PAS..?? Only BN,PKR Flags Allowed in Batang Ai N29


Hmmm, a political observer said that the story in an English daily will not be go down well with PAS-Pakatan supporters. Some of the PAS MPs and YBs were here in Lubok Antu and witnessed these scene and Mafrel was on hand to witness it unfolding. According to a MAFREL official it was a mere “miscommunication”. Will they include this in their report..??

This is the newspaper report,” Political parties and supporters of Barisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition have been reminded not to put up flags of parties other than the contesting ones during the campaign period.”

State Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh said,” Only the BN flag, PKR flag can be put up. There should not be any PAS and DAP flags and posters put up by supporters from both sides throughout the campaign period,” he warned.

Please find the video recording which was captured yesterday and it was after some intervention and common sense that this scene did not turn UGLY..


N29 Batang Ai To win: “Women Voters Crucial”

The phrase ‘ Women’s instinct ” must not be discarded in this byelection campaign. Womenfolks make up around 45% of the total votes in Batang Ai and they are placed of utmost importance says both sides of the political divide.

 PKR and BN wanita movements have started their programmes to coax and to ensure that the votes are secured. The women folks in the Batang Ai longhouses practically live a very simple life tendering to their families needs. They are not really concerned about what really is happening politically outside their longhouse boundaries.  

The women wings of both the parties will use all their women persuasive powers and not forgetting their instincts. Surely if $$$$$ are offered as assistance it will come in  handy though it might just be a temporary relief for their basic needs. In any elections there will be talks of “MONEY POLITICS” “BUYING VOTES” plus all the  usual niceties that comes along with MONEY.

Nobody will come out be it BN or PKR dare to declare that we DID NOT USE ANY MONEY IN THIS RURAL CONSTITUENCY.  Women folks play such a significant role in this rural remote area and their votes will also determine in the final analysis who wins. To forget the women voters the candidates are doing so at their own peril.

The candidates wife would be another crucial factor in N29 and we all  know too well that,”Behind every successful man……………” Do I need to finish the sentence and say some more..!!!  

We say as always,” Never ever underestimate ” WOMEN’S INSTINCT” they will make or always break many a GOOD MAN…hik hik hik