NO.1 Man a Blogger + Updates Batang Ai N29

Well all the talks of Blogger being a thorn to any ruling government should be disregarded and dispelled. The No.1 Man in the country newly installed Prime Minister Najib keeps the nation updated in his blog .

He has been using the new media,incorporating video messages and posting them on you tube. He has also used Twitter(the social networking service that allows users to send short messages to each other)

Najib realises in order to keep tabs with the alterantive media he needs to embrace this new media tool. Even President Obama has used it to his advantage and we question,”WHY Not Najib as the New Prime Minister of Malaysia…??” 

Anwar Ibrahim(opposition leader and defacto leader of PKR) blogs too from and so does former PM Tun Mahathir

Of course when bloggers do write it is bests that they follow the rules as much as citizens journalism is concerned. There must be facts,figures,statistics to substantiate all claims and they never lie. The ruling governments in the world thrives on Information and they are willing to spend astronomical sums to stay ahead of this political game.

Surely,with this No.1 man Najib being called a blogger too in the mainstream media all earlier SWEEPING STATEMENTS  should be put to RESTS.

As for N29 Batang Ai both sides of the political divide are using all their knowledge and experience to swing the voters to put a mark X on their candidates. Streams of election campaigners are seen making their way to Lubok Antu and even there are “SMS’s” now being send.

Every one is using whatever ways to campaign and the mosts creative to date if I may say is the ‘Life Buoy PKR FLAG” floating on the Batang Lupar river. New methods of Propaganda war is necessary.

The urban voters have already bought the ideas and expect the political parties to be creative and always a step ahead. In the rural areas. FLAGS,POSTERS,BUNTINGS and BILLBOARDS are still the usual ways of getting the message across. Of course the party election ceramah speakers play a very vital role too.

Business is brisk in the town of Lubok Antu and the shopowners are smiling and grinning from ear to ear. Tony ak Lu and Andy of audie61 will be heading towards a longhouse in the interior this Saturday night to gauge the sentiments of the people.   

We say as always,” Bloggers  are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA. For now on behalf of audie61 crew,we congratulate the No1 man for being installed as the Prime Minsiter of Malaysia and being a BLOGGER. 

8 thoughts on “NO.1 Man a Blogger + Updates Batang Ai N29

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Can Malaysians trust a PM and leader of our nation who immediately after being sworn in as the 6th Prime Minister of our country back- stabbed his predecessor by making him looked like the culprit by releasing 13 ISA detainees and lifting the ban on PAS’s and PKR’s newspapers.

    Pak Lah is too politically naive to the core and his successor showed exactly that by his gesture in releasing the ISA detainees and lifting the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan. That is the kind of “gratitude” he deserved from Najib. Do Malaysians believe Pak Lah was the real culprit? Unforfunately for Najib, his action only reaffirmed Malaysians’ belief that Najib is a ” Cowboy as well as an Indian” and is even capable of using his deputies and UMNO rempits to start another May 13 and then make himself look like a hero for saving and uniting the nation.

    Malaysians need not be actively involved in politics or be a smart politician or be smarter than a fifth grader to be entremely cautious of a man of his pedigree.Knowing that their days are numbered in Sarawak, Taib, George and Jabu were quick to offer their shares of Sarawak’s wealth to the new PM by venerating and glorifying him on day one as PM.

    The only sure way of defeating this evil regime of UMNO and PBB is through people’s power. Malaysians must rise and exercise their democratic rights and be resolute in voting out BN, Najib and Taib at all cost.

    Do not let ourselves down and sacrifice the future of our children. United we stand to defend our democratic rights and protect our nation’s wealth from these vultures.

    VOTE Pakatan for ketuanan rakyat.

  2. Temengong 2 says:

    By doing all that sweet and pleasing things, Najib means that Pak Lah was a cruel, stupid, sturbon, corrupted PM…then hs (Najib) is the GOOD GUY

  3. zorro says:

    I am enjoying reading you guys….am based in ny hometown of Taiping, covering the two bukits. Cheers and more power to Sarawak Bloggers.

  4. pengiran says:

    BN Batang Ai Collapses, political observers said. Stop politicising land, say Taib Mahmud yesterday. Why so scared ?…People in rural areas need PKR to tell them the truth. Pamplets and CDs which are distributed by voter it is a reflection that people are running away from BN. Cross-over by certain desperado politician to support the BN in the Batang Ai by-election and compared to a thousand of voter joining PKR. People in rural areas like to join PKR and we never shut our door.
    Get up Stand up, don’t give up your fight…, Stand up for your right.

    Vote for PKR candidate Jawah Gerang.

  5. andy d says:

    congratulation for BN man for batang ai. YB Malcom Mussen Lamoh with big majority. The dayak in rural area still unite in Barisan Nasional. still no to PKR…..

    Syabas PRS………..syabas BN

    So sorry to frustrasted politician.



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