Bloggers… Why?Why?Why? 3 Whys on Batang Ai N29?

It was more than 2 whys when I touched down at Kuching International airport this evening. This is an extract from a conversation which I had with a senior journalists/political analysts at Mcdonalds restaurant this evening.  Its meant to happen and this is the first why?

My phone was off and as I landed in Kuching there was a message. It seems a day away from action packed newsapapers in Sarawak has awaken the journalistic feelings of one who never seems out of touch with the realities of everyday Sarawak.

Seems for two consecutive days,the bloggers have been under attack.There is no need to mention WHO and the readers have already envisaged who. Never the who but question the WHY WHY and WHY the bloggers? Are they being feared?  It’s a food for thought  and  it seems the bloggers have indeed ruffled the state administrators  that they have to come out and say a thing or two. Do they need to…???

Its a ‘People’s right” and with the advancement of  IT savvy technology the public would seek an alternative and has a right to seek a balance of alternatives in this political divide. The people will be the judge to associate themselves with the mainstream media or the alternatives.

There has been too much SWEEPING STATEMENTS of late on BLOGGERS. According to the senior journalists blogs provide important information and its an avenue for citizens journalism. We need to use the technology that is before us and a blog serves as a ‘personal diary” With blogs its an invention and things are more open. It is away from the norm and the mainstream media knows that they have a competitor and its a NEW MEDIA TOOL.  

This is the NEW REALITY of the IT ERA. Unless if and when BN adminstrators or YBs wake up and accept this new trend or new media their days might just be numbered. There is no need to criticize the who and why who has written but to view it as something constructive and do some evalution or a case study.

There is nothing to hide and whether you like it or not the POLITICAL LANSCAPE IN SARAWAK HAS CHANGED.The IT era  brings about greater democratisation across the nation of Malaysia and Sarawak is no exception.

To condemn outright the Sarawk blogs and therefore deny the PUBLIC an alternative new source is tantamount to insulting the intellect,educated public and putting a brake on DEMOCRACY.

There is an upsurge of public interests in the blogsphere of personal opinions and if they are positive the government should adopt the ideas but if they are malicious and spreading unnecesary lies there must be a stop on the nonsence.

Its up to the governement press/media boys to churn out a statement to deny or rebutt with statements to the blogs. There are ways to look at it and different ways are needed as if not we are entering a political minefield. Why should we do the work of those who are supposedly paid in the thousands by the political masters? WHY?WHY? WHY…???  should be Correct,correct and correct…!!!!

Batang Ai N29  has provided a rather unique platform for BLOGS to be the challenger to main stream media. No news is too far away. Even a former magistrate can say,”main stream can write once while we can write 10 or more times and posts it in the cyber world on the same subject mind you…”

Take the 3 paragraph statement from the former PRS supremo Sng Chee Hua where he denied he was working against the BN in Batang Ai. Why or Why does he need to come out with this statement? He even added,”“I am a BN man and I believe that the BN will deliver the seat.”

Sure,now what does that make him? There is even proof  that there is clip on why the former PRS members were made to to get ready on their next move…Do we need to expose this? Surely, many will wonder when and why it was done? Do we need to answer that? WHY WHY WHY now..??? Don’t tell us it will be like it sounded like me and I think thats me…

Facts,figures,statistics they say never lie and all ruling government thrives on information technology. James Masing PRS President must have enough evidence to substantiate his claims in the chinese dailies or else he would be getting himself in a bigger HOLE against his former deputy. 

BN has got enough supporters and its no use to ever think of making use of people who goes against the principles of the BN spirit. BN in times of trouble needs the true soldierss and captains to fight for their cause and Pakatan would also do likewise. Is there a place called IN THE CENTRE..?? 

Bloggers they say, are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA.

We say as always,” Let’s be honest and say Kuddos for Bloggers or else the mainstream media newspapers will take things easy and for granted.WHY..there is no more WHY..?????? 


18 thoughts on “Bloggers… Why?Why?Why? 3 Whys on Batang Ai N29?

  1. tunabdulrazak says:

    Keep blogging brother. Keep exposing realities. Our next step is to inculcate the interest in IT in rural areas. So long as it is the truth, EXPOSE it.

  2. dayang says:

    Absolutely spot on. Mainstream media are already worried that a major chunk of their revenue is losts as more people are moving and turning away from the mainstream media.

  3. pengiran says:

    Whys on Batang Ai N29,why????why?why? why Audie?
    In what could be a last ditch effort to save their political platform by a group of SNAP members or the former PRS supremo Sng Chee Hua where he denied he was working against the BN in Batang Ai during this by-election. 90 minutes up,It’s Injury Time now…, it’s all depend on sudden dead move. What a mess BN? Vote for PKR candidate Jawah Gerang.

  4. juni says:

    The answer is obvious. The State government of Taib are shitting in their pants. Blogs have opened the eyes of many on the outright lies that the government have been spinning. If they think this is bad, wait till the next GE when things will really heat up. They try to counter this by setting their own blocks. The different between those who are paid to do it and those who do it out of passion and principle is a different kettle of fish altogether. Keep the flags flying guys and may the Force be with you.

  5. pengiran says:

    BN does not practise discrimination said James Masing meaning to say ‘pilih kasih'(favouritism, nepotism)when it comes to disbursing funds for project or allocating projects. What a joke????… look around us who got a BIG PROJECTS in Sarawak.Why?Why?Why? The answer is VOTE for PKR candidate Jawah Gerang.

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    Mainstream media is long dead and once a while they will try very hard to sensationalise some irrelevant news like BN government is the only government which can bring progress and developmentm or PKR members given lukewarm reception or Ting Ling Kiew the political has been and crook taking photo with Najib.

    Ting Ling Kiew and Sng Chee Hwa are both political crooks and opportunists. A few years ago Ting Ling Kiew had duped a few friends into buying forged currency from Nigerian at Genting Highland. He is a gonner in business as well as in politics.

    I will strongly advise Pakatan to stay away from both Ting Ling Kiew and Sng Chee Hwa. We do not need these self appointed political brokers who are crooked to the core and big time playboy. They are die hard gamblers and will use innocent rurak folks as their gambling chips to gamble with Najib.

    Dayaks regardless of their political affiliations have awaken and are determined to change our government and know that Najib who is beholden to Taib will work with Taib to plunder whatever wealth are left in Sarawak.

    We must vote out Taib and BN. We may carry BN flags and collect BN money but we shall all vote PKR in Batang Ai. Vote Jawah Gerang.

    Ketuanan rakyat.

  7. francis ngu says:

    Hail the New Frontiers of Democratic Expression.

    Their condemnation of bloggers are only expected. Their Jurrasic brains don’t have space for anything which does not parrot their contorted logic, which is as hegemonic as their political-business agenda.

    These are their final desparate hours; the widespread expression of democratic desires is something they had thought they could always contain. They claim to promote ICT, human resource development and higher education which they thought would exclusively promote their crony-monopolistic agenda; they now regret that the very same ICT and HRD is even more potent as a universal instrument and conduit for the progressive civic society.

    This to them has been an insolvable contradiction, not amenable even to even the Universities and Colleges Act in the field of higher education and other acts suppressing the mainstream media.

    From TV networks like Al Zazeera (be praised, based also in KL), to bloggers, ICT has so widened the horizons of truthful news and free expressions, from leading intellectuals like Azly Rahman in New York, to the commoner in the Kampung, the stranglehold on the social agenda is irrietrievably lost.

    Embarrasssed they are, and ashamed they should, their
    political and commercial misdemeanors are so efficiently exposed continually as much for all Malaysians, at home and abroad, as for the concerned international community.

    Onwards, Sarawak bloggers, in your finest hours !

    Francis Ngu.
    Temporarily overseas.

  8. ari says:

    Sng Chee Hwa?

    If I am not mistaken someone by the name of Sng from Sarawak was one of the ‘dalang’ in the fall of Sabah’s Parti Bersatu Sabah govt in 1994.

    This Sng was shopping for PBS aduns to switch to BN and everybody knew that the coup d’etat was successful and Umno and the geng ruled Sabah till now.

    This Sng was (maybe still is) buddy with Sapp’s Yong Teck Lee whose party pulled out from BN not long ago. This Sng was said to earn a fortune after Yong became CM of Sabah after the coup d’etat.

    If this Sng is one and the same, I don’t trust him at all.

    Audie, how are you guys doing in Batang Ai? Will it be ‘a black eye’ for PKR or a broken kati for the BN?

  9. pengiran says:

    1. Perdana Menteri pertama yang diangkat menjadi wakil rakyat BUKAN kerana potensi peribadinya tetapi kerana mengenang jasa arwah bapanya.

    2. Perdana Menteri pertama yang mempunyai sejarah “duda mengahwini janda”.

    3. Perdana Menteri pertama yang dikaitkan dengan konspirasi pembunuhan zalim warga Mongolia.

    4. Perdana Menteri pertama yang tidak merasa malu atau rasa bersalah mengizinkan isterinya berlaku sumbang bersama pelakon lelaki Bollywood di hadapan orang ramai.

    5. Perdana Menteri pertama yang dikaitkan dengan perbuatan rasuah bernilai ratusan juta ringgit.

    6. Perdana Menteri pertama yang didakwa berlaku sumbang dengan seorang artis wanita tempatan di Port Dickson.

    7. Perdana Menteri pertama yang melakukan penyembunyian wakil rakyat demi menjatuhkan sebuah kerajaan negeri pilihan RAKYAT.

    8. Perdana Menteri pertama yang didakwa melakukan perhubungan sulit dengan wanita Mongolia yang kemudiannya mati dibunuh.

    9. Perdana Menteri pertama yang diketahui umum terlalu menurut telunjuk isteri.

    10. Perdana Menteri pertama yang telah diperakukan melalui ‘Akuan Bersumpah’ telah menggunakan khidmat bomoh Hindu untuk tujuan tertentu.

    10 dalil kenapa Najib Tun Razak tidak bileh menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia

    We must vote out Taib and BN. We may carry BN flags and collect BN money but we shall all vote PKR in Batang Ai. Vote Jawah Gerang.

  10. zztop says:

    Great article Audie!!
    Yes, sarawakians stand up and vote for PKR. Throw out the BN politicians especially that white head man from East Malaysia. Enough is enough.
    Take BN money and VOTE FOR PKR all the way!!!!

  11. Mr. Manager says:

    Hi Audie!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am a blogger living and working in KL and I have been blogging since 2006. Currently I have a daily average readership of 3,500 readers. (That’s unique hits, not pageloads). My blog content has principally been entertainment as I am an artiste manager. (Rocky listed me on his list of Entertainment Blogs)

    I am also Iban and Dayak. It pains me to see my people suffering the injustice of 45 years of BN rule. I have therefore decided to do what little I can to bring awareness to my readers.

    I started writing political entries this week and the reaction from my readers has been encouraging. Please let me know how I can be of further help.

    Mr. Manager

    • audie61 says:

      For a start tks for linking audie61 up to your home page and continue to inform your readers about SArawak. Secondly,its good that you realise that your people need help. By the way for your information my wife is a land dayak and for all purposes or intend its ironic that the division i am heading my wanita chief is Iban married to Chinese, Deputy is half Chinese Iban married to Iban/kayan,secretary is Iban married to Bidayuh(multi racial) We all join PRS for a purpose but it seems as times goes by there was too much infighting and the cause was losts. However we are united in our stand and we will rise again. Soon rather than later.. We are blogging to check out the inbalances of both sides of the political divide. Continue to support us. Tks.

  12. THYDAYDEX says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

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