of BN. 

Today in the State’s English tabloids the Sarawak Malays have also expressed their UNHAPPINESS of being excluded or considered as they are not represented by a FULL MINISTER. PBB Malays must have made their political voices heard through their MPs or ADUNS. 

Their deputy President Abang Johari called for understanding and says that its Najib’s prerogative. Could it come a little too late? This article from a blog site presents a good read too.

In the last few days this 2 MPs tag on Sarawak is gaining momentum. Could Johari be used to echo what his party is demanding? Johari said,”Yes ,we are disappointed because normally we had one Full Minister.Let’s tolerate it(the latest  reshuffle).What is important is the delivery.To me,what is most important is the money(for Sarawak)

He said PBB could accept the cabinet for as long as the new ministers did their jobs to ensure that the developments funds were sufficiently allocated to the state.

SUPP President and DCM George Chan  also said that the State was unrepresented in the Federal cabinet. According to a political pundit it seems that the state has used their MPs numbers to get more development allocations instead of Federal representation.

It will benefit the state in short term but in the long run the decision making for the state will be MICROSCOPIC. Will or can Sarawak be able to turn the tables later? Most political decisions are not clearly defined and most handshakes and a nod does not constitute it will be kept by both parties.

The political situation is so fluid and Najib will not be able to keep everyone happy no matter how he tries to appease. It is after all his prerogative and he knows that there are more pressing matters which is the COUNTRY’S ECONOMY instead of POSITIONS. After all Najib knows bests as he is now sitting on the HOT SEAT OF THE COUNTRY.

We say as always,”Let’s see how the political demands will unfurl in the next few days…..