“Blogs,Books and Dogs”

dog_reading4 YEARS ON and today  30th JUNE 2013 we reblog this which was written on April 26th 2009.

Anything Changed for you?

Sure,you have grown Older,Mature but we don’t know whether you are making more dollars and cents?


The article written in 2009

“Blogs,Books and Dogs”.One or the other missing from todays daily living seems incomplete. One would argue that “Wine,Women and Song” is more  appropriate in so far as how one would see a complete fulfillment of the taste of life.

Humankind have a zest for all good things and one wonders whether it is always material needs that pushes us,one step ahead of the others. But today being Sunday I was on a relax mode and woke up to a great ‘Sunshine”day. I will come to “Sunshine” later.

One wonders what would have been if not for watching a most amazing comeback on the television set in the game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs. 2-0 down and second half blitz 5 past Spurs.

Wow! Pulsating! Unbelievable! Mark of the Champions! Never say die attitude! Never give up,Never Surrender! All the remarks and accolades from the commentators.This is what we see and what sets it so different. Did you stay up and witness it..???

The first newspaper page which I turned to today without reading the tabloids headlines was the Herman Hermits column,” Read any good books lately?” Also the writer can be found here http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/to-3-in-1-minister-go-eat-cake/ I did not particularly pay much attention but just glanced through it. How ironic that this would have led me to turn to my book.I have left it IDLE AND MOTIONLESS on the sofa as I was too busy reading blogs and news that matters.

Page 43 of the book which I am reading  TREASON which describes Traitors,Conspirators and Guardians of the Chinese Empeor in1728.The Governor General said this in on this page in question,”So,what fine books do you read.? What important topics do you study.?What special coterie of friend do you consort with.?

Just then ‘Sunshine” appeared. Sunshine is my Labrador and he has been a special dog to me as he brings happiness at the break of dawn each morning.  Sunshine has filled the void left behind by Faithful my Great dane who was poisoned by would be burglars. He remained faithful and fought for seven long days to stay as my faithful friend.

I was always chasing the rainbow or “rat race” they say,”wine ,women and song” but today nothing beats this,’Blogs,Books and Dogs”. These three dont talk back to you but you talk to them.

Blogs you read and try to understand their contents,books you read about what has been and what will be and imagine that you are the author and see what he is telling us. Dogs will look at you and wonder? Master I know ,but I cant talk back. WOOF…!! WOOF..!! What if the dog does? Dr.Doolittle is it?

Why then does Bernard Khoo or better known through his blog http://zorro-zorro-unmasked.blogspot.com/ write? He says it very simply,”Having fulfilled my obligations to my two kids, Patrina and Kevin. I dont want my three Bahamian grandsons, Bernard, Ryan and Patrick and whoever Kevin fathers to think that their grandpa didnt do enough to make this world a better place for them. Shhhh ..( Sure or not for REAL..?? )

Isn’t the blog world interesting? Seems the Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim hosted a dinner for 50 ‘prominent’ socio-political bloggers at a local restaurant in a move to engage the New Media. Did he succeed or was it just the BN friendly bloggers? Don’t run away from the fact that engagement is better off as the blogsphere now is made of of millions of opinion wirters and intellectually gifted cyber warriors.

In a TV political drama whichI took pains to watch it three days ago these words will come back to haunt many a politician,’ YOU MAY WIN AN ELECTION.GOD HELP YOU WHEN THE PEOPLE FIND OUT.THEY ALWAYS DO.PLAYING HARD BALL DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.”

We can try to poison the minds of the people with what we write but the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. Todays Star newspapers which was handed to me a moment ago ,Najib takes a trip on LRT” Why is he doing all these?  Wasn’t he the hatchet man or the yes man as No2 to Abdullah?

He is trying to show us the he means what he says.He is also trying to feel like a Citizen. Isn’t this good public realtions when our PM does that? Are we so judgemental that we don’t give him a chance with trying to rid of his mistakes? Bloggers are opinion writers and the netcitizens will more than likely believe us rather than the Mainstream Media now. 

PM Najib as a leader and CEO of Malaysia is trying to put his right feet forward. Najib likens himself more or less to his favourite team Manchester United in the 2nd half of the game where unbelievably they did the impossible by getting the result of the weekend. Najib in his capacity as Prime Minister will not want to fall like PINBALLS if he steps up to call for a General Election. Past wil correct itself if he atones and leads his people out of the ECONOMIC WILDERNESS.

Oooh Malaysians..? Aren’t we forgiving..?? Have we forgotten so quickly..?? Anwar Ibrahim was also part and parcel of UMNO and today he is the leader of the opposition. STOP HERE MOMENTARILY THOUGH AND THINK…HUH..!! CONFUSED….Where there are checks and balances the COUNTRY will PROSPER and BE HEALTHY.

It goes without saying that we are fortunate enough in Malaysia today to see two able politicians in Najib and Anwar slugging it out to maintain the right to be part of HISTORY BOOKS in years to come. Some of us are already or have read about these two LARGER THAN LIFE POLITICIANS.

Najib might not have Bo the Portuguese Water dog like Obama US President but he does maintain an avid reader and he maintains his close companionship with his books. He writes in his blog too and the stark reality of it all is that he needs his STAR TEAM players to think and do like him and not otherwise. So what did Sir Alex Manager of Manchester United say which turn the whole game on its head? What does Najib need to do to restore the countrys economic woes? We hope Najib does pick a point or two from this Scottish Manager made good. He was as good as History if not for that moment of destiny.

This article which I came across while writing this”We have to try and figure out which parts of the intellectual and theoretical framework in finance and economics will remain relevant in the future,”  Economists and business-school professors are struggling to analyze the financial collapse and build new economic theories to replace those undermined by events. That is a process that will take years.

Najib will have to turn not only to the government  legislators but also those on the opposition divide to ensure that Malaysia will not easily go down that trodden road of economic  failure. Afterall the Pakatan are also ruling in 4 other states and BN are the opposition in these states. Its a good mix and Malaysia’s economic guru’s needs to throw out the “wine,women and song and put in place maybe “BLOGS ,BOOKS AND BRAINS.”

The final jigsaw which remains the missing piece is the Braindrain from Malaysia. Najib and his adminstration will need to work harder than ever to ensure that Malaysia remains competitive and viable and that Malaysians can still call this country a HOME.

My uncle who is a Priest said to me,”If you ever want to be a politician make sure that every graduate is given a job that suits their qualification.” If not forget about it. He graduates from Gregorian University and speaks nine foreign languages and is fondly call as the Minister of Development of Catholic Churches in Sarawak.

Once a week when time permits I will sit down with him to seek spiritual blessings or tap his mind on “SOME POLITICS” hmmm. Afterall the Vatican is the biggest spiritual “political”organisation in the world. Don’t you agree..?

We say as always,”Many will not know and understand WHY BLOGGERS  do what they have to do. Their inner souls  give them the strength and determination to WRITE FOR THE NET CITIZENS of the WORLD. They know they cannot replace BOOKS or DOGS or the HUMAN BRAIN. But WHY do they still do it..?? Does Najib,Anwar,Zorro or Raiz Yatim have the answers..hik hik hik??

11 thoughts on ““Blogs,Books and Dogs”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Good and enlightening article. Why politics when the economy needs to be saved.Yeap I watched that MU v Spurs game brilliant advertisement and Wow feeling..

  2. chloe says:

    One thing which cannot be disputed is that the Vatican council is really powerful. Wonderful piece audie61 for a good sunday read.

  3. Webster's says:

    Someone mentioned blogging is not only hobby but therapy…I could not agree more with this observation……….but some bloggers think otherwise. They thinks so highly of their hobby that they want to change the people, the rules& regulations, the system, the government, the world…ect. etc.ohhooooho..what a tall order. Being a fisherman naturally fishing is my number one hobby while yours is blogging …so what????

    The words blogs, blogging, bloggered, bloggers or blogotician are all “computer rejected” words, hence conspicuously missing from some records & they are no where to be found in any dictionaries. Not even in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary that began in 1898 which were known to offer a good deal of historical information about words. As there is no one acceptable meanings, interpretation or definition of the words, Bloggers came out with their own version henceforth causing some confusion.

    In the words of NST Official, he sees Blogging as a mere hobby and to some it can be a form of therapy. Uchu Keling once said he decided to continue blogging as it was (and still is) his number one hobby, a very fair and sensible comment indeed.

    So if blogging is hobby or leisure activities why do some bloggers made a big fuss out of it? Why complaining that the authorities, Ministers & government are too restrictive? Who are you to enforce your line of thinking upon others?
    When bloggers think too highly of themselves they tend to go overboard with their net writing. They refused to draw the line and more often step over the boundary of their intended hobby. Bear in mind bloggers has no locus standi or business to enforce their views/opinion onto others let alone the democratic elected government.
    I am no fan of Jabu but come to think of it he is not far from being correct when he said some bloggers are “specialist instigator”.

    A particular Blogger wrote in his blog that through blogging he hopes to make the world a better place for his kids& grandsons to live.
    A young lady blogger who claimed to be residing in Australia says, “I’m an angel, but I’ve lost my way back to heaven”. Until someone shows me the map, I’ve taken it upon myself to rescue the oppressed Sarawakians from the dictatorship of Taib Mahmud and his cronies while trying to halt the ever expanding empire of the Taib Mahmud dynasty. This is nothing but an outright blasphemy. Besides, what on earth is she doing in Australia if she cares to rescue the oppressed Sarawakians. Perhaps she is too scared to face Taib and chose to escape from the state and that is an act of being coward.

    Another blogger claimed that he is gathering intelligence information to track down Osama Bin Laden.

    There is one, who is able to accurately foretell/predict the world future through a mere microscope. One local blogger said he would try his level best as a net writer to give the NCR taken illegally by the authorities back to the landowners.
    Yet there is this new kid in town (new web site) who declared “fishing in the moon” is his occupation.

    These soft of characters suggest that some (not all) bloggers are day dreamers or jokers of highest level and also a great pretender. Why I said great pretender? I ve not heard any blogger/s who dared to sacrifice their life for just cause. If from dust till dawn you are harping on ways to help others but when people looked around and found out that you cannot even helped yourselves, how would others believed in you? Besides, with these weird characters in the blogsphere, turning the blogs into a serious business or discussion is an impossible task. Just gorgeous, they are competing for an ambitious plan, interesting and catchy phrase in display.

    So Bloggers, who & what do you think you are? Are you sure you chose the right hobby? Do you think readers, authorities and our society at large would agree with you or listen to you all the times? If you think so you are bound to be frustrated & disappointed.

    Bloggers may not like it but to me they are bunch of “emotional wishful thinkers”. Using remote control, PC/laptop, keyboard, SMSees, e-mail addresses and other IT apparatus they hope to create impact or shape public opinion. The intention I must say is a noble one but the problem is if people won’t listen or agree they start the cursing games. They started spitting, screaming, shouting, and put the blame on their PC. That’s okay, coz in a worst case scenario they may just get a new PC or get the damaged one fixed/repaired.
    More often that not, these bloggers started writing defamatory remarks/article, instigate or incite hatred and that where it becomes problematic.

    There are bloggers who wish to see things happened rather than waiting for the things to happen. That’s well and fine. There are others who wish things to happen their way, not too bad. If however bloggers gatecrash or forced their way through then they are inviting trouble and become a menace to the society. Yet believed me they are those serve-centered who refused to accept the choice of majority and instead chose to use rhetoric rather than facts.

    My advice to bloggers is, if you are not prepared for disappointment or frustration; why not take the cue from me. Try taking fishing as a number one hobby. All we need is a fishing rod and some baits. There is no limitation to the number of fish one care to catch. There is no restriction as rivers are long and the seas wide. If I don’t catch anything I only blamed myself and not others. Besides all catches are tax exempted. If the fish “refused to be caught” or eat the baits I just stop by at the fish market for a kilo or two.
    When I am not fishing I can also discuss about promoting 1Malaysia concept after all the subject is not only confined to bloggers.

    NB: The above article is not meant to be commented on, it’s just my personal views.

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