Are their Signatures still HOT..???

The tears have almost dried up.Their eyes suddenly still lit up after so much disappointing outings. They had their finest hours as MPs in Tatau and Julau respectively and these political characters has reverberated the Sarawak political landscape in their prime years. 

We are talking about Sng Chee Hua and Ting Ling Kiew. One is a former Deputy President of PRS while the other is Deputy President of SNAP. Much has been written about them the last few days  in the mainstream local english, chinese tabloids and also in the internet Blogs. There were cries of disgust,trojan horses and also nods of approval from BN.

Are they still relevant? What makes them so special or feared? Is another political party in the offing in Sarawak? Has the Lions suddenly realised that its time to come back to their cages..? What is so special about them?Are they renewed partnerships and a smell of LOSTS POWER regained?

A senior wanita in a political party says,’This is just the beginning and its just timely as Najib will be monitoring these two very closely.” Haven’t we heard about ‘Keeping your enemies closer” 

Sng has come out with a three paragraph statement stating his stand as a ‘Barisan National Man” while Ting expressed full support for incoming premier Najib Abdul Razak . Personal agenda’s one may ask.?

This is politics at the highest levels and we must never ever discount anyone out as it will come back and HAUNT YOU. There are no enemies in politics BUT mostly friends do become enemies.

Political analysts are already spinning their wand and saying,”that these two has been given the tasks to monitor and to update information to the incoming PMs political boys on matters of concern.

Both sides of the political divide has had a lot of say in the last few days. We can only View this Development as something which will generate into a more viable vehicle if they both have been tasks to start another  ‘ POLITICAL ENGINE “.

Never ever say never in Politics and also NO WAY…!! Stranger political bed partners have emerged overnight and we do hope that this might just be a breaking story in making the political landscape of Sarawak more interesting. 

We say as always,” It is BN’s gain while Pakatan would be saying to them,”GOOD LUCK…or will they just say that..hahaha..???


9 thoughts on “Are their Signatures still HOT..???

  1. zainuddin says:

    You might just be right! but I dont know much about sarawak politics but one thing you said,”we must never ever discount anyone out as it will come back and HAUNT YOU. There are no enemies in politics BUT mostly friends do become enemies.”
    This is veryt true,…point made..

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    I have mentioned before that dethroning Taib without crippling the political influence of Tun Rahman will be Pakatan’s mistake. Who is the running dog for Tun Rahman if it is not Salleh Jaffarudin. Taib’s defeat is also an end to Tun Rahman’s dream as the zionist melanau empire is very much his as well as Taib’s.

    What are the common traits of Ting Ling Kiew, Sng Chee Hwa and Salleh Jaffarudin? All of them are big time gamblers, opportunists and playboys and so is Tun Rahman himself. It came as no surprise when Ting Ling Kiew was accompanied by Salleh Jaffarudin to convey their support for Najib as next PM of Malaysia.

    These political scum bags thought they could still fool the rural folks or pull a fast one on putrajaya. Malaysians in Sarawak despise such opportunists more than they do on dumb and coward YBs who dare not speak up for the rakyat against Taib’s greed, corruptions, nepotism and repressions.

    Let’s be united in spirits and be steadfast in our determination to defeat the Melanau Empire and BN.

  3. Temengong 2 says:

    Salleh Jaffarudin, Ting Ling Kew and Sng C. Hwa, all rotten crabs. You know crabs die slowly, first still giving out a bad smell, some movement of the legs, and will move once in a while…

    Just forget abouit them, theya have nothing valuable to do with N29. FYI, Ting LK was in Lubok Antu trying to sell his dead crab and smell, apparently not knowing which is BN or PKR offices. Go “sunat” and join UMNO please

  4. tunabdulrazak says:

    Mata Kuching & Temmengong: Well said. Salleh Jafarudin and Sng is synonymous with gambling, brokerage and yet shrewed King Makers.

  5. pengiran says:

    Remember Umi Hafilda Ali…Lets the opportunist and playboys tell us a story about ‘romantic love affair’
    happening in London. In 1997 Ming Court Hotel, Kuala Lumpur a historical event to topple Taib Mahmud by the Majority of Malay politician as a running dog for Tun Rahman, to split the Malay for the Political Power
    of his nephew Taib Mahmud as Chief Minister.” Who is the running dog if it is not Datuk Wan Yusuf and Salleh Jaffarudin. Sng Chee Hwa and Ting Ling Kiew both are Deputy President of the Dayaks Political Party…Why?…Why?…Why? Because there are planted as a running dogs for Taib Mahmud to split the Dayak
    political party? what say you James Masing. Get up Stand up, don’t Give up your fight and rights.
    Vote for PKR Jawah Gerang.

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