Batang Ai N29 “Two Chief Ministers and 8000 crowd.


audie61 crew made their presence felt as they mingled with both sets of Pakatan and BN members and supporters. Amongst the audie61 crew who made it were Andrew,Leo and Tony besides Natasha,Cindy and Joey.

Leo commented this is history as for the first time ever in Sarawak a byelections sees the presence of two CEO’s of the state in Sarawak’s Chief Minister Pehin Taib and Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid. The SB (from IPK Kuching) who informed me that there was no untowards incidents and the crowd is estimated to be around 8000 strong. Police presence according to Andrew whose relative is heading the police operations is around 800.


Natasha noticed that most of BN supporters were from outside Lubok Antu and many were PBB supporters. It seems its a clear message to PKR that BN Sarawak will go ‘all out ot help their coalition partner’ and use all their knowledge and experience in rural elections.

Cindy interviewed an SPDP Political secretary who says that we must not underestimate the PKR candidate who is vastly experience but in the end BN will prevail.  

 Joey asked supporters of PKR who said ,”where are the PRS grassroots members.We see a lot of YBs,Ministers,Exco’s but it seems that there are hardly any soldiers here. Have they defected to PKR?? They all laughed.

Tony saw that after the results were announced BN supporters just dispersed. The Pakatan group was very organised as MB Khalid and his entourage led the 2500 crowd on a tour of Lubok Antu town. He ws indeed very disappointed that there were no cheer leaders for BN. Are they becoming too complacent..??

It was a testing day to say the least and my newhandycam failed on me.Oh No! I had to use an alternative, that is my DigitalCamera.Its so foreign to me and pardon my inexperience. I tried…………(

We say as always,” It was indeed a colourful and Yet a very “HOT DAY”

15 thoughts on “Batang Ai N29 “Two Chief Ministers and 8000 crowd.

  1. waikiki says:

    are u curi ambil gambar? why ur camera always look on the floor? make me pening la to watch…. why took bn supporter only……

  2. francis ngu says:

    Your report of 2 CM/MB makes one ponder:

    1. The CM did not extend the usual Sarawakian hospitality to the MB.
    2. The CM is of the use-by date; the MB is refreshingly new-minted;
    3. The CM brand of politics of development have marginalised the indigenous people of Sarawak; the MB is pushing his “Merayatkan Ekonomi” in Selangor.

    The battle for Ketuanan Rakyat is joined across South China Sea, The 2 Bukits and Batang Ai, to shape the new Malaysian Nationalism of to-morrow.
    A new nationalism which must embrace regional rights and Sarawak Dayak Nationalism (Dayakism).

    Francis Ngu

  3. Temengong 2 says:

    I would like to add to your reports, Audie61, from what I observed yesterday at the nomination center and around the small but famous town.This is based on my many years relationship with local folks here and “almost” know every family in and out.

    1. BN big supporter turn out comprised of many outsiders PBB,SPDP,SUPP,PRS engaged and ferried Hu Ha teams; and many locals who stood with BN line up were those having have to do so and their minds and families are in the opposite camp. So there actually were many “empty” grains

    2. PKR line up at least 95% are from people (local, voters and supporters) who truthfully, sincerely and spiritfully threw themselves all out to show their support against BN. These also included those SNAP people who will throw their full support toward PKR in N29 this time

    3. Words around the small bazaar showed most taukeys & stall owners will throw their support either openly or secretly toward PKR camp due to disappointment with neglegence of BN government toward socio-economy development to help Batang Ai Ibans. Unsatisfactories also on their own racial and community headman aligned to PRS and PRS’s poor performance in the area. These people are very very influencial to their Iban friends and customers, mark my words.

    4. PRS locals are not well united and party leaders are not that much welcome in the area as they may think they are. Those rarely and now suddenly show up leaders have no strong objective topics to tell local people what they have done for Lubok Antu beside now giving great promises of projects which they themselves do not know if all these can be fulfilled in the future

    Only this piece of message for the morning and breakfast in small town Lubok Antu after a long sleepless night. If yesterday was a voting day, BN has lost and those raining of money and projects proved useless

  4. orangluar says:

    The STARS tells that Malcom is going to loose by 2000 votes as per this blog.

    The Might Of The PenMarch 29, 2009

    The Barisan Nasional candidate for the Batang Ai state by-election, Malcolm Mussem Lamoh, finds great comfort in the number nine. “I’m 49 years old, born in 1959, resigned from government service on the 19th (of March). The nomination day is today, March 29 while Batang Ai is state constituency number 29,” he told reporters after he was confirmed as candidate for the April 7 by-election.

    Incidentally, number nine is an auspicious number among the Chinese community for it represents everlastingness. With this good start, Mussem is confident of a good showing in the contest for the seat with Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Jawah Gerang.

    On his preparations, he said he had visited most parts of the constituency which has 22,270 people, predominantly Ibans, but only 8,006 of whom are registered voters. An engineer with the state Agriculture Department previously, he enjoys the added advantage of having travelled widely in this rural constituency which was in the hands of three-term BN incumbent Dublin Unting, who died on Feb 24 after a long illness.

    “I believe I have a more personal touch among the grassroot people, from the civil servants to the ordinary longhouse folk in the area, compared to the other candidate. “I have direct access to them. I believe my personality can stand on its own but of course the campaigning will be an added bonus,” he said.

    He was unfazed by the prospect of facing Jawah, a former five-term BN MP for Lubok Antu, saying :”We are friends but we have different ideologies.”

    The Mighty Pen says to Malcolm, since the election will be held on April 7 and April is the fourth month in a calendar year, and in Chinese ‘four’ simply means die; furthermore the number 7 is 2 less than your favourite number 9, therefore we predict that you will lose by a margin of 2000 votes. This of course if we go by the numerological belief that you invented for your ignorant audience.

  5. tunabdulrazak says:

    Taib’s billions will alter your forecast urangluar. So those on the ground should better opt for personal approach.

  6. llheng says:

    I beleive the people of Sarawak is waking up to reclaim everything they have lost (perhaps I should have said robbed and plundered by the BN) during the past 50+ years.
    Now its the apportunity for them. If i have the means I would have fly over to campaign for PKR to help the Sarawakians. Times are bad now for most of us ordinary folks. Of course the BN politicians are flushed with $$$$$$$$$$$$$. They will all fly over by the thousands and use their $$$$$$$$$$$.
    So my hope is that all sarawakians especially the Ibans should campaign and vote for PKR. Kick your own greedy and corrupted politicians and BN out for good.
    Once again, VOTE for PKR.
    Long live PKR!!!!!

  7. kika says:

    Audie you say 8K supporters turn up fpr the nomination, but in Borneo Post said 2K PKR supporter and 3K Bn supporter which make 5K. Where is the 3K lost? It either you or Borneo post make a wrong calculation but I dont believe BP because all bloggers said the PKR supporter outnumbered the BN. What say you?

  8. audie61 says:

    Kika, after the whole event i sat with the SB in front of the community centre and he radioed to base and said the figure is around 8000. People came and went as it was a BLISTERING HOT DAY and I am sure the SB personnel in charge of political affairs simply dont pluck the figures from the SKY. Who ever outnumber each other is immaterial as BN supporters came from all over and somefrom PBB Belaga too(Shirts embossed).PKR also had some outside members. Hmmmm..??

  9. kika says:

    Thats not my point Audie. I just dont like people reporting just for the sake of BN. This will make BN complacent, in other also good let them lose Batang Ai

  10. Mata Kuching says:

    All pakatan supporters will be wearing the t-shirts and caps of any of the three pakatan’s coalitions to show our undivided supports for PKR in Batang Ai as DAP and PAS are not allowed to display their party’s flags throughout the campaigns as it is PKR who is contesting.

    The EC and Police can say what they like and do whatever to give BN added advantage in the two Bukits and one Batang. Victories for Pakatan mean we do not want Najib as Malaysia’s prime minister and Taib as Sarawak’s chief minister. Vote Pakatan. Hidup ketuanan rakyat.

  11. pengiran says:

    ‘Talk of the Town’ Batang Ai by election, The Sarawak Goverment Lawmaker CM did not extend the usual Sarawakian hospitality to the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim….ashamed ?? (Tuai Rumah told me). The wave of change growing fast for the voters of Batang Ai especially young voters,housewive, husband and the Dayaks community itself. Reformasi with a loud voice by the voter at east 95% are from people (local, voters and supporters) who truthfully, sincerely and spiritfully PKR supporter outnumbered the BN. Don’t you rock my boat… the people of Batang Ai told BN leadership. Please vote for PKR candidate, Jawah Gerang.

  12. legolas says:

    yea.. mata kuching…you were right…most of malaysian now sick of BN top people..I don’t care what media report about opposition I not believe on what I heared on TV..they are all “jaga periuk nasi” if the media report bad things about BN, or our Government..for sure they will under observation..and the worse thing they will ask by the Goverment to close shop..and the responsible people will send to ISA..

    So let’s us change the polistic..and I’ll hope there will be ZAMAN KEJATUHAN EMPAYAR….VOTE FOR PKR..

  13. pengiran says:

    Waikiki u got a beautiful Batang Ai picture… thank u very much for your support. Base on your picture, PKR outnumbered BN supporter. Audie69 your picture look bad and mess….???? Nampak muka Jalil

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