MIC and Sarawak Bidayuhs “Upset..???”

Natasha of audie61 received a number of Smses messages informing her of these two communities. It reads,” MIC Indians and Sarawak Bidayuh’s Upset over Cabinet representation.” She did not read much into the BN component members complains as she knows that its the prerogrative of the PM to name his own set of team members and how he sees fit that the ratio of the Malaysian Cabinet is made up.

However the DPM Muhyiddin came out strongly to support the PM by telling BN leaders who have complaints against cabinet line-up not to make public statement. He put it as,”So,whatever disssatisfaction they have its better to go and see the Prime Minister. Muhyiddin was asked about the reported dissatisfaction over the size of the representation in the cabinet and wanted those appointed (from MIC) to be withdrawn.

It was headline news for the past few days and  we in Sarawak were watching the developments with interests? Why not..? 30 MPs and just 2 Full Ministers while Sabah 25 MPs 4  Full Ministers. This was making the rounds in mosts of the corridors be it political,family,market or coffeshop talk.

BLAST!! BOOM!! OOOH NOooooo!  The headlines today,”BIDAYUHS UPSET OVER EXCLUSION”  Dr.James Dawas Mambong MP said PM Najib has derailed the ‘One Malaysia Concept” when he excluded Bidayuhs from his cabinet. He even said that even its mere rhetoric or not,but it does loook like it is now. Dawos when further by saying that One Malaysia concept will not work if some communities,even how minority,was not given the chance for equitable participation in the business running at the highest level of the government.

The Smses which was circulating yesterday has a DEADLY VIRUS to the 3 Bidayuh MPs Dr.Tiki (Mas Gading) and also Richard Riot (Serian) . Resign to show your disapproval for the community’s exclusion from Najib’s cabinet.

A Bidayuh businessman clearly upset said,”We have been very supportive of BN policies and programmes and they should take notice or heed.” Is this the thanks we get from being pro-BN?

We say as always,”Pakatan will surely capitalise on this subject and turn it round to their advantage. Its up to the PM to explain to the various communities and turn it round to show his  STRENGTH and POLITICAL AWARENESS. Will he..??? 


6 thoughts on “MIC and Sarawak Bidayuhs “Upset..???”

  1. Francis Ngu says:

    Round 2 of Sarawak, and more specifically Bidayuh, discontent at Federal representation does indeed promise to introduce an exciting prologue to the next
    Sarawak general elections.

    YB Dawos outburst is I believe shared by both sides of the political divide in Sarawak.

  2. juni says:

    The Bidayuhs shouldn’t complain. You chose to support the BN all these years even though you have been lied to year in and year out. Come election your votes go to BN again. The same can be said of the Ibans as well. Vote BN, don’t complain.

  3. NTBN says:

    Bidayuh, esp. BN YB &, supporters, now you know what you get from supporting the BN, this is just a federal problem, you have not seen the state problem. BN Sarawak & Najib after taking our land and name it Kpg Tun Razak. Now is the time for BN to take back what thay have given out give 1 and take 100000. Give DBNA 4 million and take out Bidayuh Minister out for 4 term.

    All the BN YB representative & supporters are cheap stock. You have not learn a lesson, all the bidayuh leader in BN are are shits, work with BN for personal gains.

    Pse open your eyes, pse, pse.

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