Anwar,”Muhyiddin will say this Tomorrow..!!”

Call it a  “Shake-Up” “Political re-alignment’ “Re-organisation” of PKR Nationally but in Sarawak it will still and remain the BN bastion. The people have spoken and the people have rejected PKR eventhough there was a lot of Hoo-Hahs. There were also significant numbers reported that many have turned their backs on BN. But did it happen when it really mattered?

These WORDS and the TEXT of the political speech by Muhyiddin will be positively energised to drum up the spirit of Barisan National. Of course as always he will humbly thank the State Government for delivering Batang Ai and also to the people who made it happen. This will be cheered feverishly by all those who will be at PRS ‘Batang Ai by-election thanksgiving ceremony”

An emeritus professor has said this to me at breakfast today,”BN just won a battle but the war will have its twists and turns.” A PKR Sarawak  sympathiser couldn’t agree more and he chipped in with this,”The people of Sarawak has turned their backs and failed PKR but this is just the appetizer. The MEAL is not being served yet.” 

The re-organisation is expected so says a Divisional PKR member who has been with the party since its early days in 1999 as the people who were responsible for Batang Ai did not deliver and it was a rather futile effort on PKR. Losing is alright but losing the WAY WE DID when we are divided in the seams is bad.

The thousands who joined where were there? We needed them or are they just playing watching from the sidelines? It just cannot be figures as window dressers.This is politics and its the numbers game. He even says that it will take Anwar and PKR many more years still to wrestle Sarawak if this continues to happen. A management committee in the offing to guide Sarawak?

Meanwhile PKR Stampin Division Chairman See Chee How said that the Shake Up as we put is that the party needs all its political maturity, management  and awareness to realise its FULL POTENTIAL.

Unless if we work as a TEAM and all petty internal political issues are addressed and defined Sarawak PKR will stay stagnant. We need more spine and we need to pick it all up from the ashes. Just Like a Phoenix. Tough,Hard Work,Sincerity but of course Achievable says See Chee How.

Malaysian Innsider has this ARTICLE  headlined ,”Anwar prepares PKR for long battle with Najib’s UMNO.” So where does this leave Sarawak PKR? Adit supposedly to lead the charge of PKR to win the rural seats has been dropped but there are new faces in Paul Kadang in the disciplinary committee and Baru Bian as Assistant Secretary General. Dominique Ng and Hafsah Harun remains as Supreme Council members.

There is a strong undertone of Sarawak paying the brunt of the failure in Batang Ai. The controversy surrounds three main pointers in the post mortem which will leave a bad taste in the mouths of some but its the reality of losses twice doubling that achieved by Nicholas Bawin against an Assistant minister in the late Dublin Unting. 

  • 1. The Hidden Hand which promised so much but did not deliver as expected.
  • 2. Dr Ambrose Labang reversal role from PKR to supporting BN ( Good Propaganda for BN)
  • 3. Dis-organisation of party machinery due to  internal disputes regarding candidacy where TEAMWORK was absent.

PKR has to be accountable and they need to face the reality in Sarawak. Its not a small state unlike in Peninsular where Bloggers have been a much needed help to Pakatan. Ask any Barisan blogger who was here in Sarawak during the Batang Ai campaigning period and they will tell you how difficult it is and the differences in methods of campaigning. Rural Sarawak  audie61 has said that Helicopters provides the edge and it will remain that way unless if ………..complete my statement. 

A former journalists told me the people have made up their minds and will vote for PKR come the State elections Helicopter or not. But I will maintain my stand that he is dreaming like many others.Sure,dreams will come true but in politics its not just dreaming but working DAMN BLOODY HARD.

Grassroots of PKR matters and they need to be  INSTTUTIONALISED to be a party member and not only joining a party for positions and involve in factional political infighting. Will PKR Sarawak turn over the STONES that has been too long embedded on the ground? Will the familiar faces be asked to take another look into other  roles? Will Anwar know what is bests for Sarawak?

Muhyiddin will take a swipe nonetheless on Anwar if not tomorrow it will also be another day. Try, as he may but Anwar and his PKR team needs to encamp themselves in Sarawak. Its never easy but Sarawak will stay a fortress for BN for many years to come still. Will it not? Not Unless Sarawak voters wake up with a BAD HEADACHE…??

We say as always,”Let’s just wait upon what Muhyiddin will say tomorrow.? BN will celebrate long into the night but they know they have a long road ahead and they will not let their guard down…

6 thoughts on “Anwar,”Muhyiddin will say this Tomorrow..!!”

  1. chloe says:

    BN in Sarawak has the momentum now. Its difficult for any opposition to knock them of the top. Never stop trying though..! Anwar will have it tough these couple of years.

  2. Lakia says:

    No wonder why people even fellow sarawakians espcially those living in the major towns look down on the natives.

    Good only for carrying blowpipes and wearing loin clothes

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