Another By-Election “Bored Already..??”

Democracy does work in Malaysia. If the ADUN or MP dies in office a byelection will be called and held. When a political  party feels that their man has underperformed or tainted with corrupt practises he has to relinquish his posts and a by election is also the answer. If the MACC does its work without interferences there will certainly be YEAR LONG by elections till 2013 when its due. Will this happen..???

This is the HOME TRUTH now as Malaysia looks forward to be a developed nation by 2020. This is the new phenomena which will be used by all political parties and also the coalitions of BN or Pakatan. Why..?? Surely its another way of generating interests and also to STAY RELEVANT.

Political propaganda and momentum is always needed when the calvary is moving towards a focal destination. In this case Pakatan is all out to ensure that by 2013 whichever is earlier their forces are kept intact,ready to battle and also kept useful.

 These are the winter months for Pakatan as the country goes through the economic crisis.The government has promised stimulus packages which will keep those associated with  BN happy for the time being. Pakatan will find ways also to derail the momentum of the BN government as the new PM sells his concept of 1Malaysia.

PM Najib has the 1 Malaysia while Anwar as opposition leader has ‘A New Dawn in Malaysia”.Will the people or constituents of Penanti buy these concepts from these two gentleman? We know their election machineries will be down on the ground trying to WOO the voters to vote for their man. Will Penanti see  “maggi-mee” development and promises as usual? N29 Batang Ai saw the state government throwing down $70million as a carrot for the constituents. It seems the people are already “BORED” with the by elections unless its necesary.

audie61 did a political survey and we found some answers which are not new.

  • 1. Enough of wasting tax payers money.
  • 2. All this political games are just to egoistic for the parties concerned.
  • 3.Why can’t Pakatan wait for 2013 and realise their dreams?
  • 4. The economy is already bad and its not the appropriate time for by elections.
  • 5. Stop this! 6 byelections in one year! Laughing stock of the world lah!
  • 6. Who cares who wins”Boring already” 

Even Malaysiakini portal has already covered this subject with Najib saying too many by elections while Anwar hits back in this article In that case, give us a walkover. Will this end soon? Nope,it will carry on until the dusts settles after the Penanti state assemblyman is sworn in.

Whether the people who we have questioned are bored already it will be up to Penanti voters 15, 241 who will call the shots. Don’t tell me they will all protests and don’t come out to vote? If that does happen that will be a message to both BN and Pakatan? of course,it will be mosts unlikely but stranger things have happened in Malaysia.

It seems PKR has started early as they have identified a senior member for the Penanti by elections. BN will of course identify their own candidate and we shall even see independants joining in.

The country has expressed itself  that we have had enough of by elections and many are also saying its boring and the parties concerned should wait for General Election. This we say is a new phoenomena and we have to live and accept it. If we are looking towards the two party system this is nothing new. BN has been ruffled eversince 308 and they have to look over their shoulders now more than ever. Pakatan will play to the gallery obviously.

We must also realise that BN has been in power for over 50 years and to be jolted on 308 it takes time for them to recover. The opposition parties have tasted defeats many times and its easier for them to swallow unlike the BN parties. Bored or not Bored the democratic process has to be carried out and Penanti will see a by election.

We say as always,”Let the election commission fix the date for the byelection and lets see whether Malaysians are BORED or Not..?? That’s for sure that most conversations will have a little coverage of Penanti…hmmm

6 thoughts on “Another By-Election “Bored Already..??”

  1. kikilala says:

    U R wrong not BORED!!!! is UMNO BN kiasi!!! Kiasu!!! mati calon!!!! xde calon !!!! najib x bleh terima kekalahan!!! PAHAM!!!

  2. Francis Ngu says:

    Ask Perakians. They not only made a loud statement at Bukit Gantang; they are asking for a fresh state general elections. And through no fault of theirs; and they cannot afford to be bored by elections to deliver ultimate change.

    And readers, what about you ?

  3. Lakia says:

    Since the Perak crisis, Pakatan Rakyat felt they have been “cheated” by the events surrounding it.

    Now it is their payback time by having many by-elections. At least the rakyat “benefits” from the “instant magee-mee” projects.

  4. yeomen says:

    This is where you can see the big difference between PKR and UMNO/BN ! In PKR , they don’t tolerate corruption etc , whereas in UMNO/BN corrupt personalities still can hold on their posts such as CM ,Youth Chief etc . Don’t see any problem with many chop and change rather than having the status quo of corrupted people still holding high positions !! Well done PKR !

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