Future”Dustbin” East Malaysia’s CM Prerogrative..??

Malaysiakini  first played up this article ,”LDP tells PM to drop Sabah Ministers” and subsequently a reader wrote a letter posted in the Malaysiakini section reserved for letters,’Sabah cabinet:No reason for Tan to be there.”

Well,well,well isn’t this opening another playing field for elected BN assemblyman IN WHOSE NAME they can hold on to Positions in the State Assembly BUT DOES NOT NEED TO BELONG TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY.

Correct me if I go a bit side track here..Am I waking up to an independant friendly BN new system? It seems the two East Malaysian States of Sarawak and Sabah are practising this policy very openly. Doesn’t the CM of both states have the power to force his hand on the individuals? Or are their HANDS FORCED OTHERWISE? We are of course talking about two prominent Chinese assemblyman in Sarawak and Sabah.

One is a DCM Sabah while the other is an Sarawak Assistant Minister in the CMs office. audie61 were practically under ‘ PEARL HARBOUR ” attack and assault as the assistant minister was quoted to have said,”Well I’m not a fortune teller,so I don’t think I have the business of telling the future.”

We had earlier written on April 8th 2009″Next Please…Reshuffle in Sarawak Cabinet” and it seems the mainstream media and journalists have picked it up to and asks Larry Sng on this subject matter.

A lot of speculations and there are even PROPHETS OF DOOM who have even said that Larrys days are numbered and counting his days in the CMs office. At least its so much better than the writer who wrote to Malaysiakini  when he ended his letter by saying DCM Raymond Tans political future is clearly heading towards the dustbin

Wow!! one can really be so mean and downright straight. Could the letter be politically motivated? Inside job? Many permutations and when LDP Deputy president Chin Su Phin said this,’“He (Tan) should not blame anybody else if he loses his cabinet post … he should blame himself and Sapp (Sabah Progressive Party) because his post was a quota given to the Sapp then.”

Adding more salt the writer said this,” When Sapp pulled out of BN last year and Tan quit BN, he said that he would form a new party. Until today he has remained an independent. Why then is Musa retaining him? Is this not double standards?

Musa once said that there is no such thing as a ‘BN-Independent’ and today in his cabinet there is a ‘BN-Independent’ who also happens to be his deputy.This shows that Musa is unprincipled and biased.

In the blogsphere this is more or less repeated and now it has really hit the main stream media and the news coverage is doijng no favours for the BN. The PM is already talking about reforms and other niceties that comes along in Malaysia but the two East Malaysian states is still covering up the old habits. Haven’t we heard that OLD HABITS are Hard to GET RID of.?

 I’m sure if Najib was the PM when Joseph Salang was the independant BN he would have done more than something. We are not asking the PM Najib to whip up miracles BUT to use his LITTLE FINGER to put things RIGHT.

Who are we to question the prerogrative of the two CMs? We can make our voices heard through the blogsphere but it remains as Larry Sng puts it,”all ministrial appointments are the prerogative of the CM,no one can dispute that and I can serve at his pleasure.” 

Well Chin has also said,” He reiterated that even though it is the prerogative of the chief minister to decide on the matter, he should consider the feeling of other BN component parties who hold the same view that the BN-led Sabah state government can not have a deputy chief minister who is an independent assemblyman.

It seems that these subject matters are similar and as we mentioned we were under full scale attack the response is mutual. We have declared WAR on this issue.

The earlier that this matter is looked into the New Malaysia 1 concept of our PM Najib will have loopholes for water to seep through and eventually drown BN. It’s not only about administering the country in totality but putting back the trusts to the PEOPLE and gaining their RESPECT. BN needs to try at least to get back their RIGHTFUL THRONE or is it so difficult to WIN IT BACK…??

We say as always,”The days are NUMBERED for the Independant BN YBs and they need to move fast if they are to stay on in the POWER GAME. Is setting up another Political party the answer..hmmm ??? Divide and Rule as its the NORM….Level playing FIELD….hik hik hik


4 thoughts on “Future”Dustbin” East Malaysia’s CM Prerogrative..??

  1. chloe says:

    Time to move on with the BN friendly YBs. People will not be fooled all the time and as the by election results shows especially in West Malaysia its alreadfy NUMBERED for BN. Soon it will also affect East Malaysia.Bet you on that!!

  2. tunabdulrazak says:

    Mr Taib once had Barisan Plus. It will not be a surprise if Mr Taib announce Barisan Plus 2, to include Larry and Johnicol.

    Sabah BN is no exception.

  3. zainuddin says:

    Its the CMs prerogrative but they are PUSHING it too far…Change or be changed thats the message from the PEOPLE duirng 308.

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