Batang Ai N29 “Two Chief Ministers and 8000 crowd.


audie61 crew made their presence felt as they mingled with both sets of Pakatan and BN members and supporters. Amongst the audie61 crew who made it were Andrew,Leo and Tony besides Natasha,Cindy and Joey.

Leo commented this is history as for the first time ever in Sarawak a byelections sees the presence of two CEO’s of the state in Sarawak’s Chief Minister Pehin Taib and Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid. The SB (from IPK Kuching) who informed me that there was no untowards incidents and the crowd is estimated to be around 8000 strong. Police presence according to Andrew whose relative is heading the police operations is around 800.


Natasha noticed that most of BN supporters were from outside Lubok Antu and many were PBB supporters. It seems its a clear message to PKR that BN Sarawak will go ‘all out ot help their coalition partner’ and use all their knowledge and experience in rural elections.

Cindy interviewed an SPDP Political secretary who says that we must not underestimate the PKR candidate who is vastly experience but in the end BN will prevail.  

 Joey asked supporters of PKR who said ,”where are the PRS grassroots members.We see a lot of YBs,Ministers,Exco’s but it seems that there are hardly any soldiers here. Have they defected to PKR?? They all laughed.

Tony saw that after the results were announced BN supporters just dispersed. The Pakatan group was very organised as MB Khalid and his entourage led the 2500 crowd on a tour of Lubok Antu town. He ws indeed very disappointed that there were no cheer leaders for BN. Are they becoming too complacent..??

It was a testing day to say the least and my newhandycam failed on me.Oh No! I had to use an alternative, that is my DigitalCamera.Its so foreign to me and pardon my inexperience. I tried…………(

We say as always,” It was indeed a colourful and Yet a very “HOT DAY”